Edward POV

Carlisle and I left the Swan resident with confusion and fear plaguing our thoughts. We knew nothing of the mystery that was Bella. Was she even human? Was she dangerous to us? The drive to the house was silent but my father's thoughts were not. He was replaying the recent events over and over in his mind -- trying to piece together a puzzle that had too many missing pieces.

"Edward." Carlisle spoke breaking the silence. "She read our minds." He pointed out in astonishment.

"How is that possible." I replied thinking of the impossible truth.

"I'm not sure exactly how. Something happened in that moment when she fell and you caught her. She was just as shocked as we were I noticed." He thought out loud. "Did you feel anything when you caught her? Something strange even to us?" My father asked.

"I felt light headed for a moment and then she pulled away from me as if she knew." I replied remembering that feeling of being weak.

"I felt that as well when I went to check her temperature." Carlisle agreed, "And she also reacted in the same manner as well."

Is this why she avoids physical contact at school I wondered.

"After my encounter with her, did you notice the stare she gave us after her attention came back to us?" Carlisle asked breaking my train of thought.

Yes--I did notice. It was a stare that broke down all my defenses and it seemed like all our secrets was uncovered for her to see. A knowing look that made me question the secret of our existence.

"It was like she knew who we really are." He continued. "And when I was near her I felt this sensation…like something was being taken from me."

"I felt it too. Both times that I've been around her in close proximity." I replied with shock upon realizing this. "I'm going to find out." I stated as I put the car in park.

"Edward, I'm not sure if that's a good idea." Carlisle replied. "We really don't know who or what she is."

"It's something I feel I have to do Carlisle." I argued.

"Just be careful." Carlisle spoke after a few moments of deliberation.

"I'll keep a safe distance." I said before I left.

I exited the car and immediately ran into the woods. As the cold crisp air hit my skin and the blur the woods passed me by I began to wonder again the draw that Bella has on me. Was it the mystery of her mind? Was it her clumsiness or her personality? Or was it her scent? Once again she will draw me to her as a moth to a flame.

I reached the edge of the woods that surrounded Bella's home to find Alice standing there. I slowed down my pace and walked in human speed to stand next to her.

"Why are you here?" I asked without looking at her.

"I was keeping a tab on Bella like Carlisle asked us to." She replied quickly keeping her focus on the house.

"What did you see?" I asked as I read her thoughts and they were oddly blank.

"I don't see anything. That's why I'm here." She said worriedly. "Her future randomly goes blank. No events leading up to it or anything. It just disappears."

"When?" I asked in fear of the possible danger coming after Bella.

"Soon." She replied as we watched the Swan's residence with curiosity.

Bella POV

After the strange 'remembering' of Carlisle's memories, I retreated quietly into my bedroom. I replayed in my head exactly what had just occurred. Just recently, Carlisle touched me and his memories became my own for a little while. That's how it has always worked. But he didn't get as weak as the others that came before him. Nor did Edward, I wonder why?

His memories were weird to say the least. I couldn't make sense of it. They were impossible to be his memories but who am I to talk-- I'm the girl with one touch could kill someone. Some of his memories were extremely fascinating and I desperately wanted to know the truth behind them. Yet there were those memories I have no urgency of discovering.

I walked and stood near my window and gazed out thoughtfully as I remembered my second encounter with Edward. His strong arms, his sweet scent, and the gentleness of his breath on my face. Then, it was ruined when he accidentally touched me and my mind was bombarded with thoughts not my own. Oddly enough I didn't get any memories from him. This was the second time this has happened.

Should I test it out for a third time? They say third time's the charm right? But how could I ever subject someone to that purposely? Yet my curiosity urged me to find out the link between the voices and Edward. The connection between Carlisle and those strange images. Would curiosity kill the cat or would it kill Edward?

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw a car pull into our driveway and I saw Charlie was already outside ready to greet our guests.