Bella&Edward: Cinderella Re-mix

Until recently, I never would have believed life could be such a perfect, unjust, beautiful, terrible, spontaneous, work of art. I would have never survived by myself, nor with anyone else besides "the one" that one. My Prince Charming. He made my life worthwhile, he gave me something to live for, and I know I did the exact same thing for him. It is strange sometimes, those situations that we find happiness in. How could one be happy with loving someone who always wanted to kill them? I can. I did. And forever I will always.

New Beginnings, Same old Ending

After the recent death of my father from a mysterious animal attack in his highly dangerous job as a private detective, I was forced to listen to my monster of a step mother and her two oh-so-ugly and wicked daughters Tara and Tanya. Life couldn't be much worse for me. Until that is my step mother Carmella decided to spend all of my fathers left over money on clothes, make-up, a car, a house, a dog, a freaking tanning bed when we live in sunny California! Well anyways, we ended being in debt because she couldn't pay off all the ridiculous things she bought. That forced us to move to the always rain, never sunshine town of Forks, Washington. A new school, new friends, a new horrible life.

Mostly my days consisted of doing chores for Carmella, Tanya, and Tara. Each morning I woke up cleaned my room, made and served breakfast to the three hideous girls that sat at the kitchen table, and then clean the entire house. After that was finished I worked a part-time job at a bowling ally that I was forced to get, so I could help pay the bills. As I was doing this all three of them sat lazily at home watching TV. They never helped or offered help; they just sat there and bossed me around, like always. "Bella, clean my room now." Tara would say, and Tanya "Bella, I am famished make my lunch now!" I was getting used to the fact that they were never going to do anything.

The only thing I did for myself was dance. No one knew this fact of course because it would have been taken away from me. I wasn't allowed to enjoy anything in life. When we were in California there was a dance studio just outside of town, after everyone fell asleep I grabbed my iPod along with my iHome and drove to the dance studio. There was a very nice dance teacher there who would always wait for me and let me inside the building. Sometimes she would even stay and teach me moves. I could be myself when I danced and express every single emotion I am feeling. She always told my I danced my heart out.

As we were driving from the airport to our new town I was elated to see that there was a dance studio a block away from the house. I planned many midnight trips there.

Strange Start

My step sisters and I started our first day at Forks high school. School was another one of my escapes where I could just be me. I was quite nervous to start at a new school, but I wasn't going to let anything bother me. As I received my schedule from the lady at the front desk, suddenly a gawky, skinny, chess club nerd said "Hi, you must be Isabella Swan, I am Eric Yorkie our town has been awaiting yours and your steps sisters arrival, may I help you find your next class?"

"Just Bella please. My class is with Mr. Garcia, Spanish, building 5." I looked down nervously as everyone was staring at me as I walked with Eric.

"That where I am going too!" Eric said with an elated tone of voice, I wasn't used to people wanting to help me with anything, it felt kind of nice, but of course I hated the attention.

"Cool, so how did you know all of that, you know me and my step sisters"

"There are no secrets in a small town like this" Eric said as he raised his eyebrows mockingly.

"No secrets." I repeated monotonously.

After Spanish I walked with Tara and her new friend Laruen to English. Tara and Lauren were exactly a like and they talked about how they were going to be spending so much time together. Great. Lauren was very cold I said hello while she just stared at me.

"Your really pale for living in California, why are you so white?" was the first thing she said to me.

"Oh well, I wore a lot of sunscreen I guess" as my attempt at a lame joke failed I walked into the classroom and sat next to a tiny, pixie-haired girl. This girl fascinated me, her beauty was indescribable, she was very pale and had dark gold eyes and short cropped black hair, she was almost hard to look at because she was so beautiful. I looked away as soon as I realized I was staring at her. But I couldn't help but look back because she had this weird look in her eyes…like she knew me from somewhere. I looked away again as the teacher began his lecture. After the bell rang I gathered my things and arose from my desk, I accidentally bumped into the tiny girl.

"Oh, I am so sorry" I mumbled apologetically.

"It's no problem, don't worry about it." She said in an angelic, inhuman voice.

After Government, and Gym class I had lunch. Eric motioned me to a table with his friends. I sat down and everyone introduced themselves to me. I noticed my two step sisters sitting with the superficial looking girls across the lunch room. As I was eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich I noticed the tiny girl who was in my English class. She was sitting next to a bronze haired boy, his face was flawless and beautiful, and his eyes were jet black and intimidating, and his skin was so pale, paler then mine. I believe he is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I remember that the girl at our table Jessica was referred to as the "gossiper" so I leaned in and asked "Who are they" as I pointed to the bronze hair boy and the pixie like girl.

"Oh, that is Alice and Edward Cullen" She said in a tone that made me believe she did not like them one bit.

"There brother and sister?" I asked very curiously, because I was astounded by there inhumanness.

"Well, sort of. There "father" is Dr. Carlisle Cullen, he works at the hospital here in Forks, him and his wife Esme, who owns that little ballet studio, couldn't have children so they decided to adopt. They also have three more that graduated last year. But the weird part about it is that they are all like "together" I mean "together" Rosalie Hale and Jasper Hale are twins, Rosalie is with Emmet Cullen, Jasper is with Alice."

"And Edward?" I asked anxiously, as soon as I spoke his name he looked directly at me. It was almost as I called his name, he held my gaze for a minute with a frustrated look in his eyes; I looked down blushing and embarrassed.

Jessica giggled "Don't waste your time Bella, he is too good for anyone here, that is why he is alone." She said with regret in her voice.

I smiled a bit as she said this imagining what might have happened when she tried flirting with Edward. I looked back at him and saw a hint of a smile on his face and wondered if he was thinking of the same thing.

I had Chemistry next, with Mike Newton and Angela Weber. Mike Newton was a cute blond haired, blue eyed boy he reminded me of the boys I was friends with back in California. Angela was tall and pretty. She was a lot like me, quiet and shy. We were going to get along great. Angela and Mike sat at a lab table together, so I sat at the only empty one. As soon as the bell rang Edward Cullen came strolling in. The teacher pointed him to the only empty chair next to me.

As soon as he sat down, Edward became tense. He clenched his hands into a tight fist and his nostrils flared out, and I could tell he wasn't breathing. I became intimidated, self cautious, and scared to death all at once. What was it about me that repulsed him? I sniffed my hair, it smelled like my Herbal Essences shampoo. I looked at him for a fraction of a second and saw that he was glaring at me, a murderous glare, like he wanted to kill me. I looked away, and decided that I wasn't going to let this sudden dislike bother me. I sat through the whole hour trying not to think about what just happened.

The bell rang and Edward literally sprinted out of the classroom.

"Okay." I said with a confused look on my face.

"What the hell was that about, what did you say to him Bella?" Mike asked me as we walked out of class.

"I didn't say anything, I swear I don't know what just happened." I tried defending myself.

"Don't worry, that Cullen kid is a freak." He said trying to make me feel a little better.

"Are you okay Bella?" Angela asked sincerely and quietly.

"Ill be fine, Ill get over it." I said hopefully.

"Do you want to maybe do homework or something after school together?"

As soon as Mike had asked me Tara and Tanya came storming over to me.

"Bella!" Tara yelled loudly even though I was standing right in front of her.

"Yeah, Tara"

"You better not even think about going out or doing anything, me and Tanya are going to Laurens and you need to clean our room and do our homework."

"Sorry Mike, I would but I can't." I was really upset; Mike seemed like a nice kid.

"Uh… Its okay Bella, I will call you later." He said with worry and sadness.

I knew he was surprised that I allow myself to be walked over, that I let people treat me that way. But he didn't understand, they are the only family I have so I have to accept them as they are or I wouldn't have anyone.

As I drove home from school I thought about my day, from the tiny pretty girl, to the monstrous but beautiful boy. I pushed the image of his glare out of my head for fear I would panic. I wasn't going to let someone who I didn't even know ruin my time here in Forks. I wasn't going to let anything bother me. When I walked in the door Carmella was wearing what seemed to be a work uniform.

"Playing dress up are we?" I asked.

"Shut your mouth kid, Its your fault I have to work a job because you don't make enough money to help with the bills."

"Wait. You. You're getting a job? Its about time you do something" As soon as the words came out of my mouth I instantly regretted saying it. I was going to be in big trouble.

"I am so sorry Carmella, I totally did not mean to say that, forgive me please." I tried the best I could to get out of trouble.

"Huh. Really Bella, If that's how you want to play, this whole house better be sparkling head to toe by the time I get home. You do not want to know what will happen if its not."

"Yes Carmella, It will be sparkling." I said with relief, it could have been worse.

I finished cleaning the house, and started on my homework. Mike called me while I was doing my Chem. homework so we ended up doing it together. He asked me a lot of questions about my life in California, my parents, and other things. It was nice to have someone who actually cared, and wanted to talk to me. It was something I most certainly was not used too.

Tara and Tanya came home just when dinner was finished. They were talking about Lauren this, Lauren that. It was quite annoying. After they were done with there dinner, I ate mine, then cleaned up and put a plate out for Carmella for when she came home from work, I doubled checked the house to make sure it was spotless. Then I over heard Tara and Tanya talking.

"Did you see that boy, Edward Cullen?" Tanya asked. His name caught my attention right away and began to listen more intently.

"I saw him first Tanya! He is mine!" Tara said defensively.

"Fair game Tara, He's single, meaning he's anyone's." When Tanya spoke I fell and they turned around quickly and started to laugh.

"Except for Bella that is! Ha-ha what a loser!"

"Yep, story of my life." I mumbled under my breath.

"You know" Tara began "I am going to start video taping all of your embarrassing antics, so you can see how lame you really are."

"Thanks Tara, Ill appreciate that."


Carmella came home around nine and ate her supper and then went right to bed. I finished my homework by 10:30. Then I went to go check if Tara and Tanya were sleeping. They were snoring away quite loudly. I ran back to my room put on a tank top, leggings, and dance shoes, I grabbed my iPod, and climbed out the window. I ran to the dance studio, it only took about eight minutes to get there. I went to the front door which was surprisingly unlocked. The ballet studio was beautiful, it had high ceilings, mirrors covering the entire wall, exquisite painting hanging on the wall of the waiting room. I couldn't believe someone left this building unlocked.

"Um, dear, may I help you with something?" I turned around to see a caramel colored hair woman. She was tall, and thin, but she had a strange rounded shape to her. She was beautiful also, pale skin and bright gold eyes. She looked oddly familiar though I have never seen her a day in my life.

"Oh…well, um, I am Bella Swan, I am new here to this…quaint…town. And as I was driving from the airport I realized there was a dance studio, and see well my step mother isn't a very nice women…if she found out I danced….well….it wouldn't be good and I wouldn't be able to dance anymore…" I mumbled stupidly until she cut me off.

"I think I understand my dear, no need to explain yourself any further. You have my permission to use this studio anytime you like, you came on a good night though, I am not always here this late…there is a family argument at home and I needed to get away…Guess you and I have something in common." She smiled at me, a strange smile, and she had that same look in her eyes that Alice Cullen had when she saw me in English. Then it clicked.

"You're Esme Cullen." It was more a statement rather than a question.

"Yes, well gossip does come fairly quick to the new comers in town huh?" She laughed a high pitched laugh.

"Yea well, there are no secrets in Forks." I said just as Eric Yorkie had.

She smiled a wry smile. "Yes. No secrets indeed."