I reached my hand out to turn the knob of the ballet, and for the first time it was locked. I heard the faint sound of a piano playing inside of the studio. I knocked loudly once, only once because at the first knock, the door came flying open. Edward was standing there, and my breath hitched a little at his beauty.

"Hello" he greeted me in that velvet like voice.


I felt a little more awkward then last time dancing in front of him, mostly because I knew who it was watching me this time. I shook it off, because I needed to dance so much right now. I had too many emotions just eating away at me. I glanced at Edward giving him a look that said "You go first." He began to play his melody. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath; I let the sound of the music drown me. I began dancing re-playing in my head the emotions I felt, the confusion, shock, happy, disappointment, everything. When the song was finished, I laid on the floor breathlessly, and closed my eyes.

"How did you learn to dance?" Edward asked across the room, sitting at his piano.

I opened my eyes, and sat up I turned around to face him. A small smile flirted at my lips.

"My mom was a dancer…she died when I was just two…But I knew that was one of the things my dad loved most about her….how beautifully she danced. So when I was four I asked my dad if he could sign me up for dance lessons. I will never forget the smile the lit up his face when I asked him." I felt my lips smile wider, and then it fell. I tired not thinking about my dad after he died, it just hurt too much. I felt tears coming to my eyes and I fought to keep them back.

"I'm sorry about your mom, if I had known I wouldn't have brought it up." Edward said with concern in his magical voice.

"It's okay…I didn't really know my mom. It was my dad I was upset about?"

"Why?" he asked with curiosity.

I closed my eye and I felt a tear run down my dace. Edward stood up from the piano and came and sat on the floor across from me.

"You don't have to talk to me about it if you don't want too. I completely understand, you don't even know me."

That made me want to tell him all about it, because I didn't know him, and he didn't know me. He would see me, not the girl who lets everyone push her around.

"No it's okay, ill tell you about it."

He smiled encouragingly.

"My dad and I were so close, it was just me and him after my mom died. I took care of my dad when I was only so little. But I wanted to, he needed me. Then when I was nine years old…He met Carmela at some school function she helped out for. He fell for her the moment they locked eyes. She came over every night after that for cookies and coffee, along with her twin girl Tara and Tanya. Even then, we didn't get along." I said sarcastically. "She was nice at first, or so I thought. When my dad had to work late or something, he would have her come and stay with me so I didn't feel lonely. I would rather be all alone then have to stand her. But I did it for my dad, because he loved her and needed her. She was just so mean you know…she didn't show the love for me like a mother was supposed to, she either ignored me or screamed at me to cater to her." I felt another tear streaming down my face. Edward lifted out an arm to comfort me with, but then suddenly put it down, I continued. "They ended up getting married and she legally adopted me. We moved to a huge mansion in California, drove nice cars, wore nice clothes, I didn't care about any of that stuff though. I was just happy that my dad was happy. One day just last year, I came home to Carmela crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said…" I stopped, I couldn't say it. I didn't want to relive the memory. Edward seemed to understand, he nodded with an apologetic look in his eyes.

"Thank you, for letting me in on all of that." He said with apology in his voice.

"Thanks for listening; I never told anyone that before."

He smiled. "Will you come back tomorrow night?" he asked with hope in his voice.

I smiled and nodded.


"Do you want me to come, so I can help you with your compositions or because you enjoy my company?" I asked.

"Well tonight it was for the music, tomorrow it will be for both." He smiled, as did I. "Don't let anyone bother you Bella; you seem like a strong girl. Stick up for yourself once in a while okay?"

I nodded, even though I couldn't defend myself when it came to my sisters or Carmela or anyone. I was like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, I could never find the courage that was buried so deeply inside of me.

I ran back to the house and climbed in my warm bed. I closed my eyes and thought about my night. I had stared a new found friendship with someone who I thought absolutely despised me the first day we met. Now it didn't seem that way so much. We were friends, and I liked that idea. I replayed the night over and over until I fell asleep.

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