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I think it's been about 80 or 70 years I last saw the Cullen's. He left me there, in the forest, all alone; I stumbled my way through the forest calling his name searching for him when I was suddenly knocked down to the floor. My head banged on a branch and it was bleeding. I heard a laugh that came from someone I wish I never would have to hear again. It was her, the one who helped James kill me earlier this year, Victoria.

'Well hello, didn't expect to see you here...alone. Got dumped by Edward?' my breathing was heavy and I knew what was about to come, she was finally going to get me.

'H-h-he left,' I stuttered. She laughed again and bent down by me. I was useless, wasn't as if I could fight her off, and none of the Cullen's were about to save me. This was it, the last few minutes of my life.

Edward, Edward I love you, Edward I thought over and over. He would come back wouldn't he? He knows I'm in trouble right? He's not coming back.

'Well, it seems as if he isn't coming back is he?' I shook my head. 'You don't want to live without him do you?' I shook my head again. 'How about I put you out of that misery huh?' she grabbed my wrist and I let out a little moan. Her head bent down towards my wrist and smelled it, and took a bite. I screamed and struggled as she drank my blood. One minute she was in front of me killing me, the next she was up against a tree about 100 meters away. A big dog ran past me and destroyed Victoria. I would have been frozen with fear but I wasn't because I was shaking with pain from the venom. When the wolf was done with Victoria, it took a look at me and disappeared. I was withering in pain and couldn't stop, everywhere was burning, but it wouldn't stop. My vision went blurry and I heard someone gasp and another person say 'Evelyn, help me carry her to the car, we need to help her,' I was lifted up into the air and everything went black.

'Hey!' Ella shouted at Will 'I was watching that! Daniel was just about to propose to Laura!'

'Come on Ella,' he replied 'You know those shows are boring and that football is better. I mean, even Bella agrees with me?' they both looked at me, and Amy who was sitting next to me on the sofa.

'I do?' I said back, not quite sure what to sat to that. Will nodded slowly hoping I would catch along but Ella hit him in the arm. 'I don't really mind, I'm off to bed anyway so I'll see you guys tomorrow, bye,' I rushed and quickly ran for the stairs.

When I got half way up them, Evelyn shouted 'Wait right there!' I sighed and turned around. She and Dad just came back from hunting.

'Yes mom?'

'You off to bed?' I nodded. 'All ready for your first day?'

'Yes mom, anything else?'

'Yes as a matter of fact, I want to know how the lamp got broken yesterday, you know anything about that?'

' and Will-'

'Wasn't me' he cut me off with and ran straight out of the door.

'Well, I'll have a word with him. Anyway off to bed you, night Hun,'

'Night mom, dad, Amy, Ella,' I said and ran upstairs into my pyjamas and off to sleep.

My family: interesting, strange vampire's. They are the coolest family I've ever known but they are also different. We are all vampires and we are all vegetarians, feeding only on animal blood, not human blood. We've never come across another family like that before so I guess we're one of a kind. When we arrive at new schools, we have to impose as adoptive children. We all go by the name of Henderson except for Will and Ella, they went by Bower. Though we weren't so fond of this place that we have just moved to, a small town in North Dakota, I don't know the name, we move around too much I tend to forget, anyway, we are only staying here for two years.

My dad, Richard Henderson, he was the first one from our coven to become a vampire. He became a vampire in 1860 and kept his name the same. He's tall, as is everyone in our family, has dark hair and works at our new school as a teacher. He's always been a teacher at our school; I guess he just wants to always look out for us. He has a special vampire power, he can create illusions, make somebody see something that isn't really there, like a mirage.

Mom next, her name was Evelyn Bailey, now known as Evelyn Henderson. She became a vampire in 1896 and joined Richard a few years later. She has long brown hair and stays home; she doesn't have a job, just looks after the house. She doesn't have a special power unlike Richard. She is married to Richard; they love each other like parents should.

Will Bower, the most annoying but amazing brother in the world. I love him but I hate him. He has blond hair and is a year older, will be a senior as of tomorrow. Will doesn't have a power, just like Evelyn.

Amy Henderson, oh a wonderful sister, sweet, kind and obsessed with fashion and shopping, I don't know how anyone could be that obsessed, it's a sickness I'm sure of it. She is my age and will be a junior, with me. She also has long brown hair and doesn't have a power like Evelyn and Will. She is however married to Will, she loves him, but we keep their marriage a secret to the humans and just say they're dating each other.

Ella Bower, my other sister, also sweet kind and the most beautiful person I know. She's also like my best friend, we do everything together. She is in the year above me though so we don't have any lessons together. She, like Richard, has a power. She can make people tell the truth, make sure they aren't lying; she uses it a lot, especially on Will. She is also 'twins' with Will, they weren't before they became vampires but because they look the same and so that Will and Amy could be together, they are the Bower's.

And then there's me, poor lonely me. Ella dates a new guy every time we move, but not me, I've never met anyone I've wanted to date, even if it is only for a couple of years, no guy has attracted to me, and also, mom and dad are always worried that she'll meet a guy she becomes too attached to. I don't remember anything from my human life, my friends, my family, nothing. I did get a couple of powers when I turned into a vampire. I can show emotions of a human and act just like one. I can cry, sleep and eat, which means I only have to hunt once every two month.

'Bella! Up! Now!' I heard Will shout whilst banging on the door. I got up and changed. When I went downstairs I said, while looking down at my feet. 'Hey, dad! Why did you get this house? It's so small and boring and – oh,' I looked up and saw a tall pale man with blond hair looking at me shocked. 'Hi, never mind about that question dad, where's Amy?'

'She's in the in the garage with everyone else waiting for you. Hey, Bella, do you remember Carlisle Cullen?'

'Can't say I do,' I said picking up an apple. 'I'm off to school now, see you later,' and rushed off into the garage to get in Ella's car, she always drove us to school. 'Alright let's go,' everyone was staring at me. 'What?' I asked.

'Nothing, no, nothing at all,' they all said, I shook and my head and we left the drive way.

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'Bella Swan?!' I heard someone call. I quickly turned around and saw a small pixie run towards me.

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