I Fear My Master

I fear my master. He can be cruel, abusive and insulting. It's not my fault, either! I'm a creature of peace, not of the constant war and fighting he seems to love. I want people to understand each other, to work together and bring them to the table, as it were. He prefers mindless violence, and the barrel of a blaster to talking.

And oh, the abuse! I've been beat up, mocked and derided. Simply because I'm different. Is it truly my fault that I'm different from him, not the same? I suppose to him, it is… but that gives him no right!

Well, maybe it does. All I am is property, a thing. I do my job and damned better shut up about it! No backtalk from the servant, no. If I say one word in protest… sometimes I even lose consciousness.

And the peril I've been in… I've been shot at, shot up and down. How I've survived over the years is beyond me. I wasn't made for these situations, either. I'm far too fragile, you see.

I hear him again, bellowing like he always does when he talks to me. I must put my best façade on for him as he approaches…

"Hey, goldenrod! Get ready. We're heading off to Mon Calamari. Something about a trade dispute…"

I have a bad feeling about this. Not that it matters, anyway. All I am is a droid, after all. I'm just a thing, nothing more than property. Right?