Disclaimer: Not every problem can be solved by throwing yen at it!

AN: This is a drabble of a small scene in volume one that I thought really stood out, but it may not be memorable to anyone but me. The dialog is taken right from the pages.

"So, shinigami-kun, will you let the ghost go for two thousand yen?"

"Hm..." An interesting proposition. Never once had the shinigami met someone willing to bail out a ghost. Sure, the ghosts themselves would, more often than not, try and bribe him, but this was something new. He loosened his grip on the ghost ever so slightly. The kid sounded serious enough; and two thousand yen... It wasn't much, but it wasn't bad either.

What could he get for two thousand yen? A nice lunch, a few orders of decent sushi for sure- How long had it been since he had sushi last? Oh, right. Too long. Maybe some candy too, if he had any cash left over. A big bag of leichi gummies... Or no, he could skip lunch and instead get a new volume of manga to fill out his collection. Perhaps he could find a classic videogame or two, used but still in good condition, on the cheap. Yeah, that would be perfect.

Two thousand yen for releasing some random girl's pet ghost? Good deal. The shinigami grinned.

"Now you're speaking my lingo..."

AN: What, didn't you know that shinigami love sushi? I like the idea of a death god being swayed by the Japanese equivalent of a twenty. If only it were really that easy! And the thought that a shinigami might have a manga collection and play videogames is fun too...