As I promised here is an epilouge, and it is extremely short. I'm happy to be done with this story. Thanks so much for people who reviewed, they really do mean a lot.

Epilogue War?

Alice, Edward, Emmett and I were having another contest. It was a kind of game we had made up as baseball practice, since I had obviously been able to joing in with the regular games whenever weather permitted. For this game one of us would hold the ball jump as high as possible and throw it as far as possible.

The other three would run to try to catch it first. Edward usually won to catch it first. I was able to throw it farthest and fastest though with my newborn vampire strength. Even Edward couldn't catch it before it went through a tree or hit the ground.

It was Emmett's turn to throw. He waited a second, then suddenly jumped and thre the ball hard, testing our reflexes. We were all speeding off in a second, faster than a gun shot. But after only a mile of running I heard Edward stop a few yards away. Alice and I were at his side as we heard the ball crash into the ground a few miles away.

I heard Edward swear under his breath.

"What is it?" I asked.

"We forgot about the treaty, I can hear their thoughts are so angry and they are coming. " he said angrily. "I'm not sure what is going to happen." He turned towards Alice, "can you see anything?"

Alice's face became shocked, "I can't see anything about the wolves at all. It's just an empty future in that direction right now. I don't know why I've become blind suddenly."

"This isn't good," Edward said anxiously, sounding worried for the first time. "There may be a war between us now."

I was getting confused. "What wolves, and what treaty are you talking about, and who is angry? Why are you saying there might be a war? This doesn't make any sense."

But before either of them could answer I heard a loud angry sound of several wolves howling in the distance.

I love to leave things hanging. My sister had come up with the thought about how the wolves would react, and I thought I had to try it in here. It's kinda my evil side making ending complicated and in unsettled.