Author's Notes: This story starts shortly after the incident in the central 46 featured in the Diamond Dust Rebellion. The reason for this is because while that little look into Toushirou's past was interesting and tragic, I can't help but wonder what made him decide to stay with the thirteen squads even though it meant serving the very people who had forced him to kill his best friend. In this story characters are addressed on a first name basis for two reasons, first because I'm an American and it's just more natural for me and secondly I don't understand how the whole title system works either (so far the only one I've figured out for certain is that sama refers to someone of high social status like a nobleman). Some terms will come from the Japanese subbed and others will come from the English dub, I don't think this will cause any trouble but feel free to ask if it does. As you've probably guessed I don't speak Japanese so if I make a mistake on any translations please let me know so I can fix it.

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"normal speech"


"Inner thoughts"


Ch. 1 What Now?

It was the beginning of a brand new day for two dozen or so people gathered outside their new squad, for today they were officially shinigami of the thirteen squads. The crowd was filled with excited murmur of fresh graduates mostly talking about how they were going to make captain in a number of days or how they were going to set a new record for killing hollows. However there was one member of the group who wasn't in the mood for celebration, he was a new shinigami with the appearance of ten year old boy who had made a name for himself during his days in the academy as a child prodigy. The mere uttering of his name was prone to filling his former class mates with fear and jealousy for his remarkable abilities as he broke every record in the academy's history; he was none other than Toushirou Hitsugaya.

"What in the hell am I doing here?!" he swore to himself "those bastards made me kill Kusaka, and then they covered it up; how could they?!"

Suddenly all the chatter amongst the crowd died as they felt an unfamiliar spiritual pressure.

"Okay sorry about keeping you ladies and gentlemen ready, I got caught up with a small incident in the barracks" a gentle voice called out.

They all focused their attention on the source of the voice as he walked up to them followed by a couple of subordinates. He was dressed in the traditional shinigami robes, he had a kind smile on his face, dark green eyes, long jet black hair which he wore in a pony tail at the base of his neck which stretched halfway down his neck, age wise he had the appearance of a man in his late twenties or early thirties in human years but since this was Soul Society his exact age was impossible to determine; all in all there was nothing exceptional about his appearance, except for one thing. Just above his left leg around his waist was not one, but two different zanpakutou; one was white as snow with a stubby cross shaped guard and a blue diamond pattern on the grip, the other was the exact opposite it was an extremely black sword with two points sticking out adjacent of each other on the four corners of its square guard and its grip had blood red diamonds for a pattern just looking at it could make you think that it was capable of pulling you into the pits of hell itself.

"How the hell can he have two zanpakutou?!" Toushirou thought to himself "I mean I've heard that two of the current captains have two blades as well but they're supposed to be twin blades not two unique swords…who the hell is this guy?"

"I'm afraid that the captain, lieutenant, third seat, and fourth seat are all out on a mission at the moment so I've been left in charge of the squad until they get back; my name is Alexander Dark-Heart and your new fifth seat" the man explained with that same kind voice "anyway welcome to squad nine."

"There's no way this guy is just a normal fifth seat" Toushirou thought to himself "and there's definitely something else that's different about him besides his swords."

"So are there any questions?" Alexander asked.

"Yeah I have one" Toushirou stated "how the hell did you get your hands on two zanpakutou?"

The fifth seat looked at the young shinigami with curiosity before chuckling and saying "it's a long and complicated story I'm afraid, anyway you must be the child prodigy I've been hearing about; the one who graduated from the academy at the top of his class after six months of lessons, and mastered both shikai and shunpo before that, Toushirou Hitsugaya I believe your name was."

"Yeah that's me" Toushirou stated coldly as he eyed his superior.

"That's concerning, better keep my eye on this one" Alexander thought to himself as he turned back to the crowd "well it's time for us to head out, our destination is a green zone outside a small Peruvian village in the Andes Mountains."

"We're heading out for a mission already?" one of the shinigami asked.

"Well maybe I won't make it back that should put my problems to an end" Toushirou thought to himself.

"Of course, that's what it means to be a shinigami" Alexander stated "and before any of you ask, the answer is yes you'll be dealing with real hollows."

Several of them gulped as Toushirou and the others followed him and two other squad members to the senkaimon.

"Come on you guys, I want this mission done as soon as possible, otherwise our poor sixth and seventh seats might have a nervous breakdown" Alexander called back to them.

As they neared the senkaimon a jet black butterfly flew in front of each individual shinigami.

"They're beautiful" one of the female team members stated in admiration.

"These are Hell Butterflies, I assume" Toushirou stated coldly.

"That's correct" Alexander answered "now listen carefully, for those of you who don't know Hell Butterflies are the primary means of communication among shinigami and they're also our guides when we travel to the world of the living through the senkaimon; when traveling through the gate it is extremely important that you don't get too far away from your hell butterfly, otherwise we won't be seeing you again until you've been reincarnated, is that understood?"

"Yes Sir" they shouted as the gate opened and everyone followed their Hell Butterflies through.

When they came out of the senkaimon the new shinigami took a sigh of relief as they looked around to see the mountains surrounding them and the afternoon sun shining in the sky above them and their three senior comrades seemed rather bored.

"Look alive" Alexander stated as several loud roars echoed and they were suddenly surrounded by dozens of hollows.

The shinigami all immediately drew their zanpakutou and most of them began to shake uncontrollably.

"Sir aren't you going to draw your swords?" one of them asked.

"No, this is your mission and it's your fight" Alexander stated calmly "don't worry these are just small fry."

Suddenly two hollows lunged themselves towards the frightened shinigami, however they both suddenly split horizontally. The man looked to his side to see Toushirou holding his sword with a murderous expression in his eyes.

"Stop pissing your pants and fight" Toushirou hissed "and if I'm lucky, I won't be going back, there's no way I'll serve the people who made me kill Kusaka, and I'll die before that happens."

The other shinigami took the initiative and started fighting the hollows one by one in groups of two or three. The clanks of sword slashes and the sounds of explosions from kidou spells. Slowly but surely the hollows' numbers started to fend as the small groups of shinigami cut their way through. But none were performing like Toushirou; hollows kept falling one after another to the prodigy's blade, immediately after one hollow was slain by the boy's blade he would shunpo over to his next target.

"Damn it" Toushirou swore to himself "why can't I hold back, I want to die!"

"Don't you get it kid?" A deep voice asked in his head "you're a shinigami now, dying isn't your fate."

Toushirou came face to face with a twenty foot hollow, it had a plain looking green body, but it had two long lances with sharp ends for arms, it eyed him with its hungry yellow eyes before lunging his right arm towards the young shinigami. Suddenly his arm started to split horizontally as he saw the boy slice his way through before splitting his head in half.

"What are you talking about, Hyourinmaru?" Hitsugaya thought to himself as he sliced another hollow in half.

"Exactly what I said" Hyourinmaru stated bluntly "you're a shinigami now, so you won't die like this…"

Suddenly Toushirou's left eye was seeing the great ice dragon while his right eye saw the battle in front of him.

"…after all shinigami rule death!!!" Hyourinmaru continued "your pride and instincts won't allow you to let such lowly creatures to end your life."

Suddenly Toushirou was surrounded by over a dozen hollows. Toushirou leapt into the air and gripped his sword with both hands before shouting "reign over the frosted frozen heavens!!!" part of the sky started turning black as ice started to appear around him "Hyourinmaru." Suddenly the hollows were all struck by a giant dragon of water and ice and left frozen in place, a few seconds later the ice shattered and they faded away.

"See what I mean?" the dragon stated smugly.

"Shut up" Toushirou hissed "what the hell am I supposed to do then?!"

"My, my, such a tasty looking child, I bet your soul tastes great" an evil voice called out.

Toushirou looked up to see a huge octopus shaped hollow in the sky stretching out its eight forty foot long tentacles with razor sharp points from its eight foot long head, its white mask was circular and had three green half stripes stretching out from both the left and right sides with a strange black mark across its left eye. Worst of all its spiritual pressure was several times that of the small fry the shinigami had fought earlier, causing most of the new recruits to fall to their knees.

"Now you might get your wish kid, but you should be ashamed" Hyourinmaru stated "after all if he eats you you'll be turned into a hollow yourself, and even worse yet you'll be under its control."

"Now, time to feast!!!" the hollow shouted as he lunged two of his tentacles towards Toushirou.

"Damn it" Toushirou swore as he leapt back before the tentacles were about to strike him, instead of striking the ground the tentacles changed direction to follow their prey. Toushirou wrapped the crescent blade and chain from the base of his sword around one of the tentacles causing it to freeze over, Toushirou pulled on the chain with his left hand to launch himself towards the other tentacle so he could slice off the tip, he succeeded and then pulled hard on the chain again shattering the tip on the other tentacle causing blood to shoot out of both stumps.

"Not bad brat" the hollow chuckled, Toushirou's eyes opened as he looked behind him to see a third tentacle racing towards him.

Toushirou tried to shunpo away but he couldn't "Damn it not enough spirit energy left!!!"

Almost instantly the tentacle pierced him through his left shoulder, the pain was immense and it only seemed to intensify when the hollow removed it, and of course he was bleeding heavily from the injury; it was all just too much for the young shinigami and he fell to the ground. Toushirou's eyes began to cloud up as he saw the hollow's face racing towards him, mouth wide open.

"Is this the end for me?" Toushirou asked himself "am I really going to become a hollow, this isn't what I wanted, I hope I don't end up hurting anyone else at least…especially Momo…"

"Don't die" a male voice called out, Toushirou's left eye opened widely "Hadou 31 Shakkahou" suddenly the hollow was forced back when a fire ball exploded on his face.

"SON OF A…" the hollow shouted as he started jerking in pain "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!"

"Squad 9, fifth seat, Alexander Dark-Heart" Alexander stated simply as he turned to Toushirou "kid, we need to talk; you can't move forward if you remain so conflicted that you can't decide if you want to live or die."

"What the hell?" Toushirou stated as he saw the fifth seat standing before him, but he wasn't the same as earlier. The man's eyes had changed from a dark green to a blood red color with slit shaped irises, his teeth were now fangs, and he now had black marks on his face; on his face the mark seemed travel down his nose line and part just below the eyes before stopping in around the lip lines, and there were also similar marks traveling down both eyes and stopping around the nose line.

"Now stay alive or I'm going to be very pissed at you" Alexander stated as he held up his right hand which also had some black marks which seemed to stretch up his arm and his nails had apparently grown out into claws.

"What are you?" Toushirou asked in amazement.

"Now be good, squad four has already arrived" Alexander stated as his hand started glowing black, suddenly Toushirou saw some black tentacle like shapes surround him before he was completely surrounded in darkness, a moment later he found himself in front of his former class mates, the two other shinigami Alexander had brought with him, and several shinigami with medical bags on their backs.

Immediately one of them held him down and looked at his injury "this one has a serious shoulder wound and he's losing blood fast, we need to stabilize him NOW!" two of his colleagues formed on him and he was suddenly surrounded in a gentle green light.

Toushirou felt a strange warmth as his injury started to close. "Take it easy Toushirou, you don't want your wound to open up again" one of Alexander's subordinates commanded "don't worry about the hollow; fifth seat Dark-Heart will kill it."

"The fifth seat, what is he?" Toushirou asked.

"Have you ever heard of an ancient clan of humans with special powers called the Warlocks?" the shinigami asked.

"The Warlocks!?" Toushirou asked "weren't they that clan that tried to exterminate the shinigami about seven hundred years ago?!"

"That's correct; when our fifth seat was alive he was one of the last survivors of that clan, when he joined the squads there were more than a few officers, nobles, and members of the central forty six who weren't too happy with having him join their ranks" The shinigami explained "so much so that he doesn't hold the rank he deserves."

"The rank he deserves?" Toushirou asked before he was suddenly hit by an incredibly strong and extremely dark spiritual pressure. Toushirou looked towards the hollow and the shinigami to see that they were about to begin fighting.

"That's right" the shinigami replied "while he holds the rank of fifth seat, he's actually stronger than most lieutenants, in fact if it wasn't for all the trouble it would have caused the squad, captain Tousen would've named him as his lieutenant a long time ago."

"A warlock huh, it's been a long time since I've seen one of your kind" the hollow chuckled as his tentacles and the burns on his mask started healing.

"High speed regeneration huh, oh well I've handled far worse" Alexander thought calmly "that's right."

"I thought you guys were exterminated, to be honest I didn't know who to root for while the shinigami slaughtered your kind like animals" the hollow chuckled.

"What can I say?" Alexander asked "War is Hell."

"So what you did to that kid was your ability to distort dimensions I assume?" the hollow asked.

"You have dealt with my kind before" Alexander stated as drew his blades holding the black sword in his right hand and holding the white blade upside down in his left "but when was the last time you faced a warlock who's also a shinigami, trust me it's a whole new ball game you ugly bastard."

"I'm sure you'll be extremely tasty" the hollow chuckled madly as four of his tentacles lunged towards the fifth seat.

Alexander grinned madly showing his fangs as he swung the black blade in a horizontal motion slicing the tentacles down the center.

"You're mine now" the hollow laughed as his other four tentacles came out from the ground behind the shinigami.

"That's what you think dumbass" Alexander chuckled as he intercepted them with a semi circular swipe with the white blade severing the tips.

The hollow screamed from the pain of having all eight of his tentacles damaged and looked at his opponent with rage. "YOU BASTARD" he shouted as his body started to regenerate "I'LL SHOW YOU!!!" Suddenly several dozen spots on each of the hollows tentacles started glowing a dark purple before they shot off and flew towards Alexander.

"Just as I thought, leech bombs" Alexander whispered before smiling again before his hands starting glowing black and he slammed them both in the ground. Suddenly dozens of explosions surrounded him.

"That'll teach you" the hollow said smugly.

"Hadou 33 Soukatsui" Alexander's voice called out from the smoke; suddenly a bolt of lighting shot out and struck the hollow in the face knocking him back and causing him to fall towards the ground. Almost instantly Alexander appeared about ten feet above the hollows face while his hands were both of his hands were surrounded in a black glow while he held both his swords "Warlock Art; Dark Crucifixion" he screamed in his mind. Suddenly eight black spear like shapes spawned from his hands, each one pierced a tentacle towards the base and slammed the hollow to the ground and pinned him to the ground.

"DAMN IT" the hollow swore as he tried to lunge back at Alexander but couldn't budge.

"Trouble moving?" Alexander asked with a grin before he chuckled lightly.

The shinigami gathered around Alexander's subordinates were watching their fifth seat with a combination of amazement and terror, Toushirou had succumbed to his wounds and lost consciousness.

"What's wrong with him?" one of the female shinigami asked "he's not acting like he was before."

"That's a side effect of his unique skills" one of the shinigami stated "whenever a warlock uses enough of their spirit energy those black marks cover their bodies, and these marks have two effects; first of all it allows them to use their special abilities and second it triggers a part of the brain that fuels dark and sadistic thought processes; hence this darker side of his personality."

"So in other words his powers basically render him bipolar?" another shinigami asked.

"That's a good way to put it" the other shinigami answered.

"And the eyes?" another one asked.



"See these eyes?" Alexander asked sadistically "they allow me to see all kinds of things; such as an opponent's flow of spirit energy, where they focus said energy, simple thought processes, and much more."

"Thought Processes?" the hollow asked.

"Let me explain" Alexander stated evilly "for example before you tried attacking me from both sides I could tell you were thinking something along the lines of 'I'll fake this guy out with a diversion and then pierce him from behind like I did that kid', so I knew you were going to attack me from behind and I readied my swords accordingly."

"What about the leech bombs!?" the hollow asked "how did you get away from those without a scratch!?"

"What part about 'where they focus said energy' did you not understand?" Alexander asked "before you used the leech bombs you had to focus your spirit energy into them to launch them, when I saw that it was only a matter of readying a Warlock Art that attacks in all conceivable directions, it wasn't very strong but it was more than enough to deal with some pesky leeches, after that all I had to do is use a simple kidou spell and then a Warlock art to put you were you are now."

"Damn you" the hollow hissed "he was playing me the whole time!!!"

"It was fun, while it lasted" Alexander stated simply "but you're really not that tough, you certainly can't compete with the Menos." Alexander then sliced both blades through the hollow's face, moments later the hollow disappeared.

Alexander breathed deeply before he sheathed his Zanpakutou and the marks on his body faded away, moments later his eyes turned back to their normal green color and the irises regained their normal circular shape as he shunpoed over to his subordinates and the shinigami from squad four.

"Is he going to be okay?" Alexander asked in concern.

"We've managed to stabilize him, so he should be fine" one of the medics replied "but we need to take him back to squad four and keep him under observation for a while."

"I see, and everyone else" Alexander asked as he eyed the rest of his subordinates.

"They only have minor injuries and will just need a minute or two with a healer" the medic answered.

"Okay then" Alexander stated "good work everyone, I'm sorry about that hollow; there really shouldn't have been anything like him around here, but that's why they send seated officers to observe these first missions" the shinigami all seemed to breathe a sigh of relief "so let's head home."

The medical team's leader opened a gate to the soul society as his subordinates carried Toushirou through on a stretcher.

"The real question is what do we do about you Toushirou?" Alexander thought to himself as they entered the gate "unless my eyes weren't working when you got here you were hoping to die, then you seemed to find yourself in shouting match with your Zanpakutou, and then you blow all you spirit energy on a bunch of small fry; if you hadn't wasted so much you could've crushed that hollow on your own…I think Captain Tousen should talk to you."

Author's notes:

Okay that's the first chapter of Frozen Savior. I know Toushirou seemed out of character but like I said this takes place shortly after the incident at Central 46 shown in the Diamond Dust Rebellion so I think it's fair to think that he was having some suicidal thoughts and having some inner turmoil (after all they forced him to murder his best friend because of an ancient and stupid law), but all that will eventually pass. Anyway please leave a review and I'll get to work on the next chapter.

Character Profile: Alexander Dark-Heart

Eyes: Green (Normally)

Hair: Jet Black

Squad (current): 9th

Rank (current): 5th seat

Zanpakutou: Shikai-unknown, Bankai-unknown

Personal Information: Thus far almost all aspects of Alexander's past remain unknown (right now I want to focus on Toushirou, his story comes later and I think you'll like it). What we do know is that he was part of an ancient clan of humans known as the Warlocks who had the power to distort dimensions, use dark spirit energy to kill their enemies, and a number of other uniqueabilities. This clan was believed to have been exterminated in a war with the shinigami seven hundred years ago. Though he only holds the fifth seat position, he's supposedly stronger than most lieutenants but do to his heritage many nobles and members of the central 46 pressure the captains not to promote him to the position he deserves (and since Tousen wishes to seek justice he doesn't want to have to deal with the political fallout from moving him up the chain, even though he'd like to name him as his lieutenant). While his past remains a mystery as does his motives for joining the squads when they were the ones who nearly wiped out his people, and very few people know how he came into position of two unique Zanpakutou, he gives off the impression of a very kind and fatherly individual (basically what Aizen pretended to be, except when he uses his powers).