Hey all! This is Gears with my 2nd little story! It just kinda popped into my head while I was showering and thinking about a weird ass dream I had had where I had to go to an all girls school. So here yah go!


That fateful day had started off normally for Naruto Uzumaki. He had woken up at his usual, and annoying, time of 7 AM. He then proceeded to trudge out of his room into the kitchen, where his uncle Jiraiya and aunt Tsunade were having their traditional morning fight.

Naruto had lived with his aunt and uncle since he could remember. Tsunade had told him that his parents, Minato and Kushina Uzumaki had died in an atrocious car accident. Naruto had been a mere 3 days old.

Minato's god father Jiraiya and his wife Tsunade adopted him right after they finished mourning. They made a pretty decent living with Tsunade as a principle of a high school and Jiraiya as a prolific writer. Naruto was brought up knowing that Jiraiya and Tsunade were not his real parents, but loving them like they were anyways. Tsunade and Jiraiya, not having any children of their own, raised Naruto to the best of their abilities. They fed him, clothed him, and made sure he got a proper education just like every other normal parent.

Naruto had been going to Konohana Academy for Boys since pre-school and had become firmly attached to the school. But things began to go downhill when Principle Sarutobi stepped down and Mr. Orochimaru was brought in to be the new head of the school. Tsunade, having known Orochimaru through the Konohana education system, immediately was leery of having Naruto continue to go to Konohana Academy for Boys. Then the whole hubbub about the supposedly false molestation of a student Sasuke Uchiha brought Tsunade and Jiraiya to their final conclusion.

This decision is about to be presented to Naruto on that fateful morning.

Naruto looks up from his bowl of cereal to see Jiraiya and Tsunade looking at him seriously, all sign of their previous argument gone. Naruto raises an eyebrow at them still munching on his Kaptin Kabutos loudly.

"Naruto" Tsunade starts seriously, "there is an issue we need to speak about."

Naruto, having only heard his aunt talk like this back when he brought back a turtle to keep as a pet(which wound up in the bathtub when Tsunade went in there to relax), gulped apprehensively.

"Me and your uncle having talked about this into oblivion and we have decided that you are no longer going to attend Konohana Academy. You will be going to a different school for 9th-12th grade." Tsunade stated in her usual blunt manner.

Needless to say Naruto was completely flabbergasted.

He was still spluttering incoherence's when Tsunade plowed on. "Naruto, the situation with Konohana Academy has completely changed. And there will be NO arguments on this, as me and Jiraiya have already decided that on a much better choice, even if it is slightly… unusual." She ended with a somewhat sour look on her face.

Naruto, still confused out of his mind, could not think of an even semi intelligent reply before Jiraiya took off where Tsunade left off. "You see Naruto, Tsu-Tsu pulled some MAJOR stings to get into the only other high school in the area." He said, delivering a wink in Tsunade's direction, and receiving a glare in return.

That's when it finally dawned on Naruto.

There was only one other high school in the area.

The one run by his aunt Tsunade.

That's when Naruto's eyes bulged to comical proportions.

He then let loose his first spoken word's of the morning.


Jiraiya grinned. "Aren't you happy? I mean I would LOVE to be constantly surrounded by high school age girls all day!"

Leaving it off there for now. Beginning kinda short, but im planning on lengthening the chappies as I go along. Im probably just gonna run with it and see where it heads. R&R if you please! GearsofAwesomeness