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Yeah so for all of yalls who may check and actually count up who won in reality, it actually was NarutoxBIG harem. BUT my original idea for this story was naruten so I added a couple of my own votes to that category. IF it had been beaten or tied, then I would have gone with that. (even though technically there are 9 harem votes, BUUUUT) I apologize to you all who A. Don't like naruten, B. Wanted a harem, or C. who wanted something else. (but not dog. That was a joke). I SINCERELY HOPE THAT ANYONE WHO WAS DISAPOINTED IN THE APIRING CHOICE WILL CONTINUE TO READ MY STORY ANYWAYS. Btw I had NO CLUE how many people were actually reading this. but I got around 17-18 votes so that means that SOME people must be reading this. Well enough of my prattling. ON WITH THE SHOW!

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Naruto barely made it through the door at his house.

He had to claw his way across the carpet towards his room, with his annoying uncle laughing at him and asking him, "so did ya get any? Huh, Huh? Didya? WHOA DANG what's that mark on your lip? Someone at that school must be FIESTY!"

Naruto managed to reach up and lock his room's door when he heard his aunt yell, "DON'T FORGET TO DO YOUR FREAKING HOMEWORK! I'LL KILL YEW!"

Naruto merely sighed, and sunk into an exhausted stupor, contemplating what hellish torture he had been forced to be put through. Even though there were only 4, hour and a half periods in the day, it felt like it had been 50, 10 hour periods of pure maniacal torture.

Needless to say, Naruto was totally drained. He began to think about his most odd day of school, especially the last period of the day.


After Ms. Anka (AKA the DEVIL!) had put him on TenTen's soccer team, she was nice enough to explain to him a bit about how 4th period gym worked.

Step one: Let Ms. Anka rage and plot evil doings until she goes into her office to do who knows what.

Step two: Sit around and talk for around 30 minutes.

Step three: Continue step two until Ms. Anka comes back out of her office, full of devious plots.

Step four: Do whatever physical activity you were supposed to be doing until, after about a half an hour, Anka goes back into her office realizing that most of her plots wouldn't work.

Step five: Resume step two, until the bell rings.

Over all Naruto did not really like it. He was not the "sit-around-and-gossip" type of person. Neither, he found out, was TenTen. Once Ms. Anka had first retreated into her office, TenTen took her around to meet her friends. There was annoying, banshee blonde girl, named Ino, a REALLY shy girl Hinata, who practically fainted at the sight of seeing a boy, and a familiar face, Sakura. He had waved upon seeing her and she had waved back in recognition.

This group of girls, including TenTen, had been officially dubbed "The Misfit Club" by the other gym cliques.

They decided to go out and play soccer anyways, but much to Naruto's annoyance, their idea of "fair" was quite different.

Namely, he didn't like 4v1 games of soccer.

It was pretty much just penalty kicks with Naruto being goalie. Ino, though enthusiastic, failed miserably at shooting. Hinata had accuracy, but to Naruto it felt like playing catch with a toddler. Sakura had LARGE amounts of power but, most of the time the ball shot off in a random direction, not even getting close to the goals.

It was TenTen who was the challenge.

She had great accuracy, and fantastic power, but most of all she was intimidating to stand against. When chatting and laughing with her friends he was happy and smiling constantly, with an aura of friendliness. But when it came to sports everything changed drastically. She grew stone-cold serious, and was totally merciless on the field, with an aura of "I-am-totally-gonna-own-you-in-the-face". No one could stand against her, not on the track, not on the field, and not on the court. An athletic prodigy.

Naruto was facing off against her again. He had met her icy glare, with his own, determined fiery eyes.

As soon as she began to wind up her shot Naruto, he tensed in preparation for the powerful shot to come.

But this time she did something different.

Instead of smashing it into one of the corners of the goal, which he had managed to stop twice before, she shot it in a high arch. Naruto grinned, and stood under the shadow of the ball, expecting an easy catch.

When something human shaped suddenly obscured his vision of the ball, Naruto became very worried.

TenTen had leaped up into the air and had done a perfectly formed bicycle kick and pulverized the ball into the goal, landed perfectly, and happily absorbed her due praise, along with Naruto pleading for lessons.

At least that's what would have happened if Naruto hadn't been standing under her.

Sure the poor soccer ball was shot like a meteor into the goal, but the perfect landing was far from perfect.

Instead she impacted with Naruto.


A cloud of dust temporarily clouded them, and Sakura, Ino, and Hinata all ran up yelling at them if they were okay.

What they saw at first astounded them, then sent them into barely held giggles, which evolved into full-blown hysterical laughter.

TenTen was laying on top of Naruto, with both their arms obscured in-between them. And another thing.

They were kissing.

Well, if you count TenTen's teeth cutting into Naruto's lip, and them being in too much of a painful daze to realize what had happened and move.

TenTen recovered first, muffled a shriek, and scampered off of him.

She turned around, face blazing red, and said in the most quietest, threatening voice she could muster said to her "friends" (who were currently rolling around on the ground, tears pouring from their eyes, still laughing), "Sakura, if you tell anyone about this I will show Ms. Kurenai those pictures of you cheating on that test. Ino, I will post the 'special' pictures all over the school if ANYONE finds out. And Hinata, I don't have anything on you, but if you tell anyone I will lock you in Ms. Anka's office with a sign around your neck that says 'Willing Sacrifice'".

No need to say, they quieted immediately.

Still blushing furiously, TenTen added "And don't tell Naruto! Just say that he cut his lip on a rock or something!" This started another fit of giggles, which she quickly silenced with a glare.

Naruto blinked himself awake five minutes later, having been hit rather harder than TenTen. The first thing he saw was said female, peering at him. "You ok?" she asked quietly when he opened her eyes.

Naruto groaned. "You freaking kidding me? It feels like I got an elephant dropped on me and a squirrel chewed up my lip."

Naruto failed to see the fiery, furious eyes of TenTen before it was too late.



Anka, deep in her office heard the pained screaming for mercy.

She sighed in ecstasy.

'Music to my ears' she though happily, as she whittled a figurine of a devil with a meat cleaver.


Naruto groaned against his door.

He felt in pain just recounting that beating.

He still had MONTHS of this hell left.

He hadn't even seen how bad his second day was.

Naruto groaned again.

Life was currently, without a doubt, sucking majorly right now.

He was positive he heard Fate laughing it up with Kami up there.


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