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Love is a sickness…a disease…it is the breakdown of one's mind…it is the sudden rush that occurs in your heart that leads to unusual behavior and irrational actions. It also decreases your reaction time and lowers your pace in a certain amount of degree.

If this happens to you, then you've fallen for it, you're in love.

- Mark Aaron A. Corrales

Chapter One

Family Portrait

Lily love running. She loves running because it helped her clear her mind. She loves running because it good for her nerves, or temper as others might say. She love running because it was her alone time. But most of all, she loves the fact she can feel every muscle, hear every breath and sense her pulse. It made her feel alive and human.

If flying was freedom than running was the escape. That's what she said to her dad one night when she was on her way to another run around Godric Hollow just before dinner.

She was panting by now which only made her speed up a little, just to prove herself that she can.

"Had a good run?" her dad asked as while placing plate on the table.

"Pretty good." Lily wheezed and poured herself a glass of water from the cold pitcher. "Thanks dad." She showed his her glass and smiled. "Is mum cooking or you?"

"Mum and aunt Hermione," Harry said. "Don't make a face, you love Rose and Hugo."

"I wasn't making a face…" Lily pouted. "I just don't want to hear Rose rambling on and on about being Head Girl and how honored she is to be one and continue the Weasley legacy of Head boys and Girls."

"True," he said with a devious smile, "but we're also celebrating you becoming a prefect and perhaps being a future Head Girl."

"I wouldn't count on it." She refilled her glass again. "If it was up to me I wouldn't even be a prefect, McGonagall finally lost her marbles." Harry began to laugh at this.

"So I'm not the only one who thinks that?" he said and Lily stared at him and then burst into a fit herself.

"Care if I join in?" the two turned and saw Ginny Potter, her mother in other words leaning on the door frame with a twinkle in her eyes.

"We were just talking about professor McGonagall and how she lost her grasp with reality." Her dad said. "Care to make an opinion?"

"All I have to say is poor Neville." Ginny walked in hugged Harry. "You and Hugo as prefect is like what could've been if Fred and George we're ever made prefects." Both her parents shuddered at the thought and Ginny continued to say. "I bet George's celebrating the fact Roxanne didn't get it." She than came to hug Lily.

"He bought her a new broom." Lily said. "I got an owl from her before running."

"My little girl a prefect." Ginny sighed and kissed the top of Lily's head. "You stink." Ginny said and loosened the grip on Lily.

"Thank you?" Lily asked and looked puzzled at her mother.

"Lils' just got back from running, Gin." Harry said and winked at his daughter. "Keeping in shape for running after little first years and making sure they'll stay out of trouble."

"Pshh..." Lily waved him off. "Those little brats can do whatever they want as long as no one lose an eye or a limb or a reproducing organ-"

"We got it, Lils." Harry said and chuckled. "Just make sure not mention this in front of Hermione and Rose."

"But it's okay if you mention in front of Ron," Ginny added. "He'll give you a box of chocolate frogs if you do."

"I'm counting on something a little bit bigger than a box of chocolate frogs." Lily said quietly.

"And I'm counting on you to shower," Ginny looked at the clock. "You have twenty minutes until they come."

"Yeah yeah…" Lily said and began to walk out of the room. "You and Dad just want to snog while we kids are prepping up."

"Yes well how do you think we conceived you?" her dad said.

"In a way I do not wish to witness." Lily answered and climbed up the stairs to take a shower. "Thank god it's a week till school starts."

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