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- A Woman Waits For Me, Walt Whitman

Chapter Ten

A Lot Like Love





It wasn't uncommon to see during the twilight hours a flash of red hair making its way around the small town of Godric Hollow. No, it would've have been a surprise not see it. As it was the owner of said red hair was making her way back to her starter point, her heart beating in a fast tattoo while her body is covered with sweat and her loose ponytail sticking to the back of neck.

She stretched her legs one last time, to prevent muscle spasm, of course, and opened the backdoor to the house. The smell of cooking hit her, chicken, roasted with side mashed potatoes and green beans. She licked her lips closed her eyes and inhaled.

"Had a good run?" Lily opened her eyes and a big smile spread on her lips. "Here." He handed her a glass of water.

"I prefer pumpkin juice." She wheezed and frowned but took the glass nonetheless and drank the water in one gulp.

"You know your mother will kill me if she knew I was giving anything other than water."

"You're such a wuss." She shook her head but handed her glass for a refill. "After all this time she still scars you."

"I am not a wuss!" He protested.

"Wuss." Lily said while sipping her water and wiggled her eyebrows at him, which only agitated him even further. "Oh lighten up!"

"One day, Lizzie," he began to say and advanced towards her. "You'll pay for everything you put me through. And when that day will come-"

"I'll take you down with me, Darcy," Lily closed the gap between them and wrapped her arms around Scorpius' neck, still holding the glass. "Don't think I won't." She brushed her lips against his and was about to deepen the kiss when Scorpius pushed her away from him.

"You stink." He scrunched his nose. "And you're sweaty and sticky." He reached for a kitchen towel to rub the sweat off of him.

"Ever the gentleman." Lily said dryly and placed down the glass on the kitchen counter.

"Educated at the best manner schools money can buy." He pumped up him chest.

"Make sure Draco gets his money back," Lily said, "His son is a brat." She walked pass Scorpius but he caught her by the arm and before she knew it her pulled her into a deep kiss and put his hand behind her neck, Scorpius mouth opened and the tip of Lily's tongue slide lightly against his, they kissed slowly but each was fighting for dominance. Suddenly Lily broke from the kiss and pushed Scorpius away from her, looking rather cross.

"Did you eat my Dark Chocolate Delights?"

Scorpius cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson. "Only a little."

"I was saving them you dolt!" Lily cried.

"They were hidden in your room!" Scorpius called back.

"You've been looking through my room?" She said slowly and narrowed her eyes.

"You hide them from me!" he stomped his foot on the ground and crossed his arms.

"Grow up Malfoy."

"Grow up yourself."

Lily rolled her eyes. "Oh real mature." She sighed. "You're such a child."

"Part of my boyish charm." He said slyly and reached out to take something out of his trousers' pocket. "I saved you the last one." He handed her the wrapped candy.

Lily took it and popped the chocolate into her mouth. "Wanker."

Scorpius arched his eyebrow at her. "You kiss your mother with that mouth, Lizzie?"

"I kiss my boyfriend with it." She said. "Shame he's not here." Lily sighed feebly and licked her lower lip.

"What a fool he must be," Scorpius reached for her and once again held Lily against him. "Stupid, Stupid man he is." He kissed her lightly on the forehead, and then move to kiss her on the space between her eyebrows and then the tip of her nose.

"As I said, good thing he's not here." Lily whispered.

"Like hell he isn't!" with that he crashed his mouth onto hers and lifted her off from her feet.


"Should we tell them we're here?" Albus asked and turned to the dark haired witch beside him.

"And ruin the chance for blackmail materiel?" Hugo answered instead of his sister.

"Never!" Roxanne called and high fived with her cousin.

"You want me to call Uncle Harry from his study?" Rose asked.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Ro," Cleo said and shook her head. "He and your mother," she turned to Albus, "Are as busy same as my cousin and your sister."

"Thanks for the mental image." Albus shuddered.

"Oi!" Lily's head appeared from behind the kitchen door. "Would you pipe it down we're bonding here!"

"Bonding my arse!" James said as he walked pass the door and into the living room.

"My advice, good people," Scorpius head appeared above Lily's. "Keep yourself from the roast chicken."

The five stared at the grinning heads of the couple before they vanished back behind the kitchen door.

"Great!" Hugo called and flapped his hands in the air. "Now I'd have to be a vegetarian."


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