Hello there, this is my first fanfic. I always wanted to write this one and I've finally managed to gather the story together.

Just like the title says this story is sort of unpredictable, or at least, I'll make it that way, meaning that I won't tell you who I make the pairings with or what Naruto is going to do. (At least not in the obvious way).

The story will be a Naruto and Justice League crossover. And the plot is Naruto suddenly finds himself in the DC Universe, in a forest, all beaten up and unable to remember how he got there…

I think that that is enough for you, the story will follow the TV series since I'm not much of a comic book reader. You can all send my information in your reviews whether I misspelled a word or a mistake. Also I appreciate ideas and opinions.

With that in mind, the only thing left to say is that I don't own Naruto or Justice League this in only a story I can up with and hope that people like it.


-----------Somewhere in the forest in the middle of nowhere-------------------------------------------

I don't remember all the details of how I got here, I don't even remember where here is exactly. I remember my name, I remember my age and where I come from. I remember about my life, everything including why I have my armor and weapons, and scrolls on me, but the circumstances about by arrival are a complete blank to me.

My name is Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto and I am a former ninja of Konoha. I am 18 years old, born on October 10th 18 years ago, on the night of the attack of Kyuubi on Konoha. The said fur ball was sealed in me by my father, the yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze. The rest is history.

For two months I have been stranded here into this strange world. The only thing I can remember about how I got here is that I was full of bruises and cuts. I can use the same powers I have, all except summons. And if the summons don't work it means that I am either very, very, far away from the Sacred Toad mountains or I am in another Universe. I soon came up to the conclusion that the latter was the case, seeing how I've been searching for signs of any familiarity for two weeks. In that time I have discovered that the people form this world have no ninja skill, at least not my kind, also they have very advanced technology, not that far from my own but still, guns, cars, aircrafts, it was a complete shock to me.

In the time I spent here, I have managed to learn their language to a degree, I was lucky that they also have a language here very similar to my own, except they call it Japanese, and thank Kami and the genius shinobi that created Kage Bunshin, I certainly wouldn't have learned so much about this place without it.

From what I have learned this place is called Earth; I am currently in one of the biggest countries named USA, short for the United States of America, and that this land is completely devoid of any ninja skills, at least officially. But I am not disappointed, there are some people here that are very similar to ninja, they are called superheroes and they protect their lands and homes with skills that to me seam similar to what I saw at my home. Yet they don't use handsigns, I was hopeful for a while but my hope where quickly wasted when I saw that these powers they had were their primary and only skills meaning that they either taught themselves skills like taijutsu and marksmanship, while others were like bloodline limits. I decided to not get into it too much without actually seeing it.

In the time I spent here, I and Kyuubi have started to work together. I mean it felt lonely as it was and I'd rather talk to someone I don't like then talk to no one at all. We had a hard time but we got over it.

But my thoughts quickly drift back to this world, apparently the most known and famous heroes of this world are two characters, although if you ask me they are the complete opposite of each other.

The first is this Superman, his choice of clothes really sucked if you asked me. Wears what seams like red boots, with blue with red pants, blue shirt with a giant S on his chest with a red cape. He also wore, what appeared to be, a pair of boxers over his pants, or maybe they were part of his pants, I couldn't really tell. .All of them look skintight and he is very muscular. His strength is still in question seeing how he is able to lift objects that should be beyond his ability to lift, but I can't complain, Tsunade also could do such a feat, so it don't shock me as much as it should have. Also it would appear that he is very fast, as fast as Lee and Guy without their weights. He also has the power of flight and, from my deduction super heightened sense. I don't know the exact extend of his power. But it certainly impressed me.

The second can be considered the yin to Superman's yang. He was dark and mysterious, but at the same time honorable and powerful. He was dressed in something like a bat costume of gray, dark blue and black. His bat-like mask covered the upper half of his face that looked similar to the masks worn by some ninja of my world. His gray and dark blue pants and armor remind me of ANBU standard clothing and his belt which was yellow and had many pockets look like my ninja pouches and kunai holsters. His cape offers great camouflage in the dark, and his appearance can intimidate a normal person. This hero was normal and used high-tech devices to compensate for his lack of special power. From what I saw on the TV, he is a good fighter and solves criminal cases that most consider impossible to solve. So he is also very smart.

These individuals operate in two different cities, one watches over the skies of Metropolis while the other guards from the darkness of Gotham city. Both are highly respected and known around the world.

"Still thinking about them, Naruto?" interrupted the voice of my life long 'companion'.

"Yes, I am, I can't stop wondering about them for some reason." I responded with a straight thought.

"You are thinking that they can help you…" straight answer and to the point was his style.

"Yes… something like that. Not that I'm really in a hurry to return… but still…"

"Curious? Perhaps…you want to be like them…" I didn't see it but I know he had a slight smile.

"No of course not..."

"... heh, if you say so…" its chuckle seamed to only irritate me.

My chain of thoughts was cut off when I heard and saw the image of a man flying above my head. And indeed it was, Superman himself was flying above my head and headed towards a different section of the forest.

"Think we should check it out I mean trouble is always following this guy?"

"Since there's nothing else to do… might as well have some fun."

"Also it could be good training; I had enough of training on my own and having to fight just wild animals."

"Don't let your guard down, I have a felling that things are about to get a lot more interesting for us… " a slight smirk made its way on the fox's face although I couldn't tell.

"Heh… if that's the case, then I can't miss the party…" I smirked.

It something is going to happen then I'm not going to miss it. I stayed on the sidelines for too long…

With my mind made up, I ran from treetop to treetop after the man, gradually keeping a constant pace with him and at the same time hiding my presence in the darkness of the night.


I hope you liked it. I'm going to follow the TV series and add some changes at the time. For example an extra chapter or two might come between the missions in which I will write about Naruto and his interactions or side adventures.

Pairings are not yet set, but you can write your opinions and give me ideas. So please leave a review…

And uploaded the story again, I made misspelling the first time around and I corrected most of them.

Also I've recently added sound to the story. You will see in the following chapters that on some lines there are comers or "(", ")", with words written in them written in bold starting with "Play". This is the music that the story should have. If you're interested, search youtube for the music, the name, the author, and the anime it's from is written there. Have fun.