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Chapter 33: WarWorld: Rough treatment

Last chapter

Two figures melted out of a stone wall and descended down a path.

Meanwhile on another planet:

"Stand down Stewart" A forced pushed the heroes to their knees.

"W-what are you doing here?!... Hal Jordan!?"

Meanwhile on another planet:

Lasers started covering his body turning him into a human beacon.

"Aw shit…"

"Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Lethal force, approved."

Back to the first planet:

"There's something… familiar… approaching."


"Who is?" asked the little witch in alarm.

"…" the figure sent a look her way. "It doesn't matter, get your job done."


"Do it! I'll handle it." Said the figure leaving the area.

'Crap, this was a really bad idea… Either way, I going to die.' She started to tremble in her cloak. "But-" she swallowed hard and gathered her courage, "if there's a slight chance he won't kill me, I'll take it. This is what you would have wanted, you wouldn't have taught me this if you didn't think I'd use it, right… master?" She pulled out a pouch and started drawing mystic symbols, arranging candles, scrolls, a orb and books. Soon mystic energies started to gather around her as she spoke in a strange language.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the tunnels…

A young red haired woman was making her way through the tunnels.

'What is this feeling I've been having? It's like a whisper in the back of my soul. I feel pulled by it… but, why here? Why now?' She was dressed in a simple white dress, her hair tied in a ponytail.

As she made her way deeper, it became more silent as sound faded away with each step. "Strange, I thought sentries were posted at this level…"

As she followed her path lit by torches, she could make out a figure in the distance. 'An intruder!?' She thought of her choices, running up to alert the others came to mind, but by that time, the intruder might escape. Swallowing she pulled a dagger she always carried with her and approached the shadows. 'Remember your training! It's probably nothing...' she started to repeat her thoughts trying to keep her mind clear.

Sneaking up, she pulled her dagger ready to cut, but hesitated at the last moment, seeing her target unmoving. She gave it a harder look. "Huaah! Selena, Madea!" she ran at her target making out two bodies lined to the wall next to each other. "Sisters! What happened?!" she tried to shake them awake but it proved non-effective.

"They're alive…" she concluded doing a quick check-up.

"Come on, we have to alert the others-…" she lifted one by her shoulder and turned to leave when her eyes widened, her path was blocked, not it actually turned into a dead end. "W-what?!" she approached and felt it, even pushed it but to no avail. "How is this possible?" she wondered.

"Ugk!" a huge shock jolted her mind like a switch had been flipped on. She could see a person in a cloak staring back at her.

"Come…" It whispered darkly as red eyes opened and she could feel the intensity of the stare aimed at her. "Face me!"

As soon as it came, it left, like a cold breeze on a warm day.

Chills ran up her spine and she could feel cold sweat pouring down her face and her breathing heaved. This presence had a very intimidating feel to it.

She turned to look behind and could feel the sensation urging her back. At this point, she felt the two thoughts attacking her mind: either to retreat or advance.

She grit her teeth and regained control over her breathing, picking herself up, she lifted her dagger and continued down the path on guard knowing that she had to face this being if it meant saving her sisters and surviving. As she descended, her mind turned to the last invader, he left a big hole in the hearts of her sisters, if until then she had more sisters to listen to her, that number diminished considerably after, maybe it was fear, maybe it was old wounds opening up.

As she found the exit, she looked around and didn't see anything out of place. She felt confused, strange, maybe she was just going crazy?

Those thoughts quickly stopped as just a the edge of hearing, the sounds of tiny rocks dropping could be heard.

She was immediately on guard and searched carefully for her target. She cautiously followed the sounds, trying to be quite herself and have the upper hand.

As she climbed over a few mounds of dirt and fallen pillard, she found her best vintage point to spy on him or her, she couldn't really tell. The target turned to be less than 70 feet away.

She hid behind a giant pillar and peaked at the person.

He could only see his right side, he was human in size and above average. From the little light she had, she couldn't see his face but she saw that he was dressed in black with fingerless gloves and a clock's hood covering the head.

What they were doing was something truly strange; they picked up loose rocks and threw them randomly, casually even. But as she followed the course of the rocks, and the clacking they were making she could make out that his throws weren't random, they were aimed at groups of rocks balancing together in spots dotted about the area. It was like a child playing target practice with rocks.

"Took you long enough..." they said casually, in clearly a male voice.

She took a step back but didn't lose sight of him as he stopped for a moment.

"No answer, I guess it was foolish to think you'd give your positions so easily…" he scoffed as he picked up another rock. "Unless…"

It took just one moment before she saw the person turn at lightning speeds and threw the rock at her face. She ducked at the last second and felt the rock pass through her hair like arrow.

"…I didn't know where you were."

She turned back to her attacker but found him gone, she gripped her dagger with both hands and brought it to her chest, she looked around almost frantically searching.

She felt a cold breeze run up her spine.

"Don't take your eyes off your target, stupid." The strange voice came from behind.

She turned around in a flash slashing at the person with her weapon but he just took a step back.

She was scared but her training kicked in and she knew what she had to do: she advanced and tried to attack from different angles or get behind him, but the person kept evading like he knew her next move before she did.

"Getting bored…" the clocked man stated even letting his arms down.

She stopped to give him a look, maybe she could find some kind of strategy or a weakness she could exploit.

He stopped and stared her down. "You done, yet?"

"Ugh, who are you!? What do you want from me?!" She asked holding her dagger in at the ready.

The person tilted his head like he was bored, was he? Was he just playing with her like an adult played with a child?

"(Sigh) Who I am is not important, what I want from you is not yours to give." He stated folding his arms. "Don't waste my time…" he moved his leg and kicked a rock right at her.

She dodged at the last second but found the person in her face this time. He had somehow shortened the distance between them to barely two feet.

"How long are you going to fall for the same trick?" he asked casually.

She froze in place but managed to pull her dagger about to attack, but the man grabbed the dagger by the blade and stopped it right between his thumb and index finger, a few inches from his head. "Pa-thetic. It's not even sharpened"

"Graaahh!" she growled in anger trying to kick him.

"Don't let your emotions take you over." He said before delivering a knee to her gut and a punch to her face sending her a few feet away with a bleeding lip.

She glared at him rage in her eyes while he chuckled. He held her dagger between his fingers almost examining it before it started to glow eerily. "I don't like rats." He noted as he spun around so fast it made the wind blew and the sound of metal hitting metal resonated in the cave. "Nice try."

Her eyes widened when she saw who tried to kill the intruder. "Artemis!"

Indeed her sister was caught in a blade-lock with the intruder. While she used her celestial bronze sword in two hands, he was holding her dagger in one hand. 'Strong' Artemis thought trying to push him off balance, but he was unmoving. What's more is that he was still holding her with a dagger in his right arm, leaving the other hand free to attack.

She pushed even harder and before disengaging quickly to get some space to avoid his strike. 'He missed' she sighed and prepared to attack again.

"'He missed'" he suddenly said. "Is what you're thinking." He said flipping the dagger and changing his style to a reverse grip. "Did I miss? Or did I simply did not want to cut you so soon?" he said bringing the dagger to his mouth where a tongue appeared and liked the surface of the blade. "Pray is no fun when they're an easy kill."

Artemis checked her body and could not identify any cuts which brought a smile to her lips. "A blunt dagger against a warrior's sword, a mere thug against a general of Amazonian military? You're dead, you just don't know it yet…" she said assuming a stance.

"Big words, but are you saying them for me… or for you?" the cloacked man also got into stance.

"Sister, watch out! He's no ordinary person!" warned Alexa trying to warn her sister.

"Be silent, Alexa! Either back me up, or do something useful and get reinforcements!" she Artemis not losing sight of the enemy.

Alexa bit her lip and hesitated. "Stand strong sister, I will bring help." She running to the exit.

Artemis nodded sparred her blood sister a glance.

"Uh uh… um hahahahaha!" a simple chuckled turned into a outright laugh. "'Remove the king from the table' a wise tactic. I guess you're not the military leader on a pretty face alone." mocked the intruder. "But do you really think you can beat me alone?" he asked in question.

"I don't have to beat you alone, I only have to stall you until my sisters arrive." She said. "But if they happen to find me with my sword in your carcass then I'm not very unsatisfied with that either." She finished with a prideful grin.

"You think you can't make mistakes. You think you are superior. You are not." He said. "And the choices you make can get yourself and all who follow you killed. Let me teach you failure."

Artemis lost her grin at those words as her eyes turned very menacing. "You talk a lot for someone who's about to die. I will protect everyone!"

She attacked slashing her sword like an expert, but all her efforts were wasted as he dodged each attack or parried it with the dagger. Stopping for a moment he grinned at her.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"You are alone against a power you don't know anything about, and you think you can win?" he asked as he turned his sight to the side, Artemis following his gaze carefully, at the exit where Alexa was running. "You can't even protect your own sister." He said as Artemis watched.

As Alexa was running at the exit, she froze as a figure appeared in flash in front of the exit. It was the stranger.

"What?!" she asked feeling fear spread. 'How did he get here?! He was just battling Artemis, I could hear them!' wondered Alexa trying to make sense of this magic.

Artemis's eyes widened as she turned to her enemy and confirmed that he was still there.

Alexa saw her enemy approach as she backed down even further trying to compose herself before he came at her, ramming into her like rhino and knocking her a few meters. She hit the ground hard, groaning for a minute before feeling the person stand over her and press his foot on her chest hard hurting her ribs. "Ughh… aha!"

"No!" screamed Artemis as she forgot herself and ran to her sister. The mistake cost her as she felt someone pull her hair hard and use that grip to sling her face first into the ground.

"We're not finished yet." He said holding a handful of red hairs he had surely ripped out of her head. "Now, let's get this started." He said as his eyes flashed red from behind his mask.

Artemis grit her teeth in anger and snatched up her sword to charge him. "AAAGHHH!"

War World

"Awww shit…"

Droids powered in groups as the ninja gave a nervous smile. "Red means bad, right?" he asked as the droids turned red and targeted him from all directions turning him into a Christmas tree. "Right…".

"(Boom!)" Moving quicker than he thought he could, he replaced himself with a close-by droid who immediately got blasted multiple times before exploding in shrapnel damaging some of the other droids.

Naruto released the breath he had been holding, but he could not relax as the other droids merely focused on him again. "Kawarimi Jutsu!" And again he changed places with another droid, this one also ending up destroyed.

After a while, it turned into a game of cat and mouse, as soon as the droids took aim, he switched places, more than a half a dozen times before he reached the exit and just started running through the hallway like bat out of Hell with a tail of droids on him.

"Faster! Faster! Faster!" He said to himself moving faster. It didn't help that a steady stream of droids that started lighting his path with lasers, some bouncing off his armor. "KUSO!" the narrow path didn't help much as he found himself jumping off the walls to spread out their fire.

As soon as he reached a corridor, he turned a corner and saw a team of living guards. He thought of avoiding them but came up with an idea. "Hey! Watch out! The robots have gone mad!" he called as the guards turned around in alert and saw the robots follow the gladiator.

At first, they thought it was just another trick from gladiators, since they practically couldn't injure them. It was only after they saw robots turn a corner and start firing randomly, even hitting one or two, before they started returning fire.

In no time, the corridor turned into a gunfight. By this time, the ninja started crawling through the bodies on the ground and after getting to the other side, he started running.

The gun battle was short lived however, and the victor turned out to be the droids due to just numbers. "Shit okay, take this! FUTON: AIR BULLET!" he fired a big concentrated ball of air at the droids who were blown back and suffered damages in the front numbers, but the ones in the back quickly replaced them.

As the ninjas started running he managed to pluck two objects dropped on the ground from the fallen guards, and if the shape and principle was the same, they were most likely explosives. However, they look different, in that both were round with a cap and a button at the end, but one was red, the other was blue.

As he saw the droids start to approach, he chose the blue 'grenade', and twisting the cap off and pressing the button he threw the object a good distance before turning a corner and covering his ears.

But when nothing came, he decided to take sneak a peek and caught the device blowing into an electric shockwave and saw 5 of the droids covered in energy and tiny sparks blowing the eyes out before falling on the ground in a pile dead like junk.

A smile formed on the ninja's face. "Yoshh! How do you like that?!" He asked as the other droids just stopped in their tracks and started to clear the way of their fallen comrades.

"Oh shit…" he said as he pulled out the second red grenade and by the looks on the flame symbol, it was most likely something explosive. "You better be as good as your brother.

As he saw the way being cleared, he threw the bomb at the droids. As he ran for it, he felt the ground shape from the explosion, dust starting to fall from the ceiling. As he turned around he could see two mangled droids broken apart. "That was huge."

As he got his senses together, an alarm started going off. Just as he rounded a corner he saw a group of 3 droids approaching, he quickly back tracked and tried another turn but found another group approaching, trying once more with the same result. "Aww shit, they coming from all sides." Trying one last time, he found a clear path. "This way!"

"(Thud!)" Just as he got ready to run like hell, he heard a pretty heavy thud, as he turned around, he saw a whole bag full of red explosives appear on the ground in the corridor where he entered. His eyes widened as he felt danger instincts run like crazy.

Pushing chakra into his legs, he ran like crazy just before the explosives blew up.

"SSHHHHIIIIIITTT!" he screamed as not far behind him a huge fireball sought escape of the corridor. Running like mad, the ninja followed instincts and this led him to an escape.

Just as he made his first foot out, he leaped as far as possible because less than a second later a huge fireball exploded outwards in a pyrotechnic marvel.

As he was airborne, he was singed by the flames but landed in a roll that put the flames out before coming to a halt on his feet.

As he breathed in and out trying to recover from the ringing in his ears and the effects of adrenaline, he was met with silence, until he rose up and saw the biggest crowd of aliens and weirdness that he had ever seen gathered in one place.

The silence only lasted a minute more before they all busted in cheers, everyone rising off their seats and raising their hands.

He didn't know exactly how to react until he raised his hand to check if it was him they were cheering for, and indeed, he was.

As he turned around, he saw the veranda in the distance where someone was giving him a menacing look, he had nearly naked female aliens feed him, and fan him, and of his knowledge of movies was right, guys like this were the ones in charge, so if he had anyone to 'convince' to let him and Superman go, this guy was a sure bet.

After a long pause, it seemed like the announcer recovered his voice. "… a-and making a smashing entrance is the newcomer of the season, let's hear it for 'Reizor!'" he said, as the crowd went nuts over it.

"And now, presenting his adversary challenger, we have the stone breaker: Kurgo!"

The ninja watched as a big brute-sized alien appeared, he was gray in color and had no upper body armor, and he also looked angry.

As he stepped next to the ninja, his restraints were removed and he looked pretty menacing as he growled and rolled his shoulders.

"As you know, this is not a deathmatch, so killing your opponent is not a requirement. Just one rule, the last gladiator standing wins!" finished the announcer.

As he finished, the lights of the stadium started to go off and two floating trays landed in front of the two. "Chose your weapons." Said the droid holding the heavy tray.

Naruto looked at the weapons, there were some simple ones like: an axe, sword, spear, and then there were some more complicated ones that he had no idea how they worked, although they looked like firearms.

'Getting something heavy will slow me down. Better choose something light but hard.' He saw a short-handle axe with the axe head on one side and a blunt hammer on the other. "This will do…" he said as he turned to his opponent who seemed to know less or more about the weapons than he did if the short but huge spear with a blade on the end was any clue.

As they chose, the droids left and two faced each other.

As Naruto looked at him, he was calmer than he thought he would be which brought sparked an idea. "We don't have to do this…"

The other seemed to pause for a moment. "Yes, we must…"

"Get ready…"

"I don't want to do this! I'm not meant to be here!" said the ninja.

"Then we are at a consensus." He said as they started to circle each other. "No one is meant to be here, young blood. But if you don't fight for their enjoyment, you will die for their ignorance." He said as he got his weapons in both hands.



"(BOOM!)" explosions started to rock the stadium. Naruto realized just now that Kurgo was a lot more knowledgeable about the weapons than he was, his chosen weapon turned out to be a rifle of some kind and right now he had to dodge pulses of energy coming his way. Not only that, it seemed like it could change from long range to close range weapons fire.

As he avoided getting blasted one after the other, he realized that despite Kurgo's size, he wasn't stupid enough to go one on one in close quarters.

As the ninja, he went in for a frontal attack only to be intercepted by one of Kurgo's explosives and barely avoid it by having to break off his attack.

"Darm it, that thing can charge pretty fast."

"You won't be able to get close enough to me." Said Kurgo as he charged his weapon again and fired.

'Damn, I need a plan. Frontal attack isn't going to work.'

As they were cheering Mongul was looking with interest until his adviser turned to him.

"Your highness, we have some very urgent news." He whispered at the leader.

"Keep it for later." Said Mongul uninterested.

"Sir, I think you'll be interested in this, it's about a security problem on the in the droid storage." He said with a more subtle tone.

Mongul wanted to ignore it, but when it came to security, he liked to know what his enemies had tried. "Give it."

As the adviser pressed some buttons, a screen appeared in front of Mongule's face. He watched as the ninja seemed to appear in front of the droids and triggered the alarms with the droids following him. It shot to another camera where his grunts entered a battle, before ending briefly into static.

He watched with interest. "Oh my, it looks like we have to settle some things later." He said as his face turned rather unpleasant.

As the ninja dodged, the crowd although initially interested at first, we starting to boo the pair. Fighting was one thing but dodging and missing can get boring fast.

"You won't be able to dodge forever." Said the alien as he gave his weapon some cooling time.

The ninja breathed in and thought for a second. "You're right…" he pulled his weapon back and threw it at the behemoth, who was forced to dodge it, but gave enough time for the ninja to get close.

He aimed his weapon at the ninja and fired a few times but the ninja managed to dodge just by inches.

"Gotcha!" he sent a punch at the creature in what he believed he was the gut. It proved right as the adversary got knocked back and holding his gut.

The ninja didn't back down as he grabbed his hand and twisted the weapon out of it and threw it away. The giant responded by lifting the ninja up in anger and throwing him away like a doll.

"Ugh!" the ninja fell into a skid across on the ground before he found his footing, and turning to glare at his enemy.

The both had a stare down for a moment before their eyes fell to their weapons. Kurgo went for his while the blond did the same.

Just as Kurgo reached the weapon, he turned to aim it at his enemy but had to brace it for an frontal attack as he stopped the axe and the ninja attached to it from crushing his skull with his own weapon.

"Damn..." The ninja found his weapon stuck in Kurgo's if after a pull, the weapon didn't even budge.

Kurgo smirked as he delivered a kick into the ninja's gut knocking him away in a big rock in the arena before aiming his weapon and firing. "Goodbye..."

Naruto felt his head spinning before his sense returned and felt his armor being bombarded by projectiles. He took a few hits that made a few dents but managed to take cover behind the rock.

"Damn it…" he held his side at the pain of the hit. He had to end this quickly.

'-man, -dowma-…' he suddenly felt a voice speaking in his ears but it was so disrupted that it felt like a bad radio connection.

'J'onn, is that you?' he thought. He didn't hear a response until he started hitting his head comically for better reception.

'Shadowman… can you hear me?' he finally heard clearly.

"Hehe, just like my tv…" said the ninja.


'Yeah, I can hear you J'onn, no need to shout anymore!' answered the blond.

'No! Run now!'

The blond turned around and jumped at the last second as the giant made a pounce to crush him.

"Phew, I didn't want to feel that…" he sighed in relief. 'Thanks J'onn!'

'It's not over yet! You have to take his weapon away.'

'It's not going to be easy, that gun of his has a quick fire option, and he isn't really giving me an opening.' thought the blond tacking hiding behind another rock.

'Can't you use your clones or jutsu?'

'I can, but I don't exactly what them to think I'm stronger than I appear, trying to keep a trump card.' Thought the blond.

'I'm afraid you won't have much of a choice, if it's the only way.'

The blond thought about it and turned to see Kurgo approaching. 'I think you're right… I have to do it.'

'If you can, maybe the bare minimum is enough.' Answered the Martian.

'Right, here I go…' thought the ninja as he pulled behind a rock, waited and gathered wind chakra in his hands. "Here I go. Hope this works. Futon: Dust Storm Jutsu!" he muttered silently while crunching down and hitting his palms together pretty hard. The effect was an invisible shockwave that sent a dust cloud at Kurgo, who covered his eyes.

"Geahh!" As he felt his eyes sting from the dust he was immediately assaulted by wave of punches to the abdomen followed by an uppercut to the face.

As he was ready to deliver the final kick his mind flashed to something he almost forgot:

"Beat Kurgo in 7 cycles." His eyes drifted to the arena and he saw something like a huge round display that looked like a watch. And if the number of lights he saw on was right, there were 5.

'Shadowman, what's wrong?'

His eyes drifted to the clock, if it meant anything it could have been minutes or the equivalent. 'Nothing, I just remembered something. I have to fight slower.' He said.

'Speed is your advantage, why do you need to fight slower?'

'I… I don't know. Someone asked me to.'

'This is not the time for that! If you let him get up, he won't fall for the same trick twice!'

'Don't worry, I got more tricks up my sleeve.'. Plans were starting to go though his head, but it would be difficult.

"Reaaahh!" As the gray-skinned alien got back up, he tried let loose his rage with punches trying to heavily wound the ninja. "You're finished!"

However Naruto managed to avoid most of the hits and placing some chakra in his feet he managed to jump over Kurgo and in land behind him before sticking a heavy blow to the back of his knee knocking his legs out from under him and putting him on his knees.

Naruto didn't waste the opportunity and jumped on his back grabbing him by his head trying to knock him out.

Kurgo quickly tried to break the headlock that was holding him but it proved a lot more difficult. 'H-how can he have such a strong grip with such a little body?'

Unknown to him, Naruto used chakra in his arms to hold the headlock as much as possible. It proved to be very difficult with such a big guy.

The brute gave up on trying to break the headlock and instead went for a more direct approach by moving his body from side to side, trying to roll the ninja. It proved more difficult as Naruto saw what he was doing and changed his footing to keep stable.

His head was getting dizzy from the lack of air and rage quickly filling his body with adrenaline as the giant in on last epic feat of strength managed to get on his hands and feet even with his weight on his back and, pushing his legs with all his might, he did half a flip on his arms and landed on his back, or more precisely, Narutom squashing him.

Naruto let go immediately and tried to get some distance while getting air back in his lungs and straighten his back.

"(Ah) (Ah) (Ah)" he felt his lungs struggle with the air or lack thereof. Naruto grit his teeth in anger and… 'despair'.

'What?' wondered the ninja as though a voice was speaking.

'despair…. despair…. despair…. despair-despair-despair.' He felt the voice keep pummeling his ears like drums, each time lauder and like a cascading wave.

"Shadowman!?" J'onn tried to reach to him. "Naruto?!" again, no response, it felt like something was keeping him out.

Naruto started holding his head and feel his mind being bombarded like it was attacked. "Make it stop!" he called.

But his opponent dismissed the plea as mindless talk from a desperate fighter and instead delivered a punch to his gut, followed by a left hook to his head and a right falcon punch that sent him skidding over the ground.

While Naruto tasted the ground, the Martian winced at his friend's pain and thought that it was over, so did the crowd, convinced that the newcomer was losing it.

Naruto on the other hand opened his eyes and stopped for a moment to listen and noted that the voices were far dimmer than before but were coming back. "This world…" he said picking himself off the ground. "… is so full of…" He turned back at the gladiator and starred his right in the eyes coldly. "… despair."

Kurgo, was not a famous gladiator, but he had his fair share of fights and experiences, but he never felt someone stare so intensely before. His adversary's eyes turned jet black and stair felt like someone staring right through you, like you were on a different levels. It brought back a sense of fear that he thought he had buried away a long time ago.

Picking the closest weapons which happened to be the dark eye's own hammer he ploughed in with fear to try to finish it and make it go away.


To his surprise his attack didn't touch the man. He swung again and again, but the man kept jumping back left and right. "Stand still!" his frustration grew tenfold. He saw his chance as the man back up to a wall. "Die!"

The ninja stared him right in the eyes unmoving until Kurgo what must be a battering ram connected with his belly. He looked down and saw that the man got right under his guard and punched him in the belly with an audible thumb. He felt like screaming since the punch felt like a battering ram breaking down a door but he didn't have time seeing how a barrage of hits followed with similar intensity.

Naruto punched his guts and chest a few good times noticing that the punches were doing some real damage seeing how the gladiator never went through with the attack. Naruto decided to end the barrage with his foot pushing the bigger man away to get some distance. "Sage mode… I can feel my power growing." He walked slowly over to his adversary carefully looking around to look for any snipers or possible enemies. His new sense of self allowed him to sense three different signatures in specially hidden windows with their guns pointed at him.

He could hear the crowd back in the arena start cheering for him but he ignored them in favor of sensing his current enemies which were the snipers.

"Very well done, gladiator!" Oh, he forgot about him, the loud-mouth. "That was a very intense match! What does the crowd say?"

Naruto turned to the crowd and heard some voices start them up before everyone seemed to join him. They're answer: "death".

"The crowd has spoken. Finish him." He looked at the gladiator and focused his senses, but he could find no ill-will from the gladiator, only misery. But he remembered from experience that if he didn't kill him, someone else would.

Looking around the arena, he found was he was searching for in the form of the gladiator's own gun. Giving it a look over and firing one round in the air, he confirmed that it was still working before walking over to the downed gladiator. "You know, this weapon is very good." He said pointing it him. "So good, it could even take out snipers in a flash. " he said aiming the gun in the three targets and before they could focus their weapons he fired three rounds at each location, each one ending with a blast of smoke and dust.

"YEAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" While the crowd was silenced by this outcome he decided to play it out and fire a few more rounds in the air as he spun around and finally stopped. "Is this what you want!? . .WANT!?" he asked firing each round like a madman, while the crowd had the fear to hide behind any shelter they could.

"ahahaha! Power to the people!" he screamed as the crowd cheered.

Mongule on the other hand was caught off guard by this action. He couldn't figure out of the fighter was a soldier or some maniac with a weakness for the extreme. "Yes, yes, now finish him!"

"NO!" he called as a grin formed on his face while the crowd stopped for a second. "I get to do it, MY WAY!" he said as he threw the weapon away and walked to Kurgo's body.

With one good push of his feet he managed to turn Kurgo on his back who was starting to get his bearings straight.

The ninja bent down and straddled Kurgo on his stomach and delivered a punch to the man's strong chest, followed by another and another, until it turned into a massive beating of punches to his body.

While he was doing this, the crowed seemed to be in awe at the man's brutality, they had seen gladiators being shot, hammered, crushed, even decapitated but they rarely saw someone get beaten to death with bare hands. It was another level of real brutality.

Mongole watched with interest and a small smile forming as his newest addition delivered on his expectations.

Fueling planet

"Bring the cannons!" said a guard captain as his troops continued to deliver rounds of fire at a green shield.

Green Lantern John Stewart was doing his best to focus on his shield at the moment and could do little more while his partner was asking his other partner some questions.

"What" she swung "the hell" she swung again "is going" another swing "on?"

Her target was a current member of the Green Lantern Corps: Hal Jordan. "Calm down!" he said trying to maintain the energy shield that cracked and collapsed with each hit. "We have bigger problems right now!"

"Talk. You son of a bitch!" she demanded pushing him even harder.

"Grrrr" he answered by creating some clamps of energy around her arms. "Ok, it looks like the guys were right, you really are an impulsive, violent, bird-brain." He said sighing in relief.

Hawkgirl growled at him and powered up her mace once again. "Then I'll give you the same impression I gave them!" she declare angrily gritting her teeth.

"Hawkgirl! Stop!" said John, turning his stare to Hal. "And you better have a damn good explanation for being here!"

Hal for his part didn't look bothered but did lift his hands up to defend himself while releasing Hawkgirl."John, my man, it's been a while, no call, no text, no contact, it's almost like we don't belong to the same planet."

"Unlike you, I actually have a guardianship over the planet instead of flying around space looking for the next thrill ride. " John returned with some narrowed eyes, his old military persona surfacing a little.

"Aww, still mad that I get the special assignments? Don't worry J, you'll get yours soon, you're not exactly a newb." He pointed out with a rather superior tone.

"I hate to break your little dick-measuring contest, but they're bringing in bazookas." She pointed at the reinforcements who started clumsily gathering at the entrance. The sounds of their footstep however were muffled by something else though. She turned her eyes to the windows. "Ground reinforcements and patrol crafts. This is going to get ugly!" she said charging her mace.

"Yeah and more are on the way, they must really think a terrorist attack." Said Hal Jordan hearing a radio frequency. "I wonder where they got that idea?" he asked pointing at the unconscious magistrate.

"Oh you know damn good this isn't my fault. And when we get out of this, I'm going to knock your ego right out of you." Said Hawkgirl rubbing her mace like her favorite toy.

"This is the protectorate! Put your weapons down and surrender quietly or you will be terminated with extreme prejudice!"

"This is all a misunderstanding. We should surrender." Suggested Lantern John.

"We don't have time to wait days to explain that the magistrate fainted while we were 'discussing' about illegal transports! Every moment we lose more chances to find the others! Besides we did nothing wrong!-" defended Hawkgirl.

"Well you did technically property damage, threatened the local authority, evaded arrest and assaulted local law enforcement." Interrupted Hal stating the facts.

"Alright, it's official, I'm going to hammer you." She said annoyed at his enormous dick.

"Time is up! Open fire!"

John created a sphere around them to protect from the security team's fire. "We have to move, now! Get the magistrate!"

Hawkgirl got ready herself while Hal just sighed. "Alright, follow me!" he said as his ring powered up again.

Hal busted out through a window before the office was blown up by missiles.

"What the hell was that?! They can't just attack without knowing the magistrate was dead!?" asked Hawkgirl.

"Rookies maybe. This moon's military is pretty new, I wouldn't be surprised if it was an assassination." answered Lantern John.

After a good chase through the tall sky scrapers, they finally lost their tails.

"Ok, this is good. We have to land." said Hal as they landed and put the magistrate down.

"Good we're safe, not tell us what the heck is happening!" asked John.

Hal got serious as he seemed pretty torn about what to do. "I'm sorry John, I can't tell you that."

"Why you son-of-a-!" cursed Hawkgirl.

"I know what you're going through, and I want to help, but I can't tell you because I don't want to, but because it's an order... from the Council itself." said Hal looking them straight in the eye.

"The Council? Is it that big?!" asked John giving Hawkgirl a look.

"Yes it is that big, where your friends are is a location where all lanterns are forbidden from being, a dead sector." said Hal very seriously. "I'm afraid your friends are on their own. "

Themyscira Island - Alexa

The Amazonian tried to push the foot off her chest but couldn't find the strength to push him off, she could hear her sister fighting on the side so she turned to the only skill that ever helped her, her brain. "W-why are you doing this!? What do you want?" she asked in a haze.

"Do you think that knowing will help you?" asked the man holding her down, looking at her but finding only her confused face. "(Sigh) You don't know much about how things work in this world, do you? You and your club of desperate women have stacked yourselves on this crummy island and hoped to shut your ears and eyes from the world, haven't you?" he gave her a look a tone that betrayed a sense of superiority. "You are primitives, this is your world, your small little world, to you the whole world is flat, and that makes you primitive and expendable."

Alexa felt a sense of inferiority overwhelm her being, not because she didn't know these things, no she knew them, she knew them better than anyone else because of her books she always knew that the world was much more bigger, but her sisters would dismiss her view as infantile and opposed to their way of life. To meet someone here to confirm her suspicion filled her with a sense of smallness. "W-what do you mean?! What are you talking about?!"

"I'm talking about war girl, and not just any kind of war. Men, women, gods, creatures, a world much bigger where bad people like Faust are a frequent problem. And even if you don't believe me, some of them may just have enough power to destroy the very ground under everyone's feet. " he gave her a pause to make it sink all in. "I need something from here, and you were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time. So just stand still quietly, and let the adults deal with the real problems." He pointed at the landscape where it suddenly got quite and Alexa looked with alarm for her sister.

Moments earlier

"Whaaaa!" Artemis screamed as she swung her sword left and right, she went for thrusts and uppercuts but no matter what she did she just couldn't hit him, no matter what he just paired it with the dagger or avoided.

"That's right! Bring out your weakness! Start to feel despair!" he called out as he somehow managed to jump back away. "Your despair will only make this more pleasurable for me!" he said as he caught her sword in his hand and traced it until he got in her guard delivered a powerful kick to her head sending her bouncing away.

Artemis massaged her bleeding head and could feel her world rocking and her ears ringing as she turned to get sight on her enemy again.

"Ouch, I hit you pretty hard, sorry. Next time I'll spank you as a parent would a child. Hehahahaha!" he said as she could feel her anger rising.

She got up on her feet and pulled her sword back and got into a stance while her legs wobbled slightly. She shrugged the pain away and with as much power as she could muster attacked again.

She swung a much more hectic manner, her enemy casually avoiding each strike. "It seems I may have broken your common sense."

Until he had enough and delivered a kick to her legs making her kiss dirt again.

She immediately tried to get up but felt a huge weight push her down on the ground and a hand grabbing her the back of her head and pushing her down again.

"That was too easy." he said breathing a sigh" You are weak. Why are you weak?" he asked as he held her down while she didn't answer she did try to give a very angry look. "It's because… you fear." He said the last part pulling her head back by her hair until he could whisper it into her ear.

He pulled out her sword which he had picked up and brought it to her face letting the bronze touch her forehead and check before finding its way to her neck and turning to the cutting edge he moved it ever so lightly to her skin, her face turning from bravado into a look of pain as the blade traced her neck and she could feel it cut into her skin from the left side of the neck to her right leaving behind a cut not deep enough to be fatal. "When I come back. You better be stronger or..." she felt her hair being pulled back before being released. She in turn pulled her hand to her neck to check the cut to make sure she wasn't dying while he presented her with the end of her ponytail, cut cleanly off. "… the next time I'll take the full set. "

She turned her face to him in anger only for him to deliver a final blow to the back of her head knocking her out cold.

"Was that necessary?" asked a voice from the side approaching with a strange glowing orb.

"Yes. Are you finished?"

"Yes and a little bonus." She smiled, showing the prize of a small bag.

"Good, I have something I need to finish here, you go ahead." He started walking away. "And don't think of doing anything without me."

"O-of course not." She answered with a small stutter.

He approached his duplicate at the entrance and the other downed amazon.

Alexa could see the invader approach and to her horror she could see him carrying a sword, Artemis's sword and in his other hand a remnant of Artemis's hair.

The invader could feel her fear and under it a pit of anger growing quickly.

"Artemis…. Where's my sister!?" worry and panic started to overwhelm her.

"Oh, her?" he asked as he turned the blade to show to her horror, blood. "She ain't doing so good…"

Alexa's eyes widened in despair as she searched for any sign of her sister or movement, but found none.

"What do you got there? Trophys?" asked the clone holding Alexa.

"Yeah, I figured a little encouragement is enough."

"Encouragement?"asked the clone before it could feel a pair of strong hands gripping his leg and started squeezing with surprising power.

"Grrrr! You! You're all going to be pay!" said Alexa with an unusual angry voice that was a mix of rage and despair.

The clone found its leg caught in a strong grip and couldn't escape.

Alexa saw her chance and overcome by rage, she grabbed a stone on the ground and threw it point blank at the clone's face destroying him in a cloud of smoke. She didn't leave a moment to waste as she got herself up and rushed at her sister's killer in a blood rage. "GRAAAHH!"

"Bring it!" called the man with an invisible smirk.

WarWorld – Naruto

Naruto was allowed to enter his chambers after his fight, fortunately the bloody beating he did was enough to entertain the people. Although he tried to make it as little bloody as possible and save the gladiator's life. Whether he did the right thing or not, would surely haunt him until he found out Kurgo's ultimate fate.

All the way through the corridors, Naruto tried to contact J'onn again, but he couldn't find any connection. Maybe telepathy was like telephone signals, if you just weren't in the zone, you can't contact the person.

As Naruto was alone in his room, he tried to replay the events that went in his head, and for some reason only now he could feel the aggressiveness of his actions, when he was in sage mode, he didn't feel anything really. This planet must have been so screwed up that even its aura is making people mindlessly violent.

As he started opening his bloody armor, he was disturbed by the doors opening and a lady with orange hair and purple skin entered with a delivery. She was dressed in a simple dress with her hair held in a ponytail.

"Lord Mongule sends his regards." She said showing him large plate of food and drinks.

Naruto's stomach had the decency to growl. How long had he not eaten? Hours? Days? He wasn't sure anymore, since all this started he's been on guard the whole time.

"Thanks, just leave it there…" he said as he struggled to take the armor off from memory, but failed to remember how. "Damn it! I hate this stupid thing!"

"Allow me…" she said before approaching him and opened some buttons which allowed his armor to fall down in pieces.

"Phew, thanks, damn that was annoying." he said as he twisted shoulders and body to get the feeling back before he held his bruises. "Damn, that was a pain in the ass… I really need a shower." He asked.

"Shower?" she asked.

"Yeah. You know, somewhere to clean up." He asked, she was one of the few he hadn't felt any ill will, so for now he trusted her, and it wouldn't hurt to get more info.

She paused and looked like she was thinking about something before she turned to him. "Yes, I know of a place, but you must follow me."

He was being taken to what he could call a bath-house of a room. He didn't say anything, just followed even when she did all the talking to the guards.

The bathroom was pretty impressive, it was something of a large bath tub, not like the ones in Central City, but the large public ones from his village.

"You can bathe here." She said as she pointed at the steamy water.

"Thanks a lot. I got it from here." He said as he went to a room and undressed before coming back up and getting in the water and getting comfortable. "Damn, I shouldn't be doing this, but I need to clear my head."

"Is this to your liking?" she asked, surprising him.

'That's strange, I thought she left.' He thought to himself. She sounded like she was close by, maybe in the other room. "Yeah, yeah, the water is great. Thanks."

"Good." She answered even clearer before he felt the water shift. "Then I'm getting in."

Naruto's tune turned to huge surprise as he found himself staring at her naked body stepping next to him. "W-what are you doing?! Is this like co-ed bathing?!"

She gave him a calm look and answered similarly. "This is a private bath, I reserved it for the next hour, so try to enjoy yourself and let me wash your back and take care of your wounds."

"W-wash m-me? Don't worry about it! I can do it on my own!" he tried to resist.

"Calm down, I know what I'm doing."

She didn't budge at all, until he eventually he allowed her to.

For Naruto this felt familiar, he hadn't shared a bath with anyone since before he landed on Earth, so a certain sense of familiarity was with him.

"I'm sorry, you're doing this all for me and I don't even know your name." he said trying to act calm.

"That is not accurate." She said pausing. "…I know who you are, Shadowman."