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9:00 A.M.
Carniven City

Katrina tinkered with her crystal ball, setting it on top of her desk with a swift motion. One would think she'd stop being late to work with how serious she took it, but it wasn't like she had many costumers anyways. Well.. that may be a lie, but still.

Katrina was the fortune teller who worked in Carniven City, every day, from 9:00 A.M. -to- 9:00 P.M. She was famous, all across the world, different animals came to get her readings every now and again, once a month at the most. Charms were once a week, really. She wasn't quite sure how or why, but somehow, she always managed to tell their future with dead-on accuracy.

Smoothing down her black fur, the cat took a seat in front of her small desk and placed her hands on the crystal ball, which stood on a tiny pedestal. Soon enough, she heard a knock at her door. Blinking, she smiled brightly, bringing her mystic voice into play. "Please enter."

Now this was new. A human girl with bright blue hair pulled into a bun, wearing a design she could peg as the tuxedo from GracieGrace, and a beautiful set of Mint Glasses walked in. She made a note to check in with some fashion tailors for those glasses. The girl had obviously just gotten her shoes shined, they almost made a glare out of the dim lights in her building. Kicks knew what he was doing..

The girl walked up to her and smiled. "U-Um, hello there! I heard your a fantastic fortune teller.. and well.." She trailed off, placing a hand behind her head.

"Ah, yes. You've come for a reading, I assume? My name is Katrina. Your name is?" She may be able to do love readings, charms, and future assumptions, but she couldn't magically learn someone's name. No way.

"I'm Navigale, from Karnia. I-I was wondering if you would do a love reading for me..?" The girl shifted awkwardly, and Katrina couldn't help but wonder what a human would have found to love in an animal.

"Yes, quite. My readings cost 100 bells. Is that alright?" When Navigale nodded, the cat smiled and glanced down into her ball of crystal. "The name of whom you wish me to read of?"

Navigale's face flushed, and she twiddled her thumbs together quickly. "Well.. I.. err, his name is Genji."

Katrina merely nodded, her hands now circling around the crystal ball.

"Ke-ha-ha-mo-ta-ta. Ke-ha-ha-mo-ta-ta. KEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!"

Fog formed inside the ball, then cleared away after a moment. Looking down, she saw the connecting of two stars, shining brighter than, what it would seem like, the sun.

"Ah, I sense a strong connection between the both of you. Speak to him on a night when the colors of many stars dance across the night sky, and that connection will become final. That is all." She looked up from her ball and was pleased to see her costumer beaming with the brightness of much satisfaction. Unlike some of the other business animals in the city, she worked hard to keep her costumers happy. "That will be 100 bells, please!"

Navigale hastily handed the said amount of bells to the cat, then practically skipped out of the small building. Katrina snatched the bells and placed them under her desk. She didn't want to keep them in view, there were a few shady animals who stepped in here every now and again.

And speaking on that subject...

Katrina's door swung open without even a knock – and she only knew one person with the nerve to do something like that. Getting a mock smile, she crossed her arms, mystical aurora disappearing.

"Redd... can I help you?"

Redd closed the door behind him, walking up to the desk that separated him from the fortune teller. "I just sold the remaining merchandise in my shop, so I'm not getting any more shipments until next week. I thought I would stop by... see how you were and all."

Katrina rolled her eyes. "Redd, you never care about how people are. Your probably just here to spy on my business, correct?"

The red fox got a skeptical look, tapping his paw on the desk lightly. "Well.. you could put it that way. Who was that girl who just left? I haven't seen her 'round before.."

"Name's Navigale, if you must know. I assume thats the human girl we've been hearing so much talk about in the city. Why do you care?" Katrina ran a hand through her black fur, getting a curious look. Curiosity killed the cat.

"Business of course! I need to find one of my cousin's in that town of her's, so she can obtain a invitation."

Katrina rolled her eyes and sighed. "Should have guessed. Can you please escort yourself out now? I might have costumers coming soon."

Redd sighed, then nodded. "Fine. But before I go, will you give me a reading?"

"Will you pay?" Katrina readied her hands back on the crystal ball.


"Then tell me which reading you'd like."

Redd pondered for a moment, then smiled in a slightly mischievous way. "A love reading, please."

Katrina got a surprised look – usually when he asked for readings, it had to do with fortune. Why the sudden interest in love-life anyways? After a moment, she figured he was just mocking her in some way.

"Goodbye, Redd." Katrina sighed and pointed one paw to the door. "Don't you have people to spite or something?" The fox merely chuckled, then picked up a small bag of bells, plopping it on her desk.

"Paid in advance. Sometime when you close up tonight, your now obligated to tell my love reading, kitty cat."

"I'm not 'obligated' to do anything, but if you insist, then fine. However I have no interest in keeping you here as soon as my business is closed, not until I'm sure no one sees you sniffing around here anyways. So, you can come back at ten. Understand?"

Redd released a sigh, scratching his pointed ear lightly. "Your so cold. But, fine. I'll come back around that time. Your going to miss me in the time-being, you know."

"Doubt it."

"Heh." Redd smirked and turned away from her, lifting his hand in the air as a slight gesture of goodbye. "See you later, kitty cat!" Before she could spite him for calling her that, he disappeared out the door. That sly fox was certainly annoying – why did he insist on torturing her with his presence, more than any other animal?

Katrina just sighed. He had to leave her alone eventually, right?

9:10 P.M.
Carniven City

Katrina stacked the last of today's earnings under her desk and sighed. It'd taken ten extra minutes to finish her last costumer's fortune, considering he had far too many questions. At least he paid 100 bells per, though. She grabbed a purple cloth from the floor and draped it over her crystal ball. She was going to stop by the HRA for a bit before Redd came. She felt sorry for Lyle.

Smiling to herself, Katrina turned to the door and swiftly pulled it open, jumping when she saw a familiar skunk standing in front of her. He was in a position that suggestion he'd been about to knock.

"O-Oh! Katrina! I was worried you'd gone home already!" The creature smiled brightly, resting his shoe-shining cloth on his shoulder.

"Ah, nah, I have.. business to do at ten tonight. Can I help you with something, Kicks?" The cat smiled back at the skunk, fiddling with one of the jewels hanging off her necklace.

"I.. just wanted to see you is all. Um.. d-do you need a shoe-shine or anything? It'd be on the house!" Kicks shuffled his feet nervously, glancing down at the ground every few seconds.

"Oh, no thanks. Not today, at least." Katrina blinked, then tilted her head. "But.. well, I could use one sometime soon. Do you think you'll have time tomorrow if your here? And I'll pay. It's no big deal."

Kicks nodded his head quickly, a new brightness in his eyes seeming to come into play. "Of course! A-And, it's alright, it'll still be on the house!"

Katrina placed a hand on her cheek in thought. "Well.. alright. But, then, I insist you let me tell your fortune for free sometime. It'll be fair trade. Deal?"

The skunk smiled and placed his thumbs up. "Deal! I'll see you tomorrow then! Be sure to stop by first thing in the morning, if the weather is nice, okay?" The black cat nodded, and he gave her a swift wave. "G'night!"

"Night." Katrina laughed a bit, raising her hand to return the wave. At least she had something else to look forward to, other than work.

"Lyle?" Katrina walked into the HRA, her long tail dragging behind her. She was getting pretty tired. Usually she went straight home, and straight to bed due to having to wake up early. But it wasn't in her to leave without saying hi to the older animal. He didn't have any other workers in this building, and she knew as well as any other, the guy hated his job.

"Ah, Katrina! Good to see you. Indeed. Bang." Lyle walked out from the model room, blinking at the sudden change of light. "'Ole Lyle assumes there something you wanna talk about? Bang."

"Not really. Just thought I'd say hi to you. Is everything alright?"

"Great. Fantastic. Bang. Never had a better day at work. Got a lot of costumers and lookers today. Bang." Lyle walked over to the desk and scribbled on a piece of paper for a moment. "Close late today, though. Bang."

"Ah, that's horrible.. I hate working late hours." Katrina plopped down in one of the chairs that lay on the right side of the office. "How late?"

"Twelve. On the dot. Bang."

"I feel sorry for you, Lyle.."

"'Ole Lyle feels sorry for himself. Bang." The older animal chuckled, then turned to his visitor. "What're you doing here so late, though? Bang. It's not too late, Lyle knows, but you usually go straight home. Bang."

Katrina rolled her eyes. "Redd wanted to stop by around ten.. he insists I tell his love reading. I don't know what that crazy fox is trying to do, but it's annoying."

Lyle shook his head. "Redd. One word. Crazy fox. Bang." He paused. "......That's two words. Dang."

Katrina laughed a bit, nodding her head in agreement. "Yeah. He probably just wants to boast himself about someone liking him. Anyways, I guess I should go on back. Prepare myself for whatever it is he plans to mock me about. Goodbye, Lyle!"

"Bye. Bang." Lyle waved at her, watching as she departed from the HRA offices.

That cat had some seriously nuts friends.

10:00 P.M.
Carniven City

Knock Knock.

"Enter." Katrina didn't bother putting on her mystic voice, seeing as she already knew who it was. Redd entered as soon as she spoke, and padded his way back to stand in front of her desk. He had a bright smile on his face, as if he were actually looking forward to this. "Your weird."

"And this is coming from someone who stares into a crystal ball all day?" Redd chuckled and crossed his arms. "Come on Katrina, no more stalling, finish my reading and I'll leave you alone."

"Fine." Katrina placed her hands on the ball and looked down into it, then glanced back up at Redd. "The name of who you wish me to read attractions of?"

Redd placed a hand under his chin in thought. "Hm... I don't know for sure." The black cat sighed. How did he expect her to do this without a name? After a moment, he finally answered. "You."

Katrina blinked, freezing in place for a moment. "........Huh?"

"You. I want you to read your own name, for me."

Was he serious? "O-Okay...." Katrina drew in a quick breath, thanking God her fur was black, otherwise her tinted cheeks would have shone. "Ke-ha-ha-mo-ta-ta. Ke-ha-ha-mo-ta-ta. YEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee!"

Katrina stared into the ball, watching as different stars appeared in the crystals. The image shifted for some time before deciding on a shape, which she couldn't decipher what unless she were to stare at it for a few hours.

"Well?" Redd had curious eyes, crossing his arms.

"I-I......" Katrina trailed off.

For the first time in her fortune telling career... she had no idea what those symbols meant.

"I.. don't.. know!" She shot up from her seat and gasped, clasping her hands over her mouth. Her fur began to bristle slowly. "I don't know what those mean!" Redd's eyes widened a bit at this. Katrina was never wrong, he knew, and she always understood what she was talking about, no matter how stupid it sounded. She must be joking. But she couldn't be.. not if she was re-acting like this.

"Well.. how about I give you some time to figure it out?" Katrina visually relaxed at this offer, though she looked suspicious. "I won't tell anyone, either, okay?"

"The catch?" Katrina's fur began to lay flat on her shoulders once more.

"You have to tell me eventually, is all." Redd turned towards the door, smiling to himself. He was rather calm, wasn't he? "I was only messing with you anyways, I didn't think you'd actually do this."


"Seriously. Look, I have to get some sleep, I'm tired." Redd opened to door, then glanced over his shoulder. "Heh, bye, kitty cat. Watch out for your business, when I get new furniture, I'll steal away your costumers." The fortune teller's fur bristled again, and he quickly added – "Kidding." – before walking out the door.

Katrina stood in silence, puffing her cheeks out in frustration. She should have known it was another attempt to mock her. Why wouldn't it be? He wouldn't seriously be interested in her! Shaking the thoughts from her head, she decided she'd look into this little problem in the morning.

First, she needed to go home and get some sleep..

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