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Somewhere in between all of Jacob's sweet kisses, Leah mumbles, "I don't deserve this."

"What do you mean?" Jacob asks softly, lightly touching her face.

"I never did anything in my life to get this…to get you. I mean, I was never nice or anything. Why should I get you?"

Jacob looks into Leah's eyes, melting when he sees the sadness in them. "We've helped each other," he says. "We're two halves that make a whole. I don't deserve you, either. But who says you have to be nice to find your soul mate?"

Leah ponders this for a minute. "No one, I guess. But I'm no better to you than Bella is…was, and yet, you still love me…it just doesn't add up."

"Leah," Jacob breathes into her ear.


"If you want to do something nice for me, shut up and kiss me."

She does.

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