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This story takes place during Wild Horse Island 6; Sea Shadow, its after Cade has an argument with Manny and Darby wants to tell him the plan about how they'll save the mustangs.

'Hi' Darby pulled her mouth into a smile 'Cade, it's almost time to go, so let me tell you our plan'"

Cade nodded feebly and followed her to behind the pig pen. "So we're gonna ride Hoku, Navigator and Joker into the water and hope that the mustangs follow us. Black Lava and Medusa might be the only prob-" she stopped when she seen Cade swipe his hand across his face, as if wiping away a tear. "A-are you okay?" Darby asked quietly, her big blue eyes staring into Cade's watering amber brown ones. Cade swallowed and looked away. 'Her eyes are so beautiful' he thought absentmindedly, he wanted to slap himself for thinking that.

"Ya heard the argument back there?" he questioned gruffly, Darby nodded "Well…I aint a thief dammit!" he shouted the last word and Darby shies as did the horses in the pen. "I-I'm sorry…"

"It's alright Cade" Darby sighed sitting down; he sat down next to her. Their backs were pressed against the wooden side of the pig pen. "With the tsunami and everything you have enough to worry about, then Manny…frig you don't deserve that, you're a good person and I don't care what Manny says. He doesn't know you" Darby mentally added 'I don't even know him'. She expected him to snap back, but was surprised by what he said.

"Why would he say that to me?" Cade stammered, running his hands through his loose blonde hair.

"Because he's a bully and he's just trying to get to you" Darby replied. Cade sighed and looked at her, through her.

"Maybe I am what he says" Cade stuttered

"No" Darby said flatly. Cade looked at her and remembered what she'd looked like when she'd first arrived in Hawaii; sickly, pale, hunched over with thin black hair. Now she was a good weight, her skin was Hawaiian gold, her asthma was gone and her hair was thick and ebony. But she always kept it up in that ponytail, Cade wanted to see her luscious hair down. He resented the feelings he was having for Darby, yet he loved them at the same time.

"Maybe I'm just like my stepfather, m-maybe--" he stopped and stared at Darby, just stared.

"What? What's wrong?" Darby said furrowing her brow. "Is it my hair?" Cade shook his head, 'Jesus I want her' he thought, then again mentally slapped himself. He slowly pulled Darby's hair out of its ponytail, letting it flow down her back. Seeing her hair down had been worth it. It was like silken onyx tumbling down her golden back. Beautiful was the only word that could describe it. But suddenly Cade didn't know what to do, pulling her hair down had kind of given the wrong message, or right message. Just then he got a burst of confidence 'I sure hope this plan works'. He bent his head down and gently pressed his lips against hers. Cade was kissing Darby, Darby was kissing Cade. After a minute he pulled away, but just slightly, and rested his forehead against hers.

"Darby, the plan you have is alright but" he stopped and kissed her stunned lips "please don't get hurt" He got up and smiled when Darby smiled at him. He walked away leaving Darby surprised and happy. He grinned, Cade's plan had worked out just fine.