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Arto lost her balance on the violently rocking wooden floor and was tossed headfirst into the nearest wall, hitting the bed on the descent to the floor which was knee deep in icy water.

"Ow…" she moaned and raised a single, pale, shaking hand to feel a large knot already growing on her head. When she brought it down it was covered in her own crimson blood. Oh great, she thought sarcastically to herself as she wiped the rapidly flowing liquid from her clouded eyes.

The boat rocked suddenly to the left and the one oil lantern in the room, position above the single bed fell off its hook onto the clean sheets. The lamp shattered into little bits and glass flew into the water and linens. The candle, miraculously still lit, quickly set the wool blanket, the parts that were still warm, alight with right, orange flame.

"Damn!' she screamed through a crack of thunder and without thinking, took advantage of the momentary lull in the waves to spring lightly onto the bed. Arto stomped on the flaming hot wax with bare feet to put out the inferno and gasped upon realizing the sudden pain she was inflicting upon herself. She squeezed her eyes shut and jumped to the ground where she immediately hit water and the melted candle wax was instantly hardened to her small feet. That's what you get when you don't think before acting; it would be hard getting off later. Arto hopped around the room ignoring the scratches she was receiving from landing on broken glass and other debris that littered the floor but went unbeknownst to her. That miniscule amount of agony was nothing compared to the sticky wax now glued to her feet. Luckily the cold water was numbing them to where she couldn't really feel them. Her attention then drifted back to her head, which was becoming hazier. Everything in the room was an enemy to her.

In the heat of the storm Skulls had thrown her in their room, locking the door with a plank of wood that stretched across its width on the outside. As he always did so that she wouldn't get in the way. However the uncertain winds and her usual clumsiness were turning out to be just as dangerous as it was outside. Arto was about to fall again but as she went down managed to grab a hold of the pane of the only window in the room and gripped with all her might. Now the only light in the room was coming through that window but the dark gray sky did little anyway. The crew was bailing water from all possible locations and even from some places she had previously thought watertight. They worked hastily to protect her, their precious ship, and keep her afloat.

Even Skulls, who normally was the one to issue the orders that were to be followed, was on the mast tying down a sail. And there was the Doc beside him; together they tackle the last tie. Both were clad only in light breeches that were torn in random places from flying debris. Their identical Deaths Scythe tattoos glittered with raindrops. Suddenly the sails broke lose and flung toward the surprised pair. Doc ducked quickly but Skulls was hit squarely in the stomach and was launched off the mast. It seemed Skulls flew slowly through the air until at last he hit the rope ladder on the other side of the ship. Arto screamed shrilly fro her perch in the window and turned to stumble to the door, trying desperately to force it open. She gave up quickly and Arto ran back t the window, falling along the way.

"Skulls!" Doc yelled over the wind of the hurricane but the dazed man had already started to climb up higher and higher till he made it to the top where he started to untie the sail.

Skulls went out of view of the small window as another huge wave crashed through the window to plow into her. The powerful force sent her flying into the door, which jolted under her weight but didn't give way. However as she hit all the furniture in the room followed suit and the board on the other side shattered. Arto tumbled out of her confinement to land in a heap on the deck. On her hands and knees she hacked up the water she'd inhaled onto the ground. The she collapsed in exhaustion.

"Arto!" she heard someone yell. She tilted her head slightly o see a blurry figure jump off the ladder and rush over to her, the vibration on the floor causing a streak of pain through her head. "Arto!" the first mate shouted again over the howling wind before leaning down to pull her roughly to her feet. Immediately though she fell from the pain attacking the soles of her feet. "Hey, are you okay, lass?" he asked worriedly, leaning down to place a gentle, caring hand on her shoulder.

"I'm okay." She gasped and held onto his shoulder as she pushed herself into a kneeling position. He was actually asking if she was okay! Sure, she felt downright jolly in fact, both her feet were burnt and slippery with wax and now she had bruised ribs. She was about to collapse again but didn't knowing she'd never get up again if she did. Not to mention staying still was better than moving.

"Lass?" he asked again and after not getting a reply reached a hand to wipe away the plastered hair from her eyes. She flinched as it moved through the open gash on her forehead. The burly man looked at her pain glazed eyes, normally such a beautiful green, and was about to call the captain when the 5tallest wave yet hit the stern of the boat, sending it swaying sharply to the side. The unknowing girl was thrown like a doll toward the side and smashed into the railing like a puppet.

Skulls saw Arto on the ground when he'd finished wit the canvas sail. How did she get out, he wondered, and why didn't she ever stay where she was told to. He knew it wasn't her intention to annoy ad worry him but her personality just put her in the most dangerous situations. He continued to casually watch her as he agilely climbed down the rope. It was rather pain considering how his hands were rubbed raw from tugging at the stiff rope. he saw his first mate pick her up and set her on her feet but was worried when she almost immediately fell back onto the deck. He was slightly reassured when she got back up by herself but observed her as he descended. From where he was it seemed like most of Artos hair was stuck to her face but he couldn't be sure. Skulls watched as she swayed unsteadily and now he had to wonder whether something was the matter. Was she seasick, was she hurt? How did she escape from her room? He would have no answers till he reached her.

The very next moment a tsunami- like wave crashed over to side of the boat and the weak Arto was thrown towards the banister.

"Armeria!" he screamed uselessly and automatically leaped off the mast toward her seemingly lifeless body. Together they moved in correspondence with each other, never to meet it seemed as at last she hit the railing and flipped gracefully into the sea. At that moment Skulls also hit but didn't go overboard and could only stare as he reached out only in time to graze her wet hair.

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