Alrighty. I was suddenly struck(no, literally struck) with inspiration for this fic. Another Sync fic, only at a mellower pace. This one'll be chaptered, but I don't plan on it being very long...that way I can finish it without quitting every two weeks. So like, I hope you enjoy it. I did.
Well, writing it anyway. Oh, and if you're here for pairings, they'll be a bit more prominent later in the story, but I'm sure you can pick up some hints

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Staring blankly through the commandant, a green haired, fourteen year old "boy" leaned against the wall, clearly uninterested in whatever the God-Generals were discussing over at the other side of the room; where he should have been as well. This had become nothing short of business as usual.

They were held in a large, empty chamber inside the wall of an outsized mountain, it was just another one of their hideouts. They used it to conduct meetings and experiments, among other things.

"Excuse me Sync, perhaps you could take some time out of you obviously busy job of not listening, to actually figure out what it is you have to do," the leader of their association, Van, spoke up to him, clearly displeased at his comrade's constant idleness.

"Yeah, right…" Sync walked up, standing alongside God-Generals. "Like it really matters…" he softly muttered under his breath.

And so Van went on to discuss their plans, giving out orders of where to go and what to do. Sync's orders remained the same as they were the last few weeks. Go to location X and look for signs or clues of Z. This time he got to go all the way to the desert to do so, which only fueled his apathetic mood. Spying wasn't his favorite thing; standing still for six hours in the desert didn't seem like a very interesting or fun job.

"Sync…" The largest of the generals, Largo the Black Lion, walked next to Sync as they all departed from the meeting room to carry out their individual missions, "you really should watch yourself," he spoke in concern for his subordinate.

"Watch myself?" Sync simply rolled his eyes, "I have enough of this already, and I don't need you telling me what to do too." Sync gestured for Largo to buzz off, and headed out for Chesedonia.

"You stupid little punk," Largo looked down, folding his arms, "you're going to get yourself killed with that attitude…"

"Hmm…" Van; sitting in a chair at the end of the room, watched Sync walk out, "let's hope he heard you, Largo."

Sync; who after touring the desert for a bit, made his way back into Chesedonia, continuing on what seemed to be more and more of a wild goose-chase.

The city was really odd. You had a bunch of people just sitting in the middle of the street trying to sell you stuff. How could they even sit with all this sand and dust? The buildings were tall and curvy, especially Astor's manor. It gave the place a very aristocratic feel, even though it wasn't much of a place for that kind of thing.

"Is that…?" Sync heard a familiar voice not so far in the distance, and he was able to recognize it quite easily, 'oh great, them again…' he thought to himself, well aware it was those six nuisances he'd encountered various times. He even had a scar to show for each one of their previous meetings.

"Sync!" the red haired replica, Luke, sneered at him, "just what do you think you're doing showing your face around here!?"

"I don't need to answer to you," he pushed past them, brushing his shoulder against Luke's, walking away calmly.

"You!" Luke shouted, beginning to run after the God-General before getting held back by his friend, Guy.

"This is the middle of a city, Luke, you can't just go off trying to attack someone in the middle of here, and I don't think he can do that either. So no need to get all worked up right now, all right?" said Guy, tightening his grip on the hotheaded Luke.

"But…he's the reason Ion died!" Luke snarled.

"Luke, just because you have a vendetta against Mohs and the God-Generals, doesn't mean that you can just run around swinging your sword in a highly populated city. You could kill somebody or cause a panic," Guy explained, holding the boy against his chest, keeping him from getting out of the hold.

"He's right, Luke," Tear, one of the group's females spoke up, aiding Guy's voice of reason.

"…Fine! Whatever," Luke tugged Guy's arms off of him, walking in front of the group. Though stopped after a few steps when he heard a loud crunching noise, as if someone were about to cry, "ugh, what the hell is that…Anise?" Luke looked down at the youngest member of their small group.

"What? I'm fine!" She looked up; smiling brightly, despite the fact that everyone was able to tell it was false.

"Yeah…alright Anise, as long as you aren't pushing yourself too hard…" Luke resumed walking at the head of the group.

"Hmph…" Anise pouted.

Jade, the oldest of the group, sighed and pinched the bridge of his glasses, "Can we start using a different phrase? We're starting to sound like a broken record."

Before leaving, Anise looked over her shoulder; her eyes connected with Sync's, who was doing the same.

Neither of them said a word, but as they gazed, each of them knew exactly what the other was thinking.

'Ion…' Anise slowly walked away, trailing the rest of their group.

Sync shook his head and turned back around, "whatever…" he walked into a dark alley; a place he could collect his thoughts. Tucked between two large buildings, the alley was dirty, filled with mud and dust, making it the perfect place to be alone, knowing nobody would want to come there.

"God, I'm sick of this thing," Sync spat on the ground, "They either hate me or don't appreciate me," he sighed, "but I suppose such is the life of an empty vessel like me…"

"You better not be thinking of what I think you are," a large, dark figure appeared behind Sync, startling the boy.

"Ah!" he jumped, "L-largo?"

"Your actions have made Van suspicious," the big, burly God-General walked in front of the boy, axe in tow.

"What actions? I haven't done anything! I'm just going to keep being Van's little tool like always, what's the problem?" Sync's face turned scarlet. He felt betrayed as well as angry that Van would think like that.

"Calm down," Largo closed his eyes. "You keep acting as if there is one. You sound as though you don't want to just be Van's tool…"

"What? No! I'm glad to be able to help him destroy the score!" this time he yelled, acting very defensive as if he had something to hide; but even he wasn't quite sure if he did or not.

"Then what's with all this complaining about being ordered around?" Largo asked, bending down a bit so he could be at eye level with his subordinate.

Sync narrowed his eyes, "I..." he shook his head and held out his fist, "I don't know!"

Largo crossed his arms and made an intense stare. You could cut the tension with a butter knife. "Well then, you're not worth my time," he turned and began walking away. "The next time we see each other…" he sighed and walked out of sight.

Sync gritted his teeth, "Largo…Van…none of them trust me," he whispered to himself, before catching himself on his thoughts, "…why do I want to be trusted? I…I don't care about that kind of stuff…"

A bit later, Sync decided it would be best to just leave Chesedonia as of now. Besides, he already saw the group from before, no need to stay and waste his time. So he headed out into the hot, tan desert, trudging through the thick sand.

"This is getting-- Whoa!" he was suddenly tackled by a large Liger, staring at him not viciously, but rather, playfully.

Sync was knocked clean onto the ground, the Liger holding him in place; "get off of me!" he attempted pushing it off, but it was able to easily overpower him.

"I found you!" A familiar pink haired face appeared over Sync's vision, looking at him upside down with a faint smile on her face.

"Arietta? What do you want?" Sync couldn't help his venomous tone, everyone was following him and suspicious, 'Dammit, Van…" he thought to himself, trying to keep his anger hidden from Arietta. Over the past few weeks, he'd gotten this odd feeling around her; something along the lines of caring what she thinks about him.

"Commandant…asked me to come get you for him," she stared into his eyes; her smile gone and the usual 'dead inside' expression once again plastered over her face.

Sync only got angrier, biting his lower lip and releasing it, "why does he need to see me?" he decided to ask why instead of ditching her as previously plotted in his head.

"He said that he had something to discuss. He sounded angry," she softly explained.

"Well, you can tell him I'm busy," he clenched his fist and finally got to shoving the liger off, standing up and towering over the small girl; showing he was the one in control.

"But…" she paused, as if thinking of an adequate consequence that would get him to come with her.

"But nothing! I'm sick of him treating me like garbage!" he couldn't keep it pent up anymore, he had felt like a bottle ready to explode, and he did just that.

"But…I thought you are garbage," she tilted her head naively. Sync would often refer to himself as garbage, a piece of meat, useless, trash, and a pathetic spawn of life. And the fact that he's suddenly offended at being one of those things greatly confused her.

"I am garbage," he replied oddly with a matter-of-factly tone, yet still sharp from his anger.

"I don't think I get it. Then…what's the problem?" she inquired.

"Right now, it's you," Sync approached the girl and flicked her forehead with his index finger, seeming to avoid the question.

"Ow!" she pouted, frowning at him.

"Now go back to Van," he shooed her off and turned around to begin walk away.

"I can't! Not without you with me!" she grabbed his arm and tugged.

"I said get away from me," he began walking and lightly shoved her off of him, totally calm again.

"…I'm sorry…" Arietta sighed, calling one of her birds to take her away.

"For what?" he asked, still in range for her to hear and vice-versa.

"…I can't say…" and she was gone.

"Ugh…" the replica kicked up some sand, closing his eyes "why do I care…"

"He just didn't…I couldn't make him…" Arietta stood nervously before the Commandant, Van, who was scolding her for her inability to bring Sync back to him.

"I said by any means necessary. And you just weren't strong enough to use force!" the Commandant exclaimed, his eyes filled with not rage or disappointment, but something else.

"I'm sorry…" she tilted her head down, light red eyes cast on the ground; ashamed of herself.

"Tch. It's done, not point in pointless apologies you probably don't even mean," Van's harsh tone echoed through the large warehouse of a meeting spot they were currently housed in.

"I couldn't hurt him…"

"Because he looks like Ion? Please…" he turned his head away from her.

Arietta didn't respond. She had to think to herself about whether or not Van was correct. Sync was her friend…right? Or was it just the fact that he was part of Ion that kept her around him?

"Arietta!" Van yelled, "are you even listening!?"

"…Y-yes…" she stuttered, lying through her teeth.

"No matter…" he unsheathed his sword and stared into it, "I'll be going to do what you should've done…"

Arietta made a small gasp, thinking Van was going to kill Sync.

"By any means necessary…I won't have him stray the path," Van walked out of the room and began heading to the desert to find his green-haired general.

"Sync…" Arietta muttered before running after him. She didn't want to let Sync get hurt. It would be all her fault, or at least that's what her first notion of though was.

It was nightfall, and Sync finally made it to the Oasis, where he planned to rest. The Oasis was a small, but respectable plot of land in the middle of the desert. It was filled with green grass and even trees, along with a small spring in the middle filled with purifying water. It was a pretty sight.

He sat against a tree, once again gathering his thoughts, desperately trying to figure out just what is going on inside his head, with no avail in sight. "Van…" he had come to hate saying that name recently. All it was to him was a symbol of how much of a tool he finds himself as. But why hasn't this bothered him before?

"You called?" Sync looked up in shock at who was now standing before him.

"C-commandant! I—" Sync was cut off by a slap to the face, knocking his head back into the tree.

"I don't have time for your shit," he delivered a swift, incredibly powerful fist into Sync's jaw.

"Wh-what!?" Sync wasn't able to react or defend himself; he was still practically in shock.

"Your attitude…disobeying orders…what do you think you're doing?!" he unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Sync's head.

Sync looked up at Van, contemplating whether or not her should fight back, or simply take it, "I…" the words just couldn't form in his head. Even he didn't understand himself, "I don't know…"

"You don't know…" Van swung his fist into Sync again, this time knocking him over, causing Sync to spit some blood out of his mouth.

"I…I-I…" Sync tried to scramble back up to his feet, but only to get pushed back down; Van's foot placed firmly on his chest.

"What's wrong?" Van spat on him, "you had so much to say to Largo and Arietta…" he unsheathed his sword, a glare from the moonlight shining onto Sync's face, causing the blood around his lips to glisten.

"I didn't…" Sync could barely get a word out, his mind was moving at a mile a minute, but still going absolutely nowhere. Though his thoughts were cut short at the hiss of the skin on his arm getting ripped open by Van's blade, "Agh!" he suddenly screamed in anguish.

"What's next? Going to betray me?" he made another slash against Sync's arms, blood spitting all over the oasis ground, the boy screaming in pain. Van's strength was pretty incredible, and Sync didn't have the most stable body.

"I…I'm not!" the blood seeping out of his wounds released even faster as his heartbeat increased, getting repeatedly slashed and ripped. His violent screams of pain echoed through the desert, yet no one seemed to notice; especially not Van, who continued to rend his general apart.

"I absolutely can't stand people like you…" Van grimaced, drawing back his blade, staring at the now blood-soaked boy, "you had ideals, dreams…you're casting that all away…"

By now, Sync was red all over, blood seeping out of his arms, legs, mouth, and head. "I-I'm not! I'm just your tool…I'm here to help you…I'm here to be your vessel…"

Van simply stared him down, as if waiting for the right moment to strike.

Sync took a moment to look at himself; at what Van had just done, "why don't you just kill me? I'm just your trash anyway…your worthless little pawn…" he croaked out, trying to cloak the desperation hidden under his breath.

"You don't want to die," the older man grabbed Sync by his collar and lifted him up; Sync was too weak to fight back at this point.

"G-go ahead…" Sync coughed out some blood onto his own clothes, "kill me…"

Van only smiled maliciously, "If you're sure…" he pressed Sync's body back against the tree, driving his swords through his shoulder, skewering him to the tree. The pain was so immense that he couldn't even make a sound.

For the first time either of them could remember, Sync had a distinct fear in his eyes; he was scared, scared for his life. He couldn't really grasp that this was happening. Van didn't normal do this stuff with them when they did something wrong. And he hadn't been acting this way for long. What happened? Maybe he knew something Sync didn't.

"Where's that fighting spirit I saw a moment ago? Come on…tell me to kill you…" Van slowly, but surely wrenched the blade from Sync's shoulder, watching the boy squirm around in anguish; too weak to even manage another scream.

"I...b-blood…" he had become completely terrified, covered in his own warm, crimson fluid.

"Don't you want to die? I thought you didn't want this pathetic life…and if I don't need you…nobody does," Van ripped his sword from Sync, dropping the boy onto his knees.

"I…I can't…" Sync gasped, lowering his head, a few salty tears dripping down from his eyes, traveling steadily down his cheek and onto the grass of the oasis.

Van laughed, "I didn't know you were this pathetic…" he pressed his bloody sword lightly against Sync's throat, lifting his chin up so that they made eye contact. Soft, fearful emerald eyes, meeting with narrow, heated cobalt ones. "Now…beg for your life."

I can't tell you how much I love cliffhanger endings.
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