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I have to leave. I am so sorry. Don't worry though, I will return at the end of the school year. I think. Seriously, don't panic. I will send you an owl as soon as I can. I just have to get away from mum and the press and school. Hopefully you aren't panicking. I have taken half my funds so that I can hopefully live easily.

Don't tell mum


James Potter sighed as he read the note from his daughter, he knew she was safe. He trusted her. He just hoped he would not loose her like he had lost his son and best friend all those years before.

Kristian Hadrian Black stowed his bag in the over head locker and sat in the aisle seat, waiting for the person that he would be sitting next to for the next 12 hours. He hoped it would be someone good. Last time it was a calculator salesman that spent the entire flight describing the functions of pi on the calculator that his company in Britain was making. The time before that there was a thin blonde woman dressed in fur who was constantly asking him for help for making questions to ask a Mel something. And the one before that was a crazy bug eyed woman who muttered about death and destruction. He relaxed minutely when a girl with strawberry blond hair and blue-green eyes sat down next to him. Rarely anyone his age ever went sat in first class on their own. She smiled at him.


"Kris." They shook hands and Kris could not but notice that Freya was shaking ever so slightly. He looked at her and she blushed.

"This is the first time I have ever flown on a plane. This is the first time I have truly been alone, wow." She said, answering his silent question.

"What are you doing in Miami? Visiting relatives?" He asked.

"No, I'm… well actually I have no idea what I am doing. I just kinda…" ran

"Ran? Why?" Kris replied, as if hearing her mental addition.

"Mum's over bearing and the press like to follow me around, especially Skeeter." Kris laughed when the image of the journalist he once sat next to appeared in his mind. Suddenly the attendants started the routine of pointing out exits and how to put on the various emergency equipment. Kris just stared out the window, having seen these at least twice a year for the last 10 years, Freya however was laughing silently at the silly muggle equipment.

Soon the plane took off and Freya found herself hyperventilating, Kris felt sorry for her and resumed their conversation.

"My aunt sounds like you mum. Whenever I am in England she is always checking on me, making sure I wasn't lonely for the school year." Freya temporarily forgot her panic.

"What do you mean lonely?"

"When I am in America I am generally on my own. My parenty things are nearly always at work around the world so I generally live on my own. Their cousin visit's me occasionally from London but otherwise yeah, oh and my closest friends go to school in Scotland so I only see them for a few weeks."

"Why do you live in Miami if your family and friends live in Britain?"

"I'm like you. I'm running, running from my real parents. They gave me away years ago. Luckily Mum found me and soon we ran into my real aunt and her family. You said that you were surrounded by the press, what is it like being surrounded by people?"

"Hard. I don't know who wants to be my friends and who wants to be my social and my parents social status', who I call Frank, friend. In the end I couldn't take it all, I left a note for my dad and jumped country."

"So, what do you plan to do in Miami?"

"Find a place to rent, find a school, catch up to the level needed, go to that school. Hide from the press." She smiled and they were soon talking about all sorts, from their favorite color to the MP of Kooyong in Melbourne, Australia that they both seemed to know about. Eventually they got some sleep.

Freya woke up to Kris shaking her slightly.

"We're landing." He explained, she nodded and automatically pulled her seat up.

"I thought you had never been on a plane before." Kris asked.

"I haven't, it just felt right." The plane landed and they got off the plane, went through customs and retrieved their bags. They were about to split up, with each others phone number, when Kris sighed.

"I know we have only known each other for a while, but do you want to stay with me until you can sort out what to do? I know it sounds creepy but I feel like I have known you forever." He said, ready to turn away.

"Yes!" Freya exclaimed. "That would be great; I have no idea why, but yes." He grinned and offered her his arm.

"This way Madame." He said with a slight bow.

"Why thank you monsieur." She responded with a curtsey. Giggling she took it and he took her down to the taxi ranks where they hailed one and took it to his house.

"Wow!" Freya said as she looked around. Kris smirked.

"My family and friends all chipped in and got this for me last year." He explained. "I have no idea how on earth they afforded this and still have the money to pay for the yearly trips and everything! They mentioned something about inheritances." Freya just gaped as she took in the décor, size and the wonderful view. The décor had no visible pattern except each room was different. The dining room was all antiques with vases and carved tables. The main room seemed to be pure glass and leather and technological knick-knacks of all kinds. Each room had a color theme and its own charm. It was big, but not as huge as Potter manor, but definitely gave the impression that more than one person should live there at one time. The view was indescribable, it was breath taking, and the wall that faced the beach was simply a giant window that ensured you could see for miles in practically every direction. The porch led down to the beach. Kris opened a door and beckoned her inside. It was done in a light purple theme with a canopy bed. It reminded her of a purple version of the Ravenclaw dormitory, except for one person instead of four. It had a desk, bookcase and chest of drawers.

"This will be your room; the toilet is second on the left." He said, yawning. She nodded, suddenly a cat walked in.

"Oh, are you okay with cats?" Kris asked, she nodded sleepily. "This is Jay-Nie, her name comes from a few memories of my past, all I know are that they are good memories, no-one ever tells me what they are from though. I am really tired, see you tomorrow." He nodded at her one last time before going to his own room. Freya crept under the blankets and instantly fell asleep.

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