Need To Be Next To You

a story of Clay and Elena. It is a song fanfic from Leigh Nash's song Need to be next to you. It takes place after Broken.

Me and Clay have been married for one year and I think it was the best choice I had ever made. " Hey darling, How are you this morning?" Clay asked kissing me on the lips. " I'm good." Then our twenty month old son Logan came crawling into our room. He tried pulling himself onto our bed but he wasn't quite tall enough to reach so Clay pulled him up. " Hey buddy, Did you sleep well?" I asked my son. He nodded his head. When I looked at Logan all I saw was his daddy. " Momma, I hungy." Logan said in the best way he could. " Okay baby lets get you something to eat." I walked down to the kitchen and put Logan in his highchair. Kathrine was playing with Nick in the living room. She looked just like me. Clay came up behind me and rapped his arms around my waist. Logan was getting fussy, waiting on his food so he threw his bottle of juice at Clay, it hit Clay in the head. " Hey Logan that wasn't nice." I told my son. I put Kathrine in the other highchair. She dropped her bottle of juice and it spilt all over the floor. " Damn It." She said. Me and Clay both turned around in shock. Clay walked over to Kathrine. " Kathrine, that's not a nice word, where did you hear it?" " I heard it on TV. She told him. " Honey, don't ever say that word again okay." I was so worried about my daughter cussing that I forgot about the pancakes on the stove. " Shit." I mumbled as I ran to the stove. Logan gasped. " Momma you said a bad word." I didn't think anyone heard me cuss. " Sorry Logan, Momma won't do it again." Clay laughed when he heard me tell our son that I wouldn't cuss again. After breakfast Nick took the twins for the rest of the day. I snuggled closer to Clay as we just lay there in our bed. " Hey Elena, since we have the house to ourselves maybe we can have a little fun." He said grinning at me. " I would love to have sex but I am too tired. I was just lying but Clay bought it. He looked so disappointed. " Okay then." " Clay, I was just joking come here. I said as I grabbed him by his shirt collar and then the fun began.

( This was my first Clay/ Elena fanfic hope you enjoy it)