Okay so you see the plot, I'm going to characterize each person, and their situation to understand the story. I'll post chapter one, if you review that this is a good idea or if you want me to continue. If it's bad, please let me have your suggestions to make it better. I know that they aren't' matching loves like supposed to, but I figure it would make it fascinating.

Bella—Princess of France, with her long chocolate brown hair and eyes, 5'4 tall, very spoiled and strong with her emotions. Her passion is to talk to her sister Rosalie since she shares the same room with her and getting prepared to be queen or leave France to a prince. She's been prepared for it her whole life, but no king had ever fascinated her until Prince Jasper Whitlock came for a meeting with her father, King Charles three months ago. Her sisters, Rosalie, Renesmee, and Alice help her get his attention, but failed. She still tries, hoping to catch his attention like a nightingale in a cage.

Jasper—Prince of England in the South boundaries. His honey blond hair always reflects from the sun to crave the girls' attentions. None of the peasants or royalties ever catches his attention. He met with King Charles for a meeting for war with Scotland. He saw Bella, the eldest child but nothing made him feel like an open breeze. But when he met Renesmee, the youngest, his heart sprung, rotating around circles. He tried so hard to catch her attention but she was always with her sisters.

Renesmee—Princess of France with Bella, eldest sister, Rosalie, next eldest, and Alice, the second youngest. She loves being around her sisters, asking advice for which she should married and the values of marriage. She had bronze long beautifully curled hair that lies on her shoulders and she's 5'3 tall. She's very shy, not a born speaker, but she's never shy around her sisters. She writes in her spare time to write poetry, and really impresses the royals. When all the princes came for a Royal Ball, Bella was trying to get Jasper's attention while he was trying to get her attention. When she was getting her goblet from the dinning room table, she sees Prince Jacob Black smiling at her father's conversation. She could nonstop staring at him until Rosalie needed her help, so she went to Rosalie. She always sees him, looking at his way of speaking. They ran into each other one day, but she was completely humiliating herself, stumbling through words while he looked annoyed at her way of speech.

Jacob—Prince of England in the Center region. His black hair with tan skin makes him look like the emperor of Mexico but his smile represents his royalty to England. He beds with woman he sees on the streets, even if they are ill. But there is only one woman he won't bed with: Princess Renesmee of France. He's very annoyed with her way of words, so he tries to shun her but nothing ever works, plus her physical appearance never pleases him either. When he goes to the Royal Ball, he sees Alice of France, talking to her sister Bella. He determines himself to sleep with her. Everytime he sees her, more and more he wants her to be with him in his bed. He talked to her only once when she dropped her handkerchief on the ground, he picked it up saying, "Is this yours miss?" she nodded, grabbed it and walked away.

Alice—Princess of France, the second youngest out of the four children of King Charles. Very short black hair with brown eyes, very short 5'1, but very wise with her words, a born philosopher. She has a habit of shopping in the market place, looking for clothes for balls or royal occasions. She always depends on Bella or Rosalie with any secrets, but never tells Renesmee or her father because Renesmee is always honest and very untrustworthy and her father has that trait as well. When she met Prince Edward Mason at the Royal Ball, she couldn't stop showing her amusement with a friendly smile. She had fancied him since; never stop thinking about him. She often rides her horse, De le crème, to England just so she can see his face from the window, and then rides back before sunrise.

Edward—Prince of England of the North boundaries. He's tall, muscular, had bronze hair like Renesmee but a little darker, brown eyes, and 6'1 tall. He's very "accorded to law" sort of a prince but can be very humorous towards other people. His smile often attracts princesses all over England, begging to marry them, but he refuses them all. Princess Alice of France intimidated him with her words of wisdom, and she won his argument. But he saw Princess Rosalie of France with her gleaming dress or beauty, he wanted to talk to her but he didn't want to seem informal to leave a conversation that he was in with Alice. He often delivers jewels from his ancestors to her but she makes the deliveryman to take them back. He's very stubborn, so Rosalie to him is like a challenge or a game.

Rosalie—Princess of France, second eldest, very known for her blond vigorous hair, her dashing blue eyes, and her comedian jokes. Everyone calls her "the funniest woman in France", but also "the prettiest princess in France next to Bella". She notices Edward's nonstop staring at her, but she continues to avoid him for her sister's sake. Alice talks about Edward all the time, which makes her want to strangle herself since she sensed that Edward was irrevocably in love with her. Her father Charles, suggested her to be with him but she denied, since her heart was towards Prince Emmett McCarty. She presents herself to him at the Royal Ball, but didn't look fascinated or impress with her beauty or jokes. She's not willing to give up so she talks to him everyday, trying to come up with a good joke to impress him or in the future, marry him.

Emmett—Prince of England in the East. He has dark brown or black short hair, very tall and muscular, with his famous grin. He loves sports, like riding horses or archery, and he is very generous to his people, like fewer taxes than any region in England. All the people love Emmett for his heroic tales like when he saved fifty children from a fire that nearly destroyed his kingdom. But he's very lonely in his stonewalls so he talked to King Charles to marry one of his daughters of his choice. Charles suggested for him to come to the Royal Ball, so he took his advice. He looked around, seeing all of Charles daughters. One of the daughters, Rosalie tried to make him laugh, but it rather bored him to death. Only one caught his attention like a hawk: Bella, the eldest. He never saw anything more beautiful so he talked to Charles about him getting married to her and he agreed.

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