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Severus Snape stood outside the door of number four privet drive he couldn't belive he was doing this what in Dumbledor's soggy brain made the old bat brain think that he would want to come and check on the Potter brat. She had died becuse of him if he had never been born she would never had died.

He raised his hand and knocked on the door. It was opened by a pompus looking overwaight man. "What" He snapped as he took in Severus's clothing.

"I have came to check on Harry Potter." He sneered as if he had a bad in his mouth.

" I don't think so" Growled Vernon.

Severus thought that this was getting quit tedious he gave a quick flick of his wand and moved the large man out of the door way he walked through looking around the room. "Were is he I would like to get out of here as fast as I can I have more importent things to do today then this.

Vernon his face red just pointed towards the cupboard sputtering.

Severus moved the cupboard and bent down to open it it was tight fight. He looked around and what he saw made his usually pale face go red. There set a young boy of no more then two in a dirty dipear and nothing else he went over and stopped down to pick the young boy how flinched back as Severus tried to get near him.

Severus could tell by the lighting bolt scar, messy black hair and striking green eyes her eyes that this was young Harry Potter he turned around in the small cupboard an almost impossiable feat. He started to stalk near Vernon Dursley his wand raised.

"Now you put that bloody thing down." Vernon screamed his face turning a brilant purple shade. It was just then that Severus noticed the woman holding a young boy in the door way one look at the woman told him everything that he needed to know Petunia Evans Dursley. He hated her on princable.

From the doorway she screeched "You put that wand down I never want to see another one of those in my life He lifted it higher and then pointed it to her. She coward in the door way and shilded her soon with her small frame. He shot a quick body binding spell and then an oblivate on both of them. The body bind would wear off in a few hours and the Oblivate would make sure they didn't remember anything about the wizarding world.

He went over and picked up the dirty yet placid child he didn't know what to do with him its not like he wanted the little brat but he certianly wasn't going to leave him with these people.

Holding the child as far away of him as possiable. He quickly appered to the gravel drive that led up to Hogwarts he walked through the gate and went immiditly to Dumbledore's office.

When Albus saw who his Potions master was holding he jumed out of his seat as fast as he could "Severus I said check on him not kidnap him they are to totally diffrent words."

"Sir He was living in a cupboard his dipear dosn't look like its been changed in a week and he has no other clothing on I call this abuse and a good cause for kidnapping oh and by the way I body binded the Dursley only temporalry of course and then oblivated there memory of anything to do with the wizarding world."

Albus just stared at him "I didn't think you cared one way or the other if the boy died."

"If he died Her sacrafice would be a waste" He spate glaring at the child in his arms though Albus could see some warmth creeping into the cold Potion masters eyes.

"Well I guess your in control of him Severus there is no one else to take him in unless you want him sent back to his aunts or an ophange." Now Albus new he would never do this but he also know that his potions master had a soft heart under that cold extiore and he know if anyone would be able to help it would be the young child now staring at him.

"Fine" Severus snapped not happy about the turn of events he stalked out of the door and quickly went to the the hospital wing and Madame Pompfrey. For reason's unknow the more Severus held Harry the closer he held the messy child until by the time they made it to the hospital wing he held hm tightly in his arms.

To say that Poppy was suprised at what entered her hospital wing was an understament "Severus what are you doing with a child" she asked her eyes bugging out at him.

"Just check him out Poppy" he said thrusting Harry at the Hospital madam for some reason the moment Harry left his arms he felt empty in side.

One look at the child told Poppy who the child was "How did you get Harry Potter" she demanded sure that something siniser was going on.

"Albus asked me to check on him when I got there I found him in this state so I took him out of his aunt and uncle's care and Dumbledore said I had to take care of him so if you could just check him out.

Poppy quickly checked the young boy. "Well aside from a few bruises and bumps and being undernurished I think with the proper care and love he will make a full recovery.

"Well good" said Severus gruffly though he was seacretly releaved there was something about the young boy that got to him. Poppy gave him some clothes to put on Harry and as he gently placed the clothes on the small he couldn't help looking at the sweet face of the child in front of him and realizing that he was not James Potter.

He put Harry down that night in a crib across from his bed. In the middle of the night he woke up to crying he went over and peered over the railing of the crib he watched the young toddler thrash around in his sleep he quickly scooped him up and conjured a rocking chair. He sat down and held the thrashing child gently in his arms. As he rocked Harry and watched as his face relaxed back into a restful sleep he relized that no matter how hard he tried he would love this chid till his dieing breath and not just becuse he was her son. Becuse there was something about the little boy in his arms that pulled him to him. He relized that it wished and hoped Dumbledore would allow him to play the role of father in young Harry's life. and as he thought these thoughts it was if a part of him that had died came back to life he had some in his life now how he could love and how would love him back. he sighed as Harry snuggled in to him he gently kissed the childs forhead before placing him back in his crib. Severus snape went to bed with a smile on his face that night.

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