A random one shot

Summary: My take on the typical Harry goes back in time story line.

I don't own Harry potter, Hogwarts, Slytherin Tom Riddle or time turners. Although I would love to.

Harry looked around Hogwarts grounds. Everyone was dead. Everything was gone. "I have got to fix this." He thought to himself. He turned around to find a very old time turner. "Perfect." He Turned it fifty times to go back fifty years. He disappeared in a flash of light.

Hogwarts: Fifty Years Ago:

An eleven year Tom Riddle was walking to his new table-Slytherin- to applause. Then the Great Hall doors bang open. "what is the meaning of this!" Headmaster Dippit shouts.

Harry ignores him and walks over to the slytherin table. He whips out his wand and shouts "Avada Kadavea!" The small Tom Riddle drops to the ground dead.

Harry shouts "SO Long losers!" and disappears never to be seen again.