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Edward and Bella were best friends. Bella is a great singer and goes off To NY to see if it can get her anywhere. It does. She lived in forks then left to NY. Edward moved from Forks. To California Malibu to be exact. Bella is now seventeen and has to play a gig in Malibu and has no Idea Edward moved there. What will happen when she sees him


"EDWARD SWITCH TO MTV. NEW VIDEO." My sister Alice screamed to me.

What she meant by video is that my best friend is famous.

Bella. We were best friends when she was fifteen she went to New York to start a singing career two years ago. We were friends since I was eleven years old.

I switched the channel to MTV.

Flo Rida was playing and Bella was dancing in the background also singing.

I grew up in Forks as well as Bella she lived with her father Charlie the chief police. Her parent were divorced when Bella was three her parents divorced and her mother left her with Charlie because she couldn't handle a child on her own.

After Bella left we moved down to California, Malibu to be exact.

Bella was a great singer she now has her own band names Blue Tide.

I listen to her music she is so good and sometimes it help me remember her. I haven't talked to her since she left. I see her on television. She is as gorgeous as ever and yes I have a crush on her. Not just some celebrity crush because I actually know her. She is very famous our whole school just goes crazy over her. She has long brown hair that lands in the middle of her back and chocolate brown eyes and curves that girl would die for.

I watched her dance in the background and sing.

She had her own songs and she performed in other songs music videos.

She was awesome. I knew her before fame.

The last thing she said to me was " I'll be back." I hope she can keep that promise


I did my moved out of the floor. I was live performing In The Ayer with Flo Rida.

I slide and did a back flip.

" And that was Flo Rida and his new song In The Ayer. Did you see the moves of America's favorite CELEBERTY? Isabella Swan. Wo wooo." The guy said in the camera " Get er' down here." he finished

I walked up by the camera.

"So where did you learn to back flip?" he asked

" Well in truth when I was fourteen my best friend Edward taught me. Lots of practice and lots of falls." I heard people laugh.

I walked away from the camera. I went into my dressing room and laid on my couch.

My best friend Edward. he was great. I met him when I was eleven. He has bronze hair and gorgeous green eyes. He was amazing. Yes I have a crush on him but the thing is when you mix fame with not fame it ends badly I mean look at K-fed and Britney he was nothing until Britney introduced him and flaunted him into those cameras. Now they had to kids and they are over.

When I was fifteen I decided to come to New York and work now here I am two years later and everyone loves me. I grew up in Fork with my dad after my mother left him and I. But it was okay. He was a fantastic parent.

My band is Blue Tide. My drummer, Nick. My two guitarist Seth and Leah. Then I have my other two vocalists, Aiden and Devin. I use them for certain songs. We are all best friends and inly Seth and Leah are eighteen and Aiden and Devin are seventeen. We are all from different places. It's kinda funny. None of us are dating we are like family.

I heard the door open revealing Devin

"Hey Bella guess where we are going to be performing all summer?" Devin asked

"Where?" I asked looking up.


" No friggen way." I said

"Yes friggen way. You can visit in Forks or Spoons or whatever." he smiled

"YES." I squealed. Just like Alice

Alice was Edward brother. She was short has dark black hair and olive green eyes. Her boyfriend was Jasper Whitlock he was blonde shaggy hair and Blue eyes. Emmett. I love Emmett. He is a pretty big guy his muscles are like the size of my thigh but he is a big teddy bear he has hazel eyes and short brown hair. Rosalie Hale was his girlfriend she was gorgeous and intimidating but I loved her like a sister she has curly blonde hair that was five inc. below her shoulder and icy blue eyes. We were all a family.

The last thing I said to them was " I'll be back." I was keepin' that promise

I haven't talked to them since I left. A clean break was what I needed or it would of been hard for me and them.

" When we leaving?" I asked him

" Our plane is leaving tonight we perform at the beach at twelve tomorrow and sing at twelve ten.." he finished

" Alright well I am going to head back to my house and pack alright." With that I headed out.

Derek went out with me. He was my bodyguard. I got into my limo and headed off to my house.


I zipped my suitcase shut and grabbed it to take downstairs. I tripped on my way down. Of course Derek caught me.

" Thanks Der." I said

" It's my job to keep you safe." he chuckled.

He was skinny but very strong he has shaggy blonde hair and olive green eyes. We tried dating but it was very weird. I am single, I like it that way.


I sipped my coke obediently.

" We will arrive in about ten minutes Bella." Seth told me.

"Thanks Sethy." I teased

" Don't call me that It sounds like I am a puppy." he whined

I shrugged my shoulders.

We landed a couple minutes later and our car was taking us to the hotel. I shared a room wil Leah like Always and the boys got two rooms. They said sleeping in the same bed in weird.

I crawled into bed and drifted off to a dreamless sleep.


I went to bed that night. Waiting for what tomorrow will bring me.

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