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Ten Years Later



Ten years later and here I am.

Charlie is already sixteen

Lacey is ten.

And life is surreal. After the wedding I had found out I was pregnant two months after the wedding. Eight months later I gave birth to my son Anthony Edward. He has bronze hair and brown eyes He is nine. It was hard with a one year old and a newborn but we got by. Two years later I was pregnant again with our other son Matthew Adam. He is now seven. He looks very much like me he has brown hair with red tints and chocolate brown eyes.

Alice had her baby girl a few months before I had Anthony. Her babies name was Marie Lynn. Who is eight years old, she has Jasper's blonde hair and Alice's eyes. She had a son three years after Nicholas, he is five and looks just like Alice. They were both very happy with one of each.

Rosalie was pregnant a year after our wedding. She had twins, one boy one girl. Katie Rose who is now seven he had blonde hair and Emmett's eyes. James Emmett, he has brown hair and Rosalie's ice blue eyes. After two years she gave birth to another daughter Madalynn Jane, She looks exactly like Emmett, she is now five. Then three years later she gave birth to another girl, Lillian Nicole, she is two years old with blonde hair and icy blue eyes.

We were all content with our lifes and happy where we were. It was hard to believe how long we have come. I cant even believe I am close to fourty. Us girls didnt age at all.

Edward was as happy as ever with our children. Looking at Charlotte I know that shebrought us back together. I still cant believe she is sixteen. She looks exactly like her father and acts like him. So stubborn although Edward claims its me that she gets it from.

Blue Tide retired. We kept in contact but we all had our lifes. Devin had more kids, Leah got married and had twins and we had to stop. Although I get lots of attention.I star in a few commercials on the television, Juicy Fruit, I dance in a guitar hero commercial- old time rock and roll. Edward found it amusing to see me in shorts a blue lace bra and his white button ups undone with a guitar around my neck sliding on the wood with long white tube socks on. Charlotte died of embarrasment when kids at school said that her mom was 'hott'. I blushed just hearing it.

Today is another day. Kids are at school and Edward is off work. Thats a plus.

We sat and cuddled in bed, all day waiting for the kids to come home.

" Did you ever think we would be here right now?"

He chuckled lightly and kissed my lips " No" he whispered.

"I love you." I told him.

" I love you too my Bella."

I heard the front door open and slam and running footsteps on the stairs. Edward looked at me and smiled. The door opened revealing Charlotte.

" Were you guys in bed all day?" She asked

" Yes." I told her.

She shook her head and came to sit on the bed as well as Lacey, Anthony and Matt.

I sat up and leaned against the headboard.

" How was school?" I asked

I heard 'okay' come from them all. I let out a small laugh and got out of bed. Lacey ran up and hugged me.

" I love you mommy." She said.

" I love you too sweetheart." I told her. Matt gave me a small hug also.

" Okay well why dont you guys do your homework and I will be down to make dinner." I told them.

The groaned but nodded.

I took a fast shower and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a gray short sleeve shoop neck shirt. I brushed my teeth and combed my long hair putting it in a pony tail. I put on my gym shoes and jogged down the stairs.

Our kids were at the table doing homework.

" Mom?"

" Yes, Charlie?"

" Do you remember Biology?" She asked

I laughed " Yes I do. I was very well at it when I was in highschool." I told her.

" Can you help me?"

" Yes I can." I walked over to her and glanced over the sheet. It was fairly simple. I explained what to do, she seemed to get it better.

" You explain it better than teachers." She said. I nodded.

The other kids finished and went off to play.

" Hey mom, why didnt you and dad get married until I was six?"

I had never told Charlie what happened when Edward left. She didnt even know I left.

" Well I think your old enough to know this, you always asked when you were ten. Well when your dad was in college I had nothing to do, he was upset because I was sad he wasnt there and he said it was too much pressure at the time. We had gotten into a fight and he thought we needed to break it off. I was broken up and I left and moved out here. Only about two or more months later I found out I was pregnant with you. Leah came out and helped me, Your grandpa wanted to fly out also but I refused. So after you were born Leah left and for three years I went about my way singing with the band with you by my side. One day I came in and saw Rose. She looked at you and knew that you were dad's so I found out they were all here. Your dad found out and he came over here in the pouring rain asking me why I didnt tell him.I said I didnt want him to give up his dream. After a little while we were back together. We worked up on our relationship. We told you that he was your father. I can remember how happy you were. He proposed Christmas night. I was actually pregnant with your sister in November." I told her.

Charlie sat there stunned. " Wow I didnt know it was over for awhile." I told her.

" But you brought us back together." I said.

She blushed slightly. " Really?"

" We wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you honey."

She smiled and gave me a hug.

Edward then came in the room. He looked at me warily and I winked at him. Charlie pulled back and gave me a smile. She pranced over to Edward and hugged him.

" I love you dad." She said.

" I love you too darlin'." He told her. She smiled and pulled away, she grabbed her book bag and went upstairs. Edward walked up to me.

" Everything alright Love?"

" Yeah." I reasurred.

He smiled and leaned down. He captured my lips with his and kissed me softly.

" Ewwww." I heard small voices say. I pulled away and smiled. I peeked behind Edward and saw Anthony and Matt making fake gagging noises.

" You both hang out with Uncle Em to much." I said. They laughed and ran out of the room.

" Kids. I will never understand." I muttered

Edward chuckled " We were kids once." He stated

" Yeah like twenty years ago. God thats so long ago." I said

He smiled and kissed me more eagerly this time. I responded with the same eagerness

" Hey what's for din- uhhh come on."

I groaned and pulled away. I saw a small out on Edward's lips. I peckd them fastly

"Later." I whispered in his ear. I put my hands on his chest and pulled his backwards.

" Okay what do you want for dinner?"

" Chili." Charlie answered

I nodded

" Really?" She asked

" Yes that is fine." I said. She smiled

I made dinner and Edward set the table for me. I put the food on the table and called our kids down.

We sat and ate dinner. Talking to eachother about anything.

This was my life.

Edward and I had our ups and downs.

It happens to the best of us.

But I dont regret the way things happened.

I wouldnt want to change it if I had a chance.

I dont have a mom or a dad but I have other things in life.

I have my kids.

Blue Tide

My husband

My friends

My in-laws

Thats all I need in this crazy ride of life.

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