Weather Girl

Summary: Senka Poe has been in love with Warren Peace for...well, forever. As a senior, a series of changes cause her to reconsider pretty much her entire life and nothing is like she thought it would be. Especially with Warren. WarrenOC eventual, LashOC

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Just a note: I haven't stolen this story from Moontrimmer. It's an old pen name of mine, and when I finally started re-writing this, I realized I had no idea what email I was using two or so years ago.

Project REVAMP/REWRITE: I was working on my magical yearly update and decided to go back and read through the story so far. Then for the next 12 hours I went through and proceeded to revamp every single chapter, and some were almost completely rewritten. Enjoy.


i see you in the shadow

Senka…yeah, it's an interesting name. Slavic for shadow, or so my mother always told me when I asked as a child. She's a seer, and I guess when she was pregnant with me, she had this vision. She refused to tell me what she saw, of course, no matter how many times I begged. But the vision is what gave her the idea for my name. I can only assume it had to do with my powers. Oh yeah, I'm from a family of superheroes, by the way.

My superpowers are complex. I sort of have weather powers. Storms, basically, but then there's something else. I've always had a kinship with the shadows, which might explain why I can cause tornadoes but not sunshine. Or maybe that's just my personality. Either way, I was four when I first figured it out, my kindship with darkness and shadows. It was right after my Dad left us.

That's not what this story is about, though. In a way, I guess it might be, but no…this story begins with infatuation. In particular, my teenaged obsession with a boy named Warren Peace – a name almost as ridiculous as my own. I still remember the first day I met him like it were yesterday, even though it's been years. Though it wasn't really a meeting, just the first day I saw him.

My first day at Sky High, school for potential super heroes, didn't start off well. I wasn't exactly dressed to impress, and I would have rather faded into the background than have to go up in front of everyone to show off the powers I'd gotten from my coward of a dad. But that's a monologue for later.

"Senka Poe?" Coach Boomer, the big and intimidating man who taught physical education shouted, and I had no choice but to approach. "What's your power?"

It didn't exactly have a name, now did it? So without another word, I closed my eyes and imagined up the biggest storm I could – hurricane force winds, and a wave that came out of nowhere. fell on Coach Boomer and everyone else in the gym. It made Boomer love me...not. Needless to say, I was horrified when the steam practically shot out of his ears. His anger was apparent and despite the power I'd displayed, his one word would echo in my ears forever:


That was it, my fate was sealed. My brothers would be so disappointed in me and it made me miserable for the rest of the day. Hero-support? Really? I thought of myself as so much better than that. I was also convinced it would be a blot on reputation for the rest of my life. What can I say? When you're fourteen everything feels like the end of the world.

But then, by a mere accident, everything changed and my day began looking up. It was between eighth and ninth period, and I was at my locker. I was on my tiptoes trying to reach a book shoved at the back of shelf. I hadn't felt like carrying around all day but needed it for my upcoming English class which would start in approximately three minutes. I probably looked ridiculous standing there and no doubt screamed "freshman!" With a sigh, I'd pulled away and given up. But then I saw him. walking towards me. He was leather-clad with long hair; tacky, yet appealing, and looking like he'd just waltzed out of a rubbish bin or something. I was hooked.

Isn't it sad that he barely knew I existed?

Fin chapter

Long story short: So I started this story in 05: eighth grade. Started this rewrite at sixteen. Currently 21...still working on it.