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this is just a note! I wanted to announce that weather girl recently underwent PROJECT REVAMP/REWRITE. all the chapters have been rewritten at least partially, some far more than others. I am currently working on the next chapter. it is about a quarter of the way done but I am struggling to figure out where to take it at the moment. I hope to have the time before my semester starts getting very intense to work on it some more. There will be minimum one update this calendar year, I promise. some people might think that isn't saying much, but considering how much writing and reading I have to do for school each semester on top of my job, that's actually saying a lot. I could just put it on hiatus or drop it, but I won't. I want to finish it. you're just going to have to be reeeaalllyy patient!



p.s. I REALLY recommend you reread this story. my writing style has changed since I was sixteen or seventeen and started this (which was ironically enough a rewrite in itself), as has the way I look at situations, so both of those are reflected. I hope Senka feels a bit more fleshed out to you, Warren perhaps a bit more IC (it is embarrassing how bad I am at writing canon characters), and the overall interactions and reactions feel more real to you. Some chapters were almost entirely redone, so things might not be as same as you remember! But I hope I have retained the spirit of the story with which I began...but better.

p.p.s. BUT, before I go, let leave you with a teaser for installment #12!

i don't feel anything until i smash it up

"I wish I could know that like you do, Mom, but I only live in the present," I reminded her, my tone wistful.

"Never say you want what I have, Senka," my mother said sharply and her sad eyes drew mine up from my plate to pierce me to the wall with their intensity. "The future is what it is and I have no power to change it. Don't wish that burden upon yourself."

Marianna Poe rarely fixed me with a serious stare or spoke in a sharp tone. My mother, for almost as long as I could remember, had always been very laid back and go-with-the-flow. She was more the best friend type of mom than the strict authoritarian. Imagine, then, how strange that moment felt for me. I had never really thought about what it meant for my mom to experience the future twice when there were plenty of things she never wanted to experience once.

"I'll stick with weather then," I declared, smiling, and tried to lighten the mood before my brothers came downstairs. The fact that by brothers still lived at home as full-fledged adults confused me. I wondered when they were going to get their own lives.

"Good," she said, quiet.

A good slice of guilt was the perfect way to start the morning, right?

hope to be getting the whole thing to you soon!chin up, lovelies. I've put up a deep space nine collection of snippets that is ever growing, so you can check that out if you're interested in what kind of stuff I'm writing these days. I also published the first of a three-parter set in the BBC series Merlin, which will shortly be complete. The entire thing is written but the second and third part are not ready to go up yet.

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