A/N: So this is the first part of my seven part multi fic. I know that this is supposed to be Chair, and I have put small Chair things in here, but I needed seven characters for the seven sins. Truthfully, I truly detest Jenny, so I put as much Chair in here as I could. Chuck and Blair won't be there until the very end (sorry), but I will be putting a lot of references in here. I wanted to finish my other multi- fic but then I heard that Chuck and Blair won't be together for awhile and I got really angsty. I knew if I started writing my other one then it would come out major angst, and that was not what I was aiming for. When I actually do finish it, it will be better. So this is just to satisfy my craving for Chair at the moment. And I know that this is short, but I truly can't stand Jenny and this was the only way it was coming out.

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Jenny Humphrey

Jenny always knew what she wanted. First, it was just recognition. She wanted to be a girl of the steps, not just some girl from Brooklyn. That's where Blair Waldorf came in. She was her ticket to be something great.

Second, it was what came along with the popularity. And that came in the form of Chuck Bass. She thought she knew what she wanted. He taught her that she had no idea what she wanted. She thought she wanted him, but she couldn't handle him. There was a darkness inside of Chuck that could only be channeled by the she- devil herself.

Third came in the form of Nate Archibald. Again, Jenny had put herself in the vengeful path of Blair Waldorf. Nate was Blair's boyfriend. Little did Jenny realize what was really brewing beneath the surface. Jenny couldn't see the emotions and passions that were suddenly stirred between the best friend and the girl friend. No one saw that coming, really. That didn't make Jenny any less fearful for her own status; which right now, was none.

Fourth, was the destruction of Blair Waldorf. She should have seen that one coming, really. She was sure it was going to be easy. She wanted what Blair had. She wanted Nate and she wanted to be queen. She wanted status and she wanted to be respected. She didn't want to be from Brooklyn anymore. She wanted everything. Again, she should have seen her demise. She thought she could handle everything. She thought she wanted what Blair had. But she couldn't see what it really took to be Blair Waldorf and everything that came with it. Jenny couldn't handle the scrutiny. She couldn't handle the talk. She couldn't handle the evil thoughts that made Blair perfect, or the true conniving scheming that made Blair truly smart. She certainly couldn't handle the Devil himself who matched Blair word for word.

The last thing that Jenny wanted was her own life. What she wanted was again linked to Blair in a strange twist of Fate. Jenny wanted fame and fortune. Jenny wanted the one thing that Blair could never have; the gift of her own mother's love. Yet, once again, Jenny chased after what she couldn't have. And once again, Jenny was thrown to the lions.

Jenny wanted to be done yearning after things. Her designing career was over. The only friends she had was the person who she shared a sibling with and his boyfriend... and the girl friend of who she truly wanted. This time, she wanted to have a good life. This time, she wanted to be pure. But there was still one thing she couldn't stop yearning for. That was Nate Archibald. She had him and lost him to one of her best friends. Nate was sweet and true. He wasn't a demon who went after virtue or the tigress that went after crushed emotions. Those two deserved each other. But once again, she wanted what she couldn't have. She wanted him and she could never stop. She found that she could never truly stop wanting.