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Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass had loved sex since he could remember. No one knew this (except for a certain she-devil who shall remain nameless), but Chuck actually had reasons for his unorthodox pursuits. They actually weren't that unorthodox. A lot of men overtly hit on women. It was just unorthodox that it actually worked for him. He was too sexy for his own good.

Chuck Bass had loved Blair Waldorf since he could remember. Chuck just didn't know it was in that way. He loved her snarky comments that matched his own. He loved her cold mask that matched his indifferent one. He loved her manipulations that matched his own. He just didn't know that he loved her as well.

Chuck was well aware that she was untouchable. That was probably the reason why she constantly flirted with him (that little bitch.) She knew that he couldn't touch her so she was invincible. And strangely, that aroused him.

She was the only one who knew about his yearning for a father's love. It was a yearning that Blair also possessed. She yearned for a mother's approval. They failed on both counts.

It was because of Chuck's home life that molded his personal one. Blair knew that Chuck wasn't really a date rapist. He just had… boundary issues. It wasn't his fault at all. With a father like Bart Bass, who wouldn't end up messed up?

Chuck loved sex because it was something that he could obtain. He needed the contact that his father couldn't provide. Chuck wanted his father's love.

He couldn't get it, so he settled for the pleasures of the flesh provided by every female on the Upper East Side.

He could get this from every female on the Upper East Side except for one. This made Blair Waldorf all the more desirable. Damn her.

Chuck hadn't gone over the line too many times. It was his misfortune, however, to cross the line right when an overly protective brother was watching. This earned him a punch in the face. This earned Dan Humphrey life long hatred, courtesy of Chuck Bass.

This wasn't even Chuck's worse offense. No, Chuck couldn't offend worse than he did his best friend, Nathaniel Archibald.

Date rape was bad in some peoples' minds, but the stealing of a (best) friend's girlfriend is unforgivable, no matter how long they were broken up (not that Chuck waited very long). On the Upper East Side, that's how it was, at least.

Chuck Bass reveled in the world of heavy sex and drugs. However, there was one drug that he could never kick. There was one addiction he could never salve. It ruined him. She ruined the reputation he had built for himself since he was in sixth grade. And she was worth it.

Chuck wanted something that he could never have. He wanted something that was never meant to be his. He wanted it so bad, he had forsaken the most important relationship in his life; his best friend.

In Chuck's defense, it really wasn't his fault. She made the first move. That didn't mean he hadn't wanted it all along, of course. He had wanted her subconsciously for almost his entire life.

That hope only flared to life when she took the stage. She ignited his senses. She ignited an emotion that Chuck could never put to rest after. She ignited a fiery passion that would never fade for them both.

He was surprised how easy it was to forsake all other women after that. He did it in his mind's eye, anyway. Whenever another woman approached him, he critiqued her insanely in his head.

She wasn't petite, she wasn't brunette, she wasn't snarky enough, her eyes weren't wide enough, she didn't wear a headband, she didn't have a ruby ring shaped like a heart. Soon he realized the only woman that could ever satisfy him was the one woman he couldn't have.

The first night he was with her was a taste of the drug. She left the limo and he could still feel her body heat on him. He still had her distinctive taste in his mouth. He could still feel her manicured hands running all over his body.

He just couldn't let her go. He tried to. He never tried so hard at anything in his life. He tried to rid himself of Blair Waldorf. He failed miserably.

Nate's trust was important to him. But the heart wants what the heart wants. Chuck actually referring to himself with a heart was mind-blowing in itself. This is what that damn bitch brought out in him. He hated to believe that one person would have this much control over his emotions. That was love, he supposed.

Chuck didn't even last 24 hours without having to taste her again. He couldn't even go a day without putting his arms around her. It was exactly the next night when he made her his again.

Chuck felt guilty in between the first and second night. Every minute that he thought of her (which was every minute), he felt like he was betraying his best friend. The truth was, he had already betrayed him, and there was nothing he could do about it. But as soon as his lips touched her shoulder, all of that vanished. The guilt didn't plague him anymore. All he could see was her. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She was perfect. He didn't deserve her, and yet he had her.

He looked up into her wide, deep, dark eyes. He was surprised by what happened next. She pressed her lips fervorly against his, as if she needed him too. She ran her hands over him in the same manner she had the night before. It almost seemed as though she were feeling the same things that he was. It was as if she were addicted to him as well. He wasn't complaining. He deluded himself into thinking this.

But there was something in her eyes that told him different. She wanted him and he knew it. He wanted her, too. He wanted her more than anything. He never stopped.

Chuck was never one for romantic gestures either. That didn't stop him from buying her a 35,000 dollar diamond necklace. Chuck would drain his trust fund for her, and that was saying something.

There was nothing Chuck loved more than money… or at least he thought. It turns out that he was wrong. Charles Bartholomew Bass was in love with Blair Cornelia Waldorf. Chuck found that he would never stop wanting her.