Hello all. I have recently discovered my new fanfiction loves, which are story crossovers. Reason being I enjoy seeing how characters will react if given different characters to deal with and or different settings. This one will consist of The Lost Boys (probably one of the best vampire movies ever made) and Twilight (one of the worst vampire books/movie ever made). Now I will be centering the story more around Lost Boys because it seems that Lost Boys fans tend to like it more that Twilight (so if I make fun of Twilight, which I will attempt to do while at the same time make this story relatively serious) I wont get flamed as bad if I were put it in the Twilight genre. The downside… not as many people will read it. Well you can't have everything. Okay and here, we, go! (Oh I decided to remove Star and that one random kid who I can't figure out his name because they get the way sorry)


Night began to fall over Santa Carla removing some life from it but bringing in other. The local boardwalk was plagued with teens and adults looking for a good time, among them were the Cullens. School had only recently been cut off for summer break and the Carlisle had been intrigued to check out Santa Carla, since it was hot spot for vampires. Normally him and Esme would go alone, but this time the rest of the family, and Bella decided to tag along. But they weren't the only (dare I call them…) "vampires" on the boardwalk tonight, for as usual David and his gang were up, and in the mood to cause little spots of trouble here and there.

David, Marko, Dwayne, and Paul were up and about flirting with pretty much any attractive girl they saw, while at the same time annoying store clerks or any sort of authority figure. But to be honest they weren't the only ones that did this. The four boys eventually sat themselves down on the pier and Marko went off to go grab them some food. He soon returned with a crate of Chinese food. He tossed everyone a box and a pair of chopsticks, and they began eating.

"Hey David," Paul said elbowing him in the arm, "check it out," Paul pointed to Rosalie, the others looked too. David raised his eyebrows in interest. They all looked at each other and looked back at Rosalie.

"Well who gets her?" Marko asked.

"Paul spotted her, so I think he can have her," everyone looked at each other wondering why David would give in so easily. Paul took advantage of this opportunity and walk over with pride. David smirked knowing that this would be interesting, the others soon caught on.

"Hey. You new in Santa Carla," Paul said as he casually leaned up against the outside of a store wall.

"What, are you the welcoming committee?"

"I can be more than that," Paul said as he raised his eyebrows.

"Really?" she replied in a sexy way. The boys all did a sort of oooo sound, and went back to watching Paul. Rosalie moved closer to him and began to twirl a lock of his hair around her finger, "You wanna know what I think of welcoming committees? This!" she said as she kneed Paul in the gut. David, Marko, and Dwayne all started laughing hysterically. Marko fell to the floor grabbing hold of his torso and started to roll back and fourth, Dwayne leaned up against a pillar and grabbed onto the railing to try and keep from falling to the floor, and David placed his head on his arm resting on the railing and slapped the beam wildly with his other hand.

Paul was keeled over clenching his gut as Rosalie walked off with Emmett (who had left Rosalie on her own for the time being) who looked rather confused about what just happened. David eventually walked over and helped Paul to get to his feet.

"Wow Paul," said Marko still snickering.

"Shut the Hell up," he was obviously still in pain.

"Jesus Christ she must have kicked you hard!" Dwayne said.

"You have no idea. It was like being hit by Superman,"

"And you would know what that feels like," Marko mocked.

"That is strange," David remarked.

"What? How?" Paul asked.

"The pain shouldn't last this long. I mean we are vampires why would it?" everyone looked at each other in agreement.

"She did smell different than most humans and so did that guy," Paul replied. Suddenly David froze and his nostrils flared.

"I'm picking something up," Marko lifted his head up and sniffed the air. People looked over at him and gave him a strange sort of look. Paul, still in pain, noticed and punched Marko in the shoulder as a signal to stop. David looked over into a throng of people and saw a tall pale bronze haired boy holding hands with a shorter but just a pale brown haired girl. He lifted himself off the railing and signaled to the other three. They obediently followed him.

"David do you know who they are," Dwayne asked him.

"No," he replied, "but I intend to find out,"


Well there you have it chapter one. There should be more later but I don't know when. Oh I also eliminated Sammy and Michael, but I didn't say anything about the Frog brothers (wink, wink).