Hello once again. I am sick today and it reeeeally sucks. But, my urge to make a successful fanfiction story drives me (does dramatic gesture). Well I hope this works out. I've recently been deciding on whether to start putting this story in the Twilight genre and see how many people flame me. I probably won't but the idea was funny. I'll provide a warning if I ever plan to do such a thing. On with the story!


David, Marko, Paul, and Dwayne showed Edward and Bella almost every corner of the boardwalk. David was being friendly in his own little sort of way. It wasn't really friendship, but simply bait to draw in his prey. Eventually the boys lead Edward and Bella back to where they had parked their bikes. Each of them got on their bike, but Edward noticed an extra one.

"Whose bike is that?" he asked, as he gestured his head in the direction of the bike.

"It's yours," David replied with a smirk. To tell you the truth the boys didn't know whose it was, but the keys were in the ignition so it was theirs.

Edward hopped on the bike and helped Bella on who ended up falling off the other side. Edward helped her up again and made sure she was securely on the bike.

"Know where Hudson's Bluff is?" David asked, gunning the engine. The others all did the same.

"No," Edward replied.

"Then just try and keep up," David smirked as he shot off.

The boys all followed howling in excitement. Edward gunned the engine and started to follow them.

They zoomed through the beach, successfully swerving around everyone who got in their way. People yelled curses at them and threw flaming sticks from their bonfires, but the boys only laughed and howled, their faces full of thrill from the ride. Edward kept an almost-glare upon his face, and Bella was constantly looking back. At one point people on the beach began throwing rocks at them and successfully hit Bella on the back of her head.

They continued to jump over and dodge different obstacles. David and the boys would occasionally look back to see how Edward was holding up. David started to smile, knowing that they were almost to the bluff.

They finally reached it… the bluff! Fog surrounded them disabling their vision.

"COME ON EDWARD!" David cried over the roaring of the engines and crashing of waves as he began to gain speed. Marko, Dwayne, and Paul eventually fell back into the mist and cried out: "YOU CAN DO IT!" and "LET'S GO EDWARD!"

Bella was obviously terrified and grabbed Edward tighter, but he didn't slow down. They pressed through the fog until they could soon hear the crash of the ocean against the rocks of the cliff. Edward continued to gain on David until they were neck and neck. David knew Edward couldn't beat him, but he still wanted to cheat. He smirked and he violently swerved at Edward. Edward noticed and swerved away. David eventually stopped precisely at the edge of the cliff while Bella and Edward toppled over.

The rest of the boys skidded to David's side their engines still roaring. They noticed Edward helping up Bella and started to snicker in amusement. Once Edward got Bella to her feet he walked over and punched David in the jaw. There was a SNAP and David went flying off his bike and onto the hard gravel. The boys' snickers turned to dead silence as their eyes widened in shock.

Edward was breathing deeply and Bella ran to his side. David sat up to notice he was bleeding and his jaw was broken! What are they? He thought as he sat up and fixed his jaw, which instantly healed.

"Well Edward," he said smiling as he lifted himself off the ground, "I hope there are no hard feelings," he held out his hand. Edward hesitated for a minute, but eventually took it.

"Bella and I better head back," Edward said as he grabbed Bella's arm and dragged her to the bike.

"Where're you off to Edward? The fun isn't over yet," Marko said in a creepy voice.

"C'mon Eddie, we were hoping to show you our home," Paul called out to him. David gave an ominous smirk. Edward was determined to find out more about these strange people so he gave in and turned the bike so it was facing the boys.

"Hmph," David snickered as he gunned his engine and sped off. The others followed.

They rode through night until the stumbled upon a dark looking cave. It was covered in signs that read "KEEP OUT," and "UNSAFE." The boys ignored this as they parked their bikes and pushed back the chain-link fence blocking the entrance. They slid through the tunnels with great ease, and Edward managed to do the same. Meanwhile Bella continued to stumble and fall, finding herself battling cobwebs.

Down through tunnels they went until eventually they came upon an old Victorian hotel lobby. It was almost perfectly intact except a bit lopsided and cracked in certain areas.

"Welcome to our home!" David announced raising his arms, "Use to be the hottest resort in Santa Carla about a hundred years ago. Pity they built it right on top of the San Adreas fault. So when the big one hit San Francisco, the ground opened up," David clapped, "and this place took a header right into the crack. And now it's ours."

Edward skimmed the area and checked to make sure Bella was close to him.

&nb sp; "Ohohohoho! Check it out!" Paul said as he held up a dusty bottle of what appeared to be wine.

"Niiiiiice!" Dwayne called to him. Marko ran up to him and playfully tried to grab it from his hands. Paul lifted it out of Marko's reach as he jumped up trying to snatch it.

David casually sat down in a lobby chair putting a leg over the chair's arm and placing the other on the floor.

"Sit, sit," he ordered politely and gave a gesture to a couch. Edward and Bella sat down and Edward held her close to him, "Marko!" he ordered as he clapped his hands, "Fetch us some 'drinks'," Marko knew what he meant as he jumped off to find the bottle containing David's blood.

Marko jumped back at David's side and handed him the bottle decorated in beautiful designs. David pulled out the cork and took a sip. He shuddered a bit and handed it to Edward.

"Here," he tossed it to Edward.

"Sorry, but I don't drink," Edward replied as he attempted to hand it back to David.

"Just try it. I guarantee you'll like it," David didn't accept the bottle and Edward retracted his extended arm. Bella gave Edward and unsure glance. They both knew that Edward couldn't drink it without throwing up, but David wouldn't take it back until he tried some.

Edward sniffed the top of the bottle and the smell enticed him to try it. He took a sip and found it rather delightful. David smirked and Edward started to chug it. His eyes had an unusual wild look to them and they began to turn red. David sat up normally and shot him a rather concerned look. Edward finished and threw down the bottle. Bella slid away from him.

"Edward? Are you okay? Edward?" she cried to him. Edward wiped his chin and his red eyes fixed onto David. David stood up as Edward move toward him. Suddenly Edward lunged at David.


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