Synopsis: Abraxas Malfoy wants nothing more in this world than to get his grandson to settle down and start acting like a respectable Malfoy ought to, but that is much easier said than done. So in order to solve this problem he employs a respectable pureblood girl to pose as his wife for one year so that the Malfoy name can earn back so of the respect that it held before his son, Lucius, got mixed up with the wrong crowd on the wrong side of the magical war.

When Ginny Weasley is approached by Abraxas as the perfect candidate she grudgingly accepts the job. After she marries Draco and starts taking on the responsibilities of being a Malfoy Ginny begins to wonder if the money is worth the ordeal, especially as she and Draco spend more time together and begin to develop a strange bond that has deep connections to their past and might just enable them to build a future together.

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Chapter 1: The Decision

Abraxas Malfoy rubbed a hand weathered by age over his tired face. It seemed as though his problems would never go away. He no longer knew what to do with his family anymore.

His son was a complete mess. Throwing his family name behind the losing side of the war that had raged on for years had really taken a toll on the family fortune and the once pristine Malfoy name. Malfoy was not always synonymous with evil and the extreme uses of the dark arts.

Since the very beginning of that horrid snake half-blood's rise to power, Lucius Malfoy had been completely infatuated with the clout and racial cleansing that the "lord" Voldemort had offered. Lucius was wooed by the crackpot's visions of a world without muggles and so he pledged his loyalty and the loyalty of the Malfoy name to his cause.

Once Lucius had done that Abraxas knew that he could no longer stay in England, there was too much of a risk. He was the richest man in England with an over eager son who was controlled by a madman. So, Abraxas did the only thing he could think of that could preserve his family's hard earned integrity and his life, he faked his own death.

It was simple enough just a middle spell that gave him the equivalent of the common cold but outwardly appeared to be a dreadful disease that had ravaged England many times over the last few centuries, Dragon Pox. He spent two weeks lying in bed looking absolutely dreadful before he had the common decency to 'die'. After that there was a fake funeral and he and his wife, Salvia, simply jetted off to the French Rivera until the whole moment could blow over.

What Abraxas and Salvia didn't realize was that the little rebellion would last thirty years. They didn't mind though, their Mediterranean home was absolute paradise, especially when considering the hell that was taking place in England.

Abraxas was never concerned about his finances though, even with his idiot of a son technically in charge. He had an ace in the hole, his daughter-in-law Narcissa Black Malfoy.

Cissa was the most competent young woman he had ever met. From their first meeting Abraxas knew that no matter what she wanted to do with her life, she would accomplish it flawlessly.

It was Abraxas who set Lucius and Narcissa up soon after their graduation from Hogwarts. The girl had barely finished her graduation ceremony before the marriage papers were drawn up and signed for the latest union between the Malfoy heir and the beautiful pureblood girl.

It quickly became clear after their wedding that it would be Narcissa, not Lucius, that would run the Malfoy estate and various holdings while her husband played dress up with the other idiots that bought into the snake's plot. Once her name was officially changed to Malfoy, Cissa immediately began learning the ins and outs of running the extensive properties and businesses that were tied into the Malfoy estate. So when the time came that Abraxas felt that he could no longer remain in England he had no doubts that he was leaving his holdings in the correct hands. Narcissa did a wonderful job over the last thirty years in not only managing the Malfoy estate but also keeping Lucius and his stick fingers at bay so that at least a portion of the Malfoy wealth intact.

The only task that was set before Narcissa that she did not accomplish flawlessly was that of raising her son. Draco Malfoy, the youngest in the great Malfoy family, had unfortunately idolized his father his entire life.

As a child he put in heart and soul into emulating Lucius and trying to do everything that he asked of him, no matter how cruel or insane. Draco never saw Lucius as the idiotic monster he truly was, despite Narcissa's best attempts to lead him down another path. Lucius was a god in Draco's eye even though he did so many things that should have scared the child for life.

The only good thing that Lucius had ever done for his son was refuse to allow him to get the dark mark. He endured massive criticism from his 'master' and fellow deatheaters but refused to budge on the point. The Malfoy heir would not be marred by the horrid tattoo. Abraxas always suspected it was because somewhere inside Lucius knew that his side was going to lose and the only ounce of fatherly affection that he had in his soul didn't want his son to be dragged down with the rest.

Yes, with Abraxas' return to England his son was no longer the most pressing crisis. He could deal with Lucius as he always had a commanding tone and threat of disinheritance. Lucius had had his taste of running the family and would never again be given any power of that kind if Abraxas had anything to say about the matter. No, his more pressing problem was the family's more immediate heir, Draco.

Being that he was unmarked, Draco was allowed the luxury of living a completely normal life after the war, or at least relatively normal. He was after all the richest and most eligible bachelor in the country and he knew it.

Draco had, in the three years since the war had ended and life had returned to normal, taken a fancy to the life of a playboy. He stayed out all night, every night drinking, smoking, and getting to know the female population of most of London. In the last year alone the little bastard had no less than 55 girlfriends, none lasting more than a week and sometimes more than one at the same time.

He was never at the manor and showed no interest in running the Malfoy estates or businesses. Draco Malfoy was only interested in partying and having copious amounts of sex. He refused to slow down despite the best efforts of his family to convince him.

All the sex, drugs and rock and roll had caused huge scandals for the Malfoy family. Several girls had come forward claiming Draco had gotten them pregnant, all were proved false but still… he had also been arrested by both muggle police and aurors and the bloody idiot had taken to racing brooms and had almost gotten himself killed, twice. The scandal that his behavior had caused was creating even more bad publicity for a family whose name had already been tainted by the indiscretions of a son and Abraxas was fed up.

Today as he sat in his study after waiting for his grandson to be retrieved from St. Mungo's yet again, Abraxas came up with a plan. Because of Draco's outrageous lifestyle, he decided that he had to take matters into his own hands; Abraxas was going to buy Draco a respectable wife and use her to control his grandson and restore the family name.

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