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He stepped closer until he was standing at the foot of my bed.

"W-what a-are you d-doing here?" I asked.

"What? Am I not allowed to visit my sister? The family does consider you a Cullen after all..."

"Well, of c-course y-you can visit. Y-you just took me by surprise--" before I could finish my sentence Jasper was laying next to me on my bed. Our faces were only an inch apart, I felt his cool breath in my face that seem to hypnotyze me for a second.

Then I looked into his eyes... BIG mistake.

HUGE mistake.

When I looked into his golden orbs, he gave me that dazzling feeling that I always got with Edward. I was captivated by his eyes for only a moment. But a moment was all he needed.

Before I noticed he had taped my mouth, hands, and feet together. He gave me a smug grin, then he carried me bridal style and jumped out the window. Net thing I knew we were running at vimpire speed through the forest.

"What are you doing?!" I tried to ask but it came out muffled. He got the hint though and untapped my mouth, "OW!" I whined.

"Answer my question Jasper! What are you doing?!" I asked getting frustrated.

"Well, do you remember when Edward accused me of smashing his Cd's, long ago?" he asked.

"You mean this morning?"

"Yes, this morning!" He said to gritted teeth, "but that's not the point! Do you remember that your boyfriend got me in trouble or is that human brains of yours turned off?"

"Shut up, Jasper! Of course I remember!" I yelled offended. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, I decided to get a little revenge with the thing that Edward loves the most--"

"His Volvo?" I asked.

"No, the thing he loves the most is--"

"His piano?" I guessed again.

"NO! The thing he loves the most is---"

" I'm hungry!" I whined.

"Listen to ME!" He yelled obviously frustrated with something...

"I want revenge with the thing that he loves the most.................YOU." He said with an evil glint in his eye that send shiver up my spine.

I gulped.



"Emmett, get out of my way!" I yelled, exasperated.

Emmett was currently blocking the door, and I needed to go to Bella's house, it was already 10:15!

I already knew that he didn't want me to go to Bella's house (that was obvious). I also knew that he had a secret, because Alice was blocking her mind and didn't seem worried that Jasper was missing.

Oh, and because Emmett keeps repeating, "Don't go to Bella's house, Don't go to Bella's house, I'm not hiding anything, I'm not hiding anything, I want to tacos, I want tacos..."

I wonder when he will realize we can't eat human food...

Of course, i'm not stupid and I know that I need to get to Bella's house...

At that thought, I pointed to the kitchen and yelled, "Look! Esme brought tacos for dinner!". While Emmett was distracted I made my way out the door, and straight to Bella's house, too worried to notice another vampire's scent, a Cullen's scent.

"What is going on?" I muttered to myself.

I reached her house and jumped on the windowsill.

I looked around the room, everything looked normal, except one problem... no Bella.


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