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I walked towards the portable building at the far end of campus. The heat was unbearable and I wished I could have worn my flip flops instead of my docs. If Renee had not lost the box clearly labeled Bella's flip flops, I would be so much more comfortable. I looked at my watch and noticed I was cutting it pretty close to the bell.

Great my first day of senior year at a new school and I would be late, yet again. Why the fuck did it have to be so far away from civilization, ugh. Why do they put a class room out on the edge of the grounds, what was this Hogwarts? Damn new school. I had just moved here from Miami, and there flip flops were practically part of the dress code. Here though? You would think that with this Texas heat flip flops would be mandatory also.

As I approached I saw Mr. Whitlock and Coach Cullen walking out of the portable. I had Whitlock for History and Cullen for PE and Health, god I would be learning about reproduction from that hot piece of ass, it just wasn't fair. As I saw them pass by I wondered if this tiny Podunk town manage to breed hot teachers or was just a magnet for them.

I struggled to keep my mind from wondering as I walked into the portable. All the seats were full, minus one at the center of the room with the sexiest looking dork I had ever seen. He was dressed like a Mormon missionary and had this odd copper hair that was messy like he had just gotten laid. I sat across from him and couldn't help but sneer at him. As hot as he was he was still a big nerd I could tell just by looking at him, but still I wanted a piece of that.

"What?" he asked me his eyes full of mischief.

"Nothing" I responded, as I sat down across from him.

"No really," he had a gleam in his eye I couldn't place.

"Well, its just that it's the first day of class and your wearing a fucking tie? Really? Are you that much of a kiss ass?" He snickered at that.

"So that's it yeah, you got me all figured out?" I could have sworn I saw his eyes look down at my breasts. Well fuck me sideways holy boy was a horny toad.

"Not really, your hot that's for sure, but a tie god I'm surprised your nose is still clean."

"So I'm hot? Really?" the crooked grin almost paralyzed me.

"Yeah I guess for a kiss ass," just as my sentence finished the bell rang. I looked around and the hottie in front of me just smiled, I confess I was fucking dazzled. As all students looked around expectantly the hot piece of ass stood and my jaw dropped.

"Hi I am Edward Cullen and I am your new Technology Science teacher for the year!" As he spoke he moved to the front of the room and I could see the laughter in his eyes as he spoke. He winked at me. I could feel the heat rising in my face and thought I would shit right there and then. This was going to be a long, hot year.

The days past into weeks and the tension between me and Edward-I mean Mr. Cullen seemed to be increasing. Don't get me wrong he wasn't pissed off at me or anything, the tension was sexual. I noticed it the first day of class. The way his eyes always seemed to be on me when he talked.

I decided that I wanted him and that he would be mine rules be damned. I needed to find out everything about him. So after asking around, I found out several things about Edward. He was 22 years old and this was his first year teaching. He had moved here from Washington state for the most part. He was the wrestling state champ in college. That piece of information alone made me wet. Turns out Edward wasn't the only hot Cullen at school. His older brother was Coach Emmett Cullen and Alice Whitlock who was actually my cool English teacher -and asked all the seniors to call her Alice- was his twin sister.

Alice was hot and I confess of having various impure thoughts about her. Alas, Alice was married to the history teacher Jasper Whitlock. I was actually on my way to Alice's to see if I could get any information on her brother from her, when I realized that I had left my binder in Tech class. Shit, this meant Id be late for Mr. Whitlock's class. Fuck it, I marched my way back to the Technology portable knowing it take me at least 6 minutes to get there from the cafeteria and another 7 minutes to get to Whitlock's Class.

I walked into the portable slightly out of breath and noticed no one was there and the lights were off. Good he was at lunch. A dim glow came in from the heavily curtained windows and the open door, my eyes landed on the binder and it was sitting on his desk. Fuck. I really hope he hadn't read the poem I wrote about his cock… Okay it was about the dream I had of his cock.

I was half way to his desk when I realized that the light from the door was still coming into the room. As I got to the desk, the light began to dim and I heard footsteps. I could smell him every where, I couldn't think -shit.

"I see you came back for your binder…" his voice was deeper and huskier than I had ever heard it.

"I just realized I forgot it 2nd period and uhm…" I could feel the heat of his body behind me even though our bodies were not touching. "I came back uhm for it"

I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he murmured into my ear, "Is that bit of creative writing in there for your English class? Or your health class."

"Uhm, God-Uh-Fuck-I uhm," I couldn't think my mind was racing he had read the poem! His breath felt sooo good on my neck. Visions of his mouth on my neck his tongue roving over my naked flesh filled my head. I quickly grabbed my binder and turned around, I lost my balance. As I began to fall he grabbed me forcefully pushing me up and back against his desk. My hands fell to my side as I looked into his eyes, they were a dark green and deep with desire. A smug look was spread across his face.

"You certainly are very graphic," he punctuated the c at the end of the word. His lips were close-so close to mine, "You think your teacher would want to read a poem about there brothers dick." He smelled like mint and musk and I couldn't think, my mind was reeling, I couldn't move. He leaned in and I felt his cock press against my stomach. I licked my lips at the thought of him hardening for me. I took a deep breath and moved out of his grasp, "I uhm am late for History," I squeaked out. I knew if he had tried I would not have been able to escape him, he had let me leave. I rushed to the door and Alice Whitlock walked in and gasped as I hurried passed her blushing.

Christmas was approaching fast and things became stranger and stranger. Alice had taken to asking me to help her grade papers and we developed a friend ship after what had happened. I swore Alice to secrecy and confessed my cock poem. She read it and had a good laugh at both her brother and my expense.

She was only 4 years older than me and I wondered how that could be. She explained that her and Edward had been home schooled because there father was a doctor and they traveled a lot. Apparently he was with Doctors with out borders and had taken the family to places like Indonesia and Malaysia. Emmett was 3 years older and had gone to Texas A&M. He joined the football team during walk on try outs and then convinced Edward and Alice to go there with him. They had finished high school at 17 and started A&M only a year after Emmett. Ali and Jasper met at the Aggie bonfire freshman year and had been together ever since.

I loved Ali and the feeling was mutual. It was ironic that the hot pixie I had once fantasized about was now my best friend in this hell hole. I could tell her anything and she never judged me. I expressed my concern that Jasper might think it was inappropriate for me to be interested in a teacher and vice versa. Ali however, assured me not to worry about him. I was 18 and once I graduated Edward and I were free to be together. It was just a question of lust, and whether or not Edward and I could control ourselves. After our conversation Jasper had gone from ignoring me to looking at me with a perplexed and worried look. Emmett on the other hand did everything but pull out a digital camera during gym to preserve how I looked in the short PE shorts. In health class he always made sure I was the one who practiced putting condoms on banana's and quizzed me relentlessly about spermicidal jelly's and all the latest contraceptive devices.

As for Technology class… Well, ever since that day Edward went out of his way to open doors for me and make sure we were never alone in the same room. We had fallen into a friendly banter and shameless flirting, but we had not gotten as close as we had before. Just before thanksgiving, I had run into Edward in the teachers lounge when Ali had sent me to make copies for her.

"Hello Bella," he was very careful not to look at me.

"Hello Mr. Cullen." I looked around nervously as I fidgeted with the copier there was only one other person in the lounge and it was Mrs. Nelson the blind music teacher.

"Did you understand today's assignments?" he began looking nervous as Mrs. Nelson got up to leave. I leaned against the wall waiting for my copies.

"Yeah I understood it pretty well," Mrs. Nelson was out the door and it was slowly swinging shut, "I mean the equation for structural integrity is pret-" my words were cut short as Edward forcefully slammed me against the wall and assaulted my mouth with his tongue. I moaned as he bit my bottom lip. Suddenly the door opened and Edward jumped back about 10 feet. We looked at the door and it was Emmett.

"Okay you guys or so fucking lucky it was me," he grinned and then sat at the couch and put the TV on ESPN.

I grabbed the copies and straightened out my clothing as a walked to the door. Edward grabbed my hand as I passed him and I felt a jolt of electricity.

God who knew lust carried a charge.

The days were dragging after that incident and I was aching for him. Nightly, I fantasized about him taking me everywhere. I would picture us fucking on his desk or me bent over the copier as he took me from behind. It was always his face and body I fantasized about. Always his name I called out when I brought myself to climax. A plan began to formulate in my head. There was no way I was going to wait until graduation to lose my virginity, I knew Edward wanted me too. Alice had betrayed him by telling me he had an extra spring in his step ever since he read my poem, and he had betrayed himself by making out with me in the teachers lounge. Unfortunately he also was dead set on waiting until I graduated to make his first move, I had to break his resolve and it had to be soon.

As was my wont I stayed after school to help Alice grade papers and decided I was going to make a bold move. My mother wouldn't come pick me up from school until I called her and I was pretty sure that even though Alice fervently denied it, the looks I was getting from Edwards family was because they considered me a cock tease. As I began to walk to the portable in the distance I made sure his silver Volvo was still in the parking lot. My stomach clinched, my resolve almost melted, but I continued walking.

I reached for the door handle and my hand was shaking. I took a deep breath, unbuttoned the top two buttons of my shirt, and hiked my skirt up to mid thigh. I reached for the door again and as I opened it my senses were flooded with his scent. I walked in to see him leaning against a table at the far end of the room looking over some schematic drawings.

"Hey Emmett you done with practice already," Edward spoke with out turning around.

"Actually uhm Mr. Cullen uhm its me Bella…" well so much for confidence. Edward turned around. I heard a low moan as he took me in. Trouble is I don't know if it came from him or me.

"Hey, Bella it's a little late for you to be here isn't it" his voice was shaky, he was nervous. Good.

"I was helping Alice grade papers. I saw your car was still here so I thought I would come by to ask about the homework" he smirked and he knew it was a lie.

He cocked his eyebrow as his eyes traveled up my ankle to my barely covered thighs and I new that this new moan I heard came from him.

"Very well then, tell me what you need."

I walked over to him trembling inside, but I was determined to make my move. He looked at my cleavage and I saw him blush, this was VERY good. I knew from the moment I saw him I wanted to ride him. The verbal assault had been a defense mechanism. I smiled and closed the gap between us. I positioned myself between the table and him, brushing up against him as I slowly lifted myself onto the table in front of him-slightly spreading my legs open.

"I was just wondering if you could explain the assignment again…"

Edward stepped in front of me glancing down at my exposed thighs, he struggled to speak, " Really, what do you need explained about the assignment." I saw a bead of sweat form on his forehead and trickle down his cheek. I was beginning to wonder if he would have a harder resolve then I had anticipated and then he gulped and hesitantly reached for my leg. His hand was shacking as he ran his finger up from my calf to my knee. I shuttered at both the sensation and the thoughts running through my mind. He then raised his hand to my cheek and ran it down my jaw line towards my neck and to my collar bone. My body quivered at his touch and as his finger trailed between my breasts. I arched my back pushing my breasts toward him.

"Maybe we can discuss a lesson of a different kind," I reached for his hands and placed them on my breasts and squeezed. I then moved my hands to his collar and began unbuttoning his shirt. He clinched his eyes shut as he grabbed my wrists to keep me from touching him. My breath began to speed up, I froze, scared for the first time. But when he opened his green eyes he looked at me, they were dark with need. I moved in to kiss him and he returned it with fervor. He moaned in my mouth and I struggled against him to try and touch him. His grip was unrelenting and I tried to no avail to extricate myself from his hold. He laughed at my attempt as he moved his mouth over the remaining buttons of my blouse to unbutton them.

"Is this what you really want Miss. Swan?" his voice was husky and seemed to be bordering on madness. He pulled me towards him and my skirt went further up reveling my pink lace see through panties. A deep moan escaped his beautiful lips and he began kissing his way down my stomach. He began sucking on my belly button and I thought I would go mad.

"Who knew you had more talents then just being state wrestling champ…"

As he moved down to the last button he breathed, "I have many talents Miss. Swan, and I was champ three years in a row." I moaned loudly as his teeth grazed my skin. I wrapped my legs around him and I could feel the wetness pooling in my panties. His hard sex was rubbing on my crotch and I thought I would go insane from the friction.

As he lowered his mouth between my breasts he grabbed my bra in the center by his teeth and lifted the bra up and over my breasts. A small gasp escaped my throat as he moved in for my right nipple. Every sensation was so new to me, I had masturbated before, but I had never had another persons mouth over my breasts. My eyes rolled back in my head and I could feel my thighs tighten around him as I thrust my hips into his ever hardening cock. I was going insane and I wondered if that was what he was aiming for. Driving me insane for all the cock teasing I had been doing with my short skirts and low cut blouses. I may be only 18 but I know what I want and it is Edward fucking Cullen.

As he worked his way to my other nipple I begin to beg him, "please Edward… let me touch you."

"No," he responded. I couldn't believe he was being such a bastard.

"Why" I said in almost a whisper.

"I'm the one teaching the lesson Bella not you," as he said that he pulled my wrists together as he forced me back onto the table. My cunt was dripping and painfully needing him to do something to me. Once he had my hands together, he brought his mouth to mine and lowered his other hand to rub my clit through my panties. I moaned in his mouth and I heard him growl as I could feel him getting harder against my inner thigh.

He moved the thin lace over to the side and slid his two fingers into my wetness. Then he pulled his fingers out and raised them to his lips. I almost came right then and there when he put them into his mouth and sucked on them. "MMMM god Bella you taste so fucking good…"

One arm got free and I seized the opportunity to grab his cock. He immediately through his head back. He looked at me and the want and lust was so apparent in his green eyes I couldn't break his gaze. He suddenly let my hands free and grabbed my waist thrusting against me as he pulled me onto him.

I couldn't think anymore and began thrusting against him with wanton abandon.

My entire body was warm and it began to tingle. I could feel an intense tightness forming in my stomach and the loud moans escaping from my throat surprised me. If it wasn't for the immense pleasure I would have been embarrassed but at that moment I didn't care.

Edward was grunting as he drove hard against me, panting. I couldn't take it any longer, "uh- my - god- Edwaaaaaa" The orgasm was over powering and I collapsed back onto the table. Edward was far from done with me. He pulled me to him as I threw my arms around his neck to hold myself up. He kissed me hard as he grunted and began sucking, then biting my bottom lip. I moaned as his thrusts became more insistent and forceful.

When he finally came it was with such force that I fell back onto the table as he collapsed on top of me. Our breaths began to even out and some semblance of thinking was returning. I reached forward to pull my bra back over my breasts. Just as I began to re button the my blouse he seized my wrists again. He stood up and began to laugh, "What do you think your doing Bella?"

"Uhm, I was just going to button my blouse" he brought me to him and kissed me gently this time.

He murmured in my ear, "We've both just cum hard with out the luxury of me being inside your glorious cunt, If you think your leaving that easily your mistaken. I am no where through with you yet."

I giggled in excitement. He was going to fuck me good right here and right now. I began to tingle again and I knew I needed him. "So I cant leave, and I cant even button my shirt Mr. Cullen?"

"Oh Bella, you called me Edward when you were coming and I find I prefer it…"

"Mmmm Edward," I gasped. "Take me, taste me… please," I begged.

I saw the glint in his eyes as the realization of what I had just said came to him. A wide grin spread upon his face and he dove for my neck. The sensation tickled in an arousing way. I began to giggle and suddenly we froze. The sound of footsteps on the walkway approaching the door startled us. Edward began to pull away but before he could unhand me the door opened. I was terrified at who it might be and clinched my eyes closed.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!!!!

I heard a vaguely familiar sound of someone clearing there throat. I began to panic as realization of who it could be hit me like a brick-RENEE!!!

"So is THIS why your so eager to stay after school Bella?!" A mixture of outrage and embarrassment in her voice. I looked Edward in the eye and looked down at my open blouse silently thanking god I had had the chance to pull my bra back over my breasts earlier.

Edward released my hands, turned to face my mother and I could tell he was blushing profusely. I took the opportunity to button my shirt and as he took a step forward I slid off the table trying to pull my skirt back down. The wetness of my panties reminded me of what my mother had walked in on.

"It's not what you think Mrs. Swan…" Edwards voice trailed off as he struggled to find an excuse other then "We weren't fucking yet Mrs. Swan your daughter and I were merely dry humping."

"Oh Really Mr. Cullen? Bella lets go NOW!!!" I hurried past Edward to my mother turning to grab my book bag off the table. I mouthed that he should call me later on my cell and then dashed out the door.

My mother who had unbelievably bad timing had just walked in on us. I had to try to think of something to calm my mother down so she wouldn't tell my father or the principle. Ouch, Charlie would kill Edward. He was the chief of police and he was bound to find a legal way to kill him. God, I had to think. Which meant I had to get these thoughts under control. I knew 3 things at this point. 1. That Edward Cullen wanted me as badly as I wanted him. 2. I wanted Edward more than anything on gods green earth and 3. I would get my way and Edward Cullen would be mine, whatever the cost.