Artemis Fowl: The Enigma Complex


This was an Editorial found in The Atlantis Journal by a P. Sober concerning the relationship of humans and the People. It also tells about the treatments of Mud People with magical blood in them and debates about whether they should be treated differently than other humans.

Long ago before Mud People even existed there were the People. Some scientists even speculate that we helped their evolution along from their much more primitive forms. Little did we know in the early days of the Frond dynasty that these creatures would one day overpopulate and turn upon us. Soon after hiding away within the very earth though, many of us forgot that the Mud People had once been more to us than Earth stealing backstabbers. At one time we had gone so far as to consider them equals, no matter how abstract that concept may seem now.

And long ago, in the days of Frond as we all lived above the Earth in equality and peace, some fairies even went so far as to fall in love with the various Mud People who had developed enough to attract them, but what of their descendents? Many people today would be baffled by the idea of a fairy and a human being together in any manner, and though even then it was not popular it was still an occurrence seen often enough, and in some rare cases children were born. These were painful and difficult cases if history is to be accounted for.

And despite these rare children who often faced problems of their magic conflicting with their bodies, they sometimes had descendents themselves. So in the great retreat of the People, did we unwillingly or unknowingly leave some of our own behind? It has shown through time that some Mud Men have shown strange behavior and been astute in areas that were unexpected of them at the time. Is this perhaps a glimmer of fairy heritage peeking through?

And who is to know what happens to those brethren we have exiled and cut off from us out of breaking the laws of the Book? Is there no chance that their relations with the Mud People have never grown strong enough to actually harbor affection? In this we have no proof, but magical talent in humans is something that we must look for because it shows they might have deeper relations and ties to us than the rest of the Mud Scum. Even LEP technician Foaly has admitted to the show of fairy qualities in some humans, to the point of which border on the undeniable.

The question now is how to react to these people, if they truly have our blood and magic in their veins. Should we accept them into our world and ways of life, or should we just monitor their actions from afar? Are they to be viewed as a threat to our society or as a new classification altogether? These are the choices we are to face soon, because unless we do something to control these people, they very well could lead to our own downfall.

The journalist was dismissed from the paper a week later and blown off as a delusionist with too many illogical ideas for a professional paper. No one paid much attention to what the article said beyond the fact that it pitied humans, else it might've saved them some trouble.

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