iAsk Why Not

Author's Note: I've just recently gotten into iCarly and this is my first story in the fandom. It will be a 3-shot and the first chapter shall be from Freddie's perspective. Although iKiss has already been written about time and time again, I thought that there were a few unanswered questions and wanted to try my hand at it . . . Read & Review!

1. Why Not Her?

It's the second day that I've stayed home from school. I'm sitting in my room eating chicken soup and hoping that people will forget about the reason that I'm staying home. No, despite my mother's insistence that it's bird flu, I'm not actually sick. Unless you consider it sick for a 15-year-old boy to have never had a kiss. Apparently, many people do.

Just as I finish the last of my soup, someone knocks on my bedroom door. Even before she enters I know that it's Carly. My mother has never believed in knocking and I don't think that Sam does either. Not that Sam would be coming to see me.

Carly is wearing a surgical mask (apparently bird flu is contagious) and is carrying a pile of papers. My homework.

"How are you doing?" she asks, removing the mask after checking that the door is closed.

"I'm holding up," I say, giving her what I know is a weak smile. "Thanks for bringing my homework."

"No problem," she says, and I swear I see pity in her eyes. If she were anyone else, I think that it might make me angry.

"So . . ." she says, hesitantly, ". . . think that you're up to coming to iCarly rehearsal today?"

"Sorry," I tell her, "but I don't think so."

"Oh," she says, looking sad.

"Hey," I say, feeling guilty, "even if I were up for it, I don't think that my mother would let me out of the house."

Not to mention that the girl who just ruined my life will be there. The girl who hasn't come check on me after school.

"That's true," Carly smiles slightly. And this time I know that's a look of pity.

There is an awkward silence between us where neither of us really knows what to say. After what seems like forever Carly finally breaks it.

"Um, Freddie?" she asks softly.

"Yeah?" I say.

"Can I ask you a personal question?"

"I guess," I tell her, looking away.

"I . . . um . . ." Carly hesitates, "I know that you never actually kissed Valerie aside from that time in school . . ."

Of course she knows it. By now the population of the US and a good number of folks in Europe and Asia probably know it.

". . . But . . . um," she continues, "why not?"

It's a valid question and one that I've been asking myself all week. It's not like I never had the opportunity to . . . Even though she was just using me and pretending that she liked me, Valerie believed in method acting.

"I don't know," I say honestly, not meeting Carly's eyes. "I guess part of me always sensed that something was off."

"Oh," she says, looking puzzled.

"That, and well, I guess I wanted my first time to be with someone special," I continue.

This time I do meet her eyes and she gives me a sad look.

"Freddie," she says gently, "I'm really sorry but I just can't be that person."

"I know," I half-heartedly laugh, looking away again.

"Freddie," she says, sounding pained and very hesitant, "if you just want to get it over with I guess I would be willing to try it once . . . But you'd have to know that it would only be because I want you to be okay."

It's a tempting offer, but one that I know I can't take. I know, right? Who would have thought I'd be passing up a chance to kiss Carly Shay?

"I appreciate the concern, Carly," I tell her, "but I also don't want the first time to be a pity kiss."

And it would be with her now. And I would feel bad about it for the rest of my life.

"Okay," she says. "Well then I guess I'll see you later?"

"Yeah," I say.

And as she leaves I hear my mother yelling at her for not wearing the surgical mask. Is it any wonder that I've never been kissed?