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Pairing(s): Ike x Marth


"...You're kidding, right?"

"How often do I kid?"

Marth looked at the accessory. Either Ike was sick or his interests were just... odd.

"...I'm not putting it on."

"C'mon, Marth. You have no idea how hard it was to get this without being caught."

"Really, you shouldn't have." And Marth meant it. If Ike wanted to make things interesting, he should've gone about it like a normal person. He was sure that normal people don't steal from the items storage to spice up their love life.

"I promise, it's perfectly harmless." Ike decided the only way he would convince Marth was to set an example. He placed the fluffy beige accessory on his head, the ears squeaking softly as they propped up. "See? No increase in speed or effects whatsoever."

A light chuckle emitted from the prince. It was hard to admit, but that bunny hood did make Ike look adorable. Ike stepped forward and nuzzled his face into Marth's hair like a puppy getting comfortable. His arms came from behind and secured the royal's slim waist.

"Still not going to wear it?"

"I would, but only if you promise not to..." A red tint made its way to Marth's cheek. It's been months now, and he was still embarrassed about it. Ike smirked at the shyness displayed in his love's features. He leaned in closer to Marth's ear.

"What's wrong with showing you my affection and adoration?" A light nibble, and Marth could feel the shivers down his spine. Ike knew Marth's weaknesses far too well.

"...I'm only wearing it once."

"You wear it during matches anyway."

"Shush. That's different."

"Right. Of course it is." The mercenary took off the prince's tiara and replaced it with the hood. Brushing back a few strands, he was finally satisfied and stepped back to inspect the monarch. Marth shifted uncomfortably under Ike's gaze... which somehow stretched into a stare that took up a couple minutes time.

"I-Ike? What's wrong? You've been quiet for quite awhile now." Was it because his hair sticking out? Was there something in his teeth? Was his fly open?


"Yes-" The response was never completely uttered. The only things Marth knew were the warmth on his lips and the death grip on his wrists. Losing his balance, his back connected to the nearby wall, only to be trapped under the other man's body. Within moments, there were hands roaming his flesh underneath the fabric of his tunic.

"W-wha-- Ike! Get off!" It was a struggle to get the lips to part from his own, but at least Ike had stopped momentarily.

"I've just seen the cutest thing in the world. You expect me not to ravish it?"

"You're interests are far too strange."

"And you need to look in the mirror more often." The royal's tunic was jerked off in a swift movement, revealing beautifully pale skin that seemed to be inviting Ike to have a taste.


"...Nngh... ah... I-Ike!" This was far too amusing for Ike. Every time Marth shifted his head the bunny ears went with him. They even seemed to droop in a defeated fashion as Marth's body spazzed and tensed under the sensual touch.

Snake, however, did not want to be listening to their love making session through the walls of the mansion.


Marth face emitted a brilliant red while Ike laughed his ass off at the reference. Luckily, Snake heard nothing of it or Marth's door would be full of bullet-sized holes.


A very random, no plot one-shot typed up for stress relief. Just be glad Ike didn't choose the Star Rod!