Chapter One: Welcome To the House on Haunted Hill

It was a peaceful Saturday evening, as I lounged around in my Los Angeles home. I scanned on to my computer, looking at my email and going on to my instant messenger. I get an anonymous message from a complete stranger with the name of VInst. Odd. I think. Who is he?

"Hello?" I message the stranger.

A few minutes pass by, when I receive a sound file. I don't have a good sense of feeling about it, but I curiously click on it. What I hear is something most disturbing. I hear strange noises, and what seems to be an evil laugh. I am uneasy by this time.

"What do you want?" I type hoping to get an answer.

The message that I receive back from the person is, "Time to check yourself in, Ms. Rylow."

"Do I know you? What sick joke is this?" I reply. Somewhere in the distance, I hear the same evil laughing from the sound file.

"Alright, where are you? What are you trying to pull?"

Ding-Dong! I nearly jump out of my skin. Shit! I think. Chill Isabelle. Everything's cool. I go to my door and look out the peephole. Nothing. God! I carefully open the door and peep out. No ones there. I open the door more, and walk outside. There's the laughing again. I turn around and become face to face with a black mass of evil. I scream like there is no tomorrow.

I stare in astonishment as the mass develops right in front of me. A face pops out of the smoke. "Ms. Rylow, I presume. I believe you are wanted," the figure says.

"What the hell?" I scream, as I turn and run into my house.

As I slam the door, the mass yells. "Oh God, oh God," I wail, as the door begins to bubble up, as though the thing were trying to get in. I run to my computer and see another sound file. I don't care, I click on it instantly. I hear a man screaming. That voice, so familiar. Underneath the sound file, are red letters saying, "Time to come home."

The door bursts open and I freak. I run upstairs and go into the bathroom. I hide in the bathtub and close the curtain. As I sit, I can hear my own breathing, heavy. I hear noises and feel myself shiver. I whimper, as I hear the thing creep closer. The thing enters the bathroom and I stop breathing. The curtain opens and I am once again staring straight at it.

I get up and run straight through the mass. Flashes of horrid things fill my mind. People being tortured, cut open, displayed for pleasure. Pencils through a man's neck. I wince in pain as I snap out of it. As I make it towards the door, a tentacle lashes out and grabs me. I am pulled back. I get tingly and as I glare out of the mass, I see we are moving, out of my bathroom and past my damaged door. Something brushes past me. I turn and see a figure of a man, he is badly cut. He turns and looks at me. His eyes! They were empty. I look past the man, trying to get past the black fog. We are over Los Angeles now, as we head toward the coastline. A house begins to come into view. I know this house. I say to myself.

The door pops up, as we get closer to the house. Darkness surrounds this place. As I enter the house, I am thrown out of the mass and onto the floor halfway across the room. The thing just stands there, as it decided my fate. Arguing, as though it had demons of it's own. A shadowy figure emerges from the walls of the house. It is a man. He is hard to see, cause of the darkness of the place. I just sit there, bewildered.

"Go," the man says, "get out of here." That voice. I know it. So familiar, hauntingly beautiful. I recognize the voice instantly.

"Watson!" I yell, almost slow, as though time itself died.

He stares at me, as the black shadow laughs. His piercing ice-blue eyes stare at me. I remember everything. The house, this house belonged to my Uncle Cecil. One night I came to this house before. I was ten, Watson was fifteen. His Father, my Uncle, talked about living here once. My poor Cousin sensed something evil in this house, but what was it? I wondered.


I had managed to creep down to the basement. I shrieked, as the skeleton figures appeared in front of me. It looked as though they were alive, only they weren't, just my imagination. Watson had followed me, I turned to say something, but he stopped me.

"Come on, let's go back upstairs," he said

"Hold on, I want to see what else is down here," I say excitedly.

"This is not a good idea," Watson says.

Why is he so worried? I wonder. But, I ignore that and walk ahead. I feel a gust of wind brush past me. Watson shivers. I walk further, until I reach a small room. It is dark and cold in here. Whispers of things fill the air. A figure appears in the distance of the room. Watson walks in and goes in front of me. The figure shakes violently and moves towards us. Watson pushes me out of the way and he takes the blow. He screams, as the creature runs into him. Watson falls to the floor. Blood pours out of him and onto the floor. The figure stands in another corner and waits. Watson breathes heavily.

"Watson," I say, running over to him. I start to cry. The sounds fill the room.

Footsteps are heard and I turn to see my Uncle. He walks over to Watson and picks him up. I look at Watson and he looks at me. I stare into his blue eyes and then they close. His Dad grabbed my arm, with his free hand, and we walk out of there. In the entrance room, my parents rush over to us and ask if were all right. "Take him to the hospital," he yells, as Watson is handed over to my Dad, he then walks off. My Mom takes me in her arms and cradles me.

"Aren't you coming to?" my Dad asks.

"In a minute, I have to finish something."

My parents are confused, but walk out of the house. I am in the car, as they place my Cousin next to me. I hug him, cause I fear for his life. My parents hop into the car and the ground begins to shake. I look at the house and it seems to be moving. "Dad," Watson barley says.

My Dad is about to get out of the car, when my Mother stops him. As we drive out of the driveway, the gate shuts suddenly. We drive down the hill and out to the streets of Los Angeles.


Everything comes back to reality, as I am once again in this dark, old house. "You came back, after you knew this house was evil? You ended up dead, just like your Dad. After what the house did to you? Why did you come back?" I yelled.

"I needed the money," he says, sadly.

"So you'd risk your life for greed? Christ, if you needed money that badly, you could have asked me, I would have lent you it."

The mass disappears into the floor, I am unaware of it going. I am too busy staring at Watson. Nothing comes from his mouth, he just frowns. I sit on the floor, looking around, when I hear a rumbling sound. The doors begin to close. I get up and run to them, but it's too late.

"I tried to escape, like you did, but I lost," Watson says.

"I'm going to die in this creepy old house," I complain.

The mass comes out of the shadows and laughs at me. He moves towards me and I run away, back to the basement. Watson tries to confront the thing, but it screams at him, and Watson runs to my side.

"Go further down, don't get lost. I'll try and stop him," he explains.

I run down into the basement, past the skeletons and further down. Every few seconds I turn a corner, unaware of where to go. Whispers all around me. I turn another corner and wham into something solid and warm. We both scream, as I focus my eyes to see what it is. I see a man, about my age, staring at me.

"Who are you? You're not in our group," the man asks curiously.

"I'm Isabelle," I stop talking, thinking of a plan, "I snuck in after you guys came in. I heard about this house and thought I'd come see what this place is all about." I hoped they'd believe me.

I begin to feel as though I'm not alone. Four more people come into view. Two of them female, and the other two, male.

"Who are you guys?" I say, speculating them.

The man, I bumped into, talks. "I'm Michael and this is Robert, Jeff, Lisa, and Amy." He pauses, looking at me.

They didn't believe me. I decided to tell some of the truth. "My Cousin owns the place. I wanted to say hi to him." Again, I could tell that they didn't all trust me. I think they figured I was spying on them, but I was assured that they knew I had given them my best excuse.

Lisa speaks up. "Okay, so tell me, since your so-called Cousin lives here. Is this place really haunted?"

I remembered that hideous creature and my dead Cousin. "I'm not sure, I've heard things and I wasn't too sure if they were real."

The laugh of the ghosts filled the air. Everyone in the group shivered. A scream filled the air and everyone turned and looked out the door. Robert laughed and Lisa began too as well. I wondered what was so funny about death.

"There's Amber," Robert said.

"Aren't you the least bit concerned about her?" I asked worried.

"Are you serious? She's just joking around," Lisa said, as she took out a cigarette.

"She's the reason why were down in this cellar. I didn't want to come down here, but we did anyway to find her," Amy said

"We all wanted to go as groups, you know split up three and three, but she wandered off without telling us and that screwed up the whole program." Michael said.

They began to walk out of the room, in a big group. I stayed with them, as I studied them closer. I was urging to ask "them" how they got into the house, but I figured they snuck in, just as I had made it up. A lot of the group was my age, maybe even younger. Some of the group looked like they were related. There was only one kid that stood out from the others. Jeff was the quiet, silent type. I saw a huge gash across his eye.

"What?" Jeff said. He knew I'd been staring at him, "a shard from that damn stain glass cut me."

I don't say anything, I just keep to myself. As we walk down the corridor, I hear the drip, drip of something wet. Jeff hears it too, as he stops in his tracks. He notions the others to turn left, and they do. As I began making my way with the others, I spot a trail of something. It is too dark to tell what it is, but I figure it is blood. As I turn the corner, the group is standing in the doorway. I push my way into the room and I see a puddle of blood, followed by the drip sound coming from the ceiling. I shiver as I look up.

"Oh Man," I say.

I almost instantly turn my head down. That must be Amber. I say thinking to myself. It looked as though she had been stapled to the ceiling. A hole had been cut out of her stomach and the expression on her face was sheer terror. I noticed Robert sitting in a wheel chair, he is not happy. Amy walked over to where Robert was sitting, and begins to confront him.

"Robert, I'm sorry. We all know she was your girl. If she hadn't have been stubborn and gone down to the basement, she would have been fine."

"Fine?" Robert begins to say, anger in his breath, "It was your guys idea to come to this cursed house in the first place. I refused to go, but you convinced Amber to come along. I had tried talking her out of this, but she was too influenced to listen to my pleas. Now she's dead, and It's your damn fault."

"Fuck you," Michael yells.

"Fuck you," Robert yells, getting up out of the chair, knocking Amy over backwards, as he heads towards Michael.

Michael gets up, and stands his guard. Both boys look as though they are in a boxing match, carefully looking at one another for any sign of a punch. Lisa laughs, as she puffs on her cigarette. The smoke comes towards me, as I inhale it, I cough, causing the room to echo. Amy begins to cry. I can tell that they've had fights before. Out of nowhere Amber's body suddenly drops to the floor, causing her blood to splatter everywhere.