Chapter Five: Will This Night Never End?

Everything was gone. My life was over. I couldn't move, couldn't speak. I felt powerless over my actions. I felt like crying. Maybe all of this was a dream, I thought, any minute I would wake up. "Yes, the whole goddamned time," my mouths words.

Suddenly, I am thrown back, tentacles ripping out of me. I land in the far corner of the mass. I look around, figuring what to do. I hear Vannacutt say something, "Mr. and Ms. Johnson welcome to your new home." With that, we begin to move.

"Stop it. No!" I yell, inside the fog.

Jeff appears by my side. "Don't worry, they'll be here soon."

"Damn you Vannacutt. It's your fault, you psycho. Why? Why did this have to happen," I scream, "Watson? Watson, where are you? Help me!"

Ghosts begin to appear before me. They stand in what seems to be a gray, empty room. They had devices in their hands. They were going to take me into their control, forcefully! What can I do? I can't run. An object is in my view, as it whizzes past me. I am whisked away I see Watson holding me. I begin to cry, "You saved me."

"Your welcome," he says, sighed with relief.

We run out of the room with the ghosts, and into the real World. We are up in a hallway, surrounded by doors. The mass continues down the hall, but a few ghosts emerge from it. Jeff, Lisa, and Robert were there, but they were disturbing. Lisa's body was separated. The torso and her lower body hung together, only they were in two pieces. Jeff was bloody everywhere. I hadn't noticed him before, but he looked damaged. Robert's face was completely gone, parts missing out of his head. I knew it was him, because I noticed what he was wearing. They began to chase us.

Watson begins moving. He seems to know where to go. "Isabelle, I need to ask you a favor? Can you lend me your mind? I need you to clear it. Let me take control."

"Control over my mind?" I was scared, I trusted my Cousin, but I was skeptic. What if he was with Vannacutt? What if this whole time, he had been tricking me? "I..I don't think."

"Please. Isabelle, trust me, I'm on your side."

I gave in. I didn't know what else I could do. How the heck do I clear my mind? "Just don't think about anything going on." It was like he had read my mind.

"Don't think? That's kind of hard not to."

"Isabelle, just keep your mind fixated. Don't think about it, just do it." The ghosts zipped up to us.

It surprised me and at that instant, I was in another room. It was gray and dark. For a minute, I thought I was inside the ghosts again. A hand clamped down on my shoulder. I got scared and ran off. "It's okay. It's just me. Watson."

"Watson? Where are we?" I am still shaken up.

"Oblivion. Completely nothing. This is were I go to escape the reality of what's going on."

"How can you be in oblivion?"

I don't know. I think all ghosts go there when they want to escape the truth, it's their sanctuary."

Does everyone? Everyone who is dead, have one of these places?"

"I believe only those who've known that they've died can come here. Every ghost has his or her own little place. Isabelle the reason for me taking over your mind was so I could get you to a safe place. I took you to my corner. When the others jumped out at you, you thought about nothing except what I had been telling you. Therefore, I transported you here. I thought now is a good enough time to do it."

I was silent, but I was confused. I finally spoke, "Back tonight, when I first came into the house, I ran into Michael. I could "feel" him, like we were both alive. I felt his solid form. I thought ghosts went through objects and people?"

"It's like in the movie, "The Sixth Sense," you only see what the mind wants you to see, or what you know. You didn't know you were dead, so you thought you were among the living. Michael though, and everyone else, never saw it, never saw you were a ghost. They house decided to help you out. It helped you into thinking you were all alive. They thought, if they did this, they could use you."

Watson says no more. "Use me?" I say.

"And they used me."

"What do you mean?"

"They thought that by killing you and turning to Vannacutt, would drive me mad. But they were fooled. I would never go insane because, I knew you were still good.

"How do you know all about this?"

"If you open yourself up to the house, you can hear what it is thinking. It's demented little plans."

"Open yourself up? You let them get you?" I don't want to be near him anymore.

"No. I didn't. I explained that. I wouldn't let them touch me. I let myself become more aware to my surroundings. When your dead, you have access to many things living people do not. Listen, I know you're scared, because I was too at first, but we'll be okay."

I question that sentence for a little bit. We'll get out of this. Shit. "The others," I scream, "we have to save them. Where are they?"

"Find out. Explore your abilities."

This was going to be my first time to test out what I had. I thought about finding the others and an amazing sense came over me. Everything was given to me, like I knew the house well. I could point out every secret and the interior design of the house. I learned its plans. It's intent to destroy every living thing that came into the house. I found out why the house wanted me.

When Watson died, he was sorry for everyone he left behind. Our family wasn't too big and he didn't want to die with at least a goodbye. Watson was concerned most about me, because when we were little, none of us had many friends, so we vowed to be best friends for each other. I was his best friend, as he was mine.

He called me up one night, before the pig party. He asked me if I wanted to tag along. I told him I had plans, which I didn't. I just never wanted to set foot in the house again. A week later, I had police come to my house and tell me my Cousin was missing, and that he could be held responsible for the murders. I knew what really happened though. Damn him. He got himself killed.

The ghost found this out and wanted to get even at Watson, because he let two people get out of the house, that one night. Everything Watson had said was true. I felt sorry, sorry that I wasn't there. What could I have done though? I didn't want to find out what the house was hiding. I needed to see if the others were all right. I envisioned Michael and Amy in a room. I didn't know where in the house they were. Rooms. I thought. "The hallway with the bedrooms." I yelled, "Is there a way I can get there quickly?"

"Just imagine you are in another place. Imagine you are there at this very moment," Watson tells me.

I imagine I am there in that room. Watson disappears before me, as does everything in the empty space. I am then standing in the hallway of the bedrooms. I could get used to this. I think, as I get over my reality. I hear very faint talking. I hope its Michael. Where were they? I begin walking, as the tone of their voice gets louder. I stop at the end of the hallway. There are three possible choice doors. Which one would they be in? Eany, Meany. I say thinking. "I hate puzzles." I pick the door to the right, but I have no time to just open it. Besides I want to see what it's like to go through a door. I walk up to it and place my hand on the door, as it goes right through.

This is so odd. I continue to go through the door, looking at my hand. I decide to place the other hand at the door. It is very strange to watch yourself disappear right through a solid door. My head enters the wall and darkness can be seen out of my eyes. I hate this feeling and I quickly pass to the other side. I see a figure in the room. They are lying on the bed. "Hey Michael? Amy?" It's me. I'm okay. I'm not one of them."

I stop short in my tracks. Lying in the sheets is Robert's body. Completely nude, he is cut open from head to toe. Literally. Every part of this body is open and you can see his organs and body tissue. Everything is there. I feel like leaving. I walk out of that room and am glad to get away. I decide to walk into the middle door next. I hate walking through the door, so I quickly go through. As I look, no one is there. Third times a charm. I say to myself. I enter as quickly as I can. "Something is in here with us." Amy says.

"Shh," Michael calms her.

I don't want them to see me right now, since I figure I am not trusted. I walk past the bed and toward the corner of the room. The two are there, cowering. Michael has a chunk missing from his arm and it is so burned there, that there is no blood. The mass had tried to get him. He got away, thank God! Amy has a cut on her cheek, but other then that, everything was fine.

I want to talk to them, but I stay unnoticed. "Michael? Listen to me," I talk, "I'm not going to harm you. I am not one of those ghosts. They got a hold of me, controlling what I did. They used my body to play a part in its evil schemes. I'm okay now, though, so don't worry."

"Who is it? Amber? Lisa?" He is surprised.

"No, its Isabelle." I appear before them.

"Oh fuck!" Michael screams. Amy squeezes her eyes.

"No, no stop. I'm not one of them."

"Prove it." Amy screams.

"I'm going to try to get you out of here. How's that for enough proof. Come on."

"It's okay. No one is out there." Watson says.

He decided to join the party. "Not another one," Amy complains.

"Were the good guys. Chill out." I confront them.

"You're dead! How did I think you were alive? I touched you. You were real." Michael says.

"I know. I thought I was alive too. It was the house. It tricked you guys. It tricked me. Hell, it tricked all of us."

"I see. But you know, I still don't trust you."

"I can understand." I turn to Watson. "How did they get out?"

"Sara and Eddie?"


I grabbed a pulley and it opened up a window to the ledge outside."

"I got an idea. If we can find another pulley to open the entrance door. Then they can get out.

"Let's check the attic." Watson says.

"Come on guys. It's okay. Believe us."

Michael gets up. Amy is still in denial, but Michael convinces her up on her feet. As the two run into the hall, Watson and I stay by their sides. Watson guides us to the stairs, as we head into the lobby. We then head up a set of different stairs, just as the ghosts appear. "Shit its back," Watson yells, "the bitch wants revenge."

"Hurry," I yell.

We enter the attic, as Watson begins to search around. He has a small clue of where to look." This one might be it." He pulls on the rope. "Isabelle, take them downstairs. Get them out of here." I give him a look. "I'll be fine. Hurry though. There isn't a whole lot of time before the whore gets here."

"Okay." I guide then down the stairs. The collection of ghosts is nowhere.

"The door is open," Amy screams with joy. She rushes in a hurry.

"Slow down," Michael screams, "it might still be here."

"Its upstairs." I say. Michael is about to ask my how I know. "I can sense it. He is by Watson. I have to get up there." I am agitated, but I follow the two. The door begins to shake, as it is starting to fall. "Go, go." I yell.

Amy is already out the door, she is telling Michael to hurry it up. He runs past everything, making it to the door. He gets out safely. He stops and turns around to look at me. He has pity in his eyes. "Thank you," he says. "I'm sorry you didn't make it. Sorry that everyone had to die. I was stupid to think this would be fun." He pauses. "I'm sorry you're no longer with us.

As he finishes, the door falls. That is the last time that I see those two. I hope that they got down the hill all right. The house rumbles and growls. I am happy that we were able to save at least those two. There is nothing left to do but wait to see what will happen next. I wait. Wait for anything to happen. But nothing does. It seems like hours, when the house finally opened up. The day seeps through the house, as I am glad to see it. I walk around the room and see my Cousin standing in the saloon. We hug each other and I ask him what happened.

He said that he could hold the pulley for as long as he could, but the "shapeshifter" came after him, so he had to let go. He was glad that Michael and Amy were able to get away. He was sad that I had not though. I was fine, a little shook up, and being a ghost was going to take a while to get used to, but I was okay.

We had more visitors a few hours later. Police had come to investigate. I stayed watching, unnoticed. They had found the bodies of the victims, and removed them to do further researching. Many of the police were scared to enter and sensed the other presence's. I can remember a duo talking and I leaned in closer to hear.

"This is a very strange house. Not too long ago, a party of six were killed here. Now four mysteriously die. Why don't they just tear the place down?"

"I have no idea. But do you want to hear something more disturbing? There was a young lady who disappeared from her house the same night these kids were killed."

"Yea. Ms. Isabelle Rylow."

"They found some weird ashes by her bathroom, and at her computer, was that Instant Messenger. There had been signs of her talking to someone, but they couldn't find the user."

"Odd. Do you think there is a connection?"

"With all this crazy shit going around, I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't.

The End