James Patterson sat locked away in his writing room. His wife had tried to get him to come outside, but he wasn't having any of that, he wasn't leaving this room. He'd loved Max at first, writing her sarcasm and strengths and her little romance with Fang… but he just didn't feel it anymore. More and more his work was reflecting his true love, his real desires, his Angel.

She was fast becoming everything to him. Her powers kept growing. She featured more and more. God, maybe he should just kill Max and be done with it, put Angel as the unofficial leader, Fang would be the figurehead for her but she'd pull the strings… no, can't do that, can't kill Max. He tried to put himself back inside Max's head, but still Angel kept haunting him, he loved her, he couldn't stay away from her, he needed to write more about her.

No, the story! Got to keep with the plot… screw the fecking plot, Angel deserves the limelight. Angel is everything, perfection, better than Max, better than all the flock. Tap tap tap. Stupid wife, just doesn't understand, why won't she leave him in peace with his darling Angel? Just wants to be alone with her. When he's alone with her she's more real. When he eats she fades into the background, so he'd stopped eating, can't let her fade, keep writing her, make her more real. Maybe Jeb loves her too. The same way he does. No, never the same, he loves her more than life itself. He'd die for Angel. Jeb wouldn't die for her. But he is competition, Angel sees him as a father figure so maybe not… best not to leave that to chance, should kill Jeb, no just leave him, wouldn't want her to mourn him, make him betray her, yes, that's right, he always betrays them, make him hurt her.

Tap tap tap. God damn woman, why won't she just leave? Who needs her? He had his dark room and his computer with his keyboard. Tap tap tap. Make Angel real, write more, she's real, what if she reads his mind? Oh no, she might not like him thinking these things – he's meant to love Max after all and Angel does love Max. Or does she? Angel can betray Max, show that she doesn't love her then she won't feel bad then when she reads his mind.

"Mr Patterson, your editor is here to see you,"

Let him in, should I let him in? The door opens and the man comes in uninvited, he doesn't like the man, he changes his wonderful book and makes it more child-friendly, he doesn't want people to see the wonder of Angel, he corrupts Angel, makes her different, imperfect.

"You won't get the story," he announced. "Not unless you publish it as it is,"

"James, your stories are full of shit, they barely make sense,"

"I'm a best-selling author," he stared at the younger man, "You won't get my stories unless you publish them as they are, you can't keep making Angel yours, she's mine."

"Right, James, you're a best-selling author living in a psych ward, if you were allowed outside this room then maybe I'd take you seriously, but you signed a contract and you're going to honour it,"

This wasn't going his way, not going his way at all, he whispered to Angel asking her to help him, but his editor took his story, Angel didn't stop him, he started to cry. Why hadn't Angel helped him? Must write more, make her happy with him, maybe make Jeb betray her and turn her against Max, then she'll love him, love him just like he loves her.