A/N: Rorschach's manner of speech is kind of hard to get a hang of. I tried my best, though, so I hope you enjoy.


Pain. Throbbing in arm. Have to be faster. Didn't see knife. Perhaps distracted by screaming woman? Very loud, screaming in ear. Bleeding won't stop.

Hear police sirens--always too late. Corpses of two convicted felons all that's left--other one with knife got away. Woman collapsed but uninjured. Pigs may follow blood stain. Hiding on a fire escape. Pain too much. Have to develop pain tolerance. Can't cloud mind. Things different--no back up. Only hero left. Have to keep up with dogs in this city.

Thought I was alone, but see kid staring out window. Didn't see kid before. Thought building was abandoned. Sticking head out window looking like pale white ghost--or just saw one. Just staring, not even blinking.

Staring back, pain make breathing heavy. Must be scared, never seen strange man on fire escape before, bleeding and panting. Can't be ten or eleven. Feel like asking. Words not coming. Daniel perhaps better able to handle this? Daniel gone, retired. Better with kids. People. Definitely.

Kid's lip quivering, body not moving, stiff as board. Most would've called cops by now. Still staring. Waiting for criminal or hero to show face. Doesn't know which one's on his fire escape. Heroes on TV and comic books make big introduction, big toothed and friendly. Kid probably more familiar with Ozymandias than Rorschach. A simple gesture or word would suffice. "Hi" or a wave. Would probably stop staring, melt in posture. Relax. Talk.

Don't mind kids. Some evil as adults, others better than adults. Innocent--from being stupid or pure? Doesn't matter. Some stupid, trust kidnappers and molesters easily as uncles or fathers. Some pure, wait for a stranger to show intention before calling cops.

Meant to say "hi." Comes out as a grunt. Hrum.

Silence pierced by wail. Kid screams for mom, gets louder and louder 'til window slams shut. Lights blink on all around. Have to leave. Legs feel like rubber but have to move. Stumble down fire escape, chin catches on bar. Taste blood in mouth but keep moving. Running. Pug-faced hooker says "Watch where you're going" in alley.

Kid has mom. Soft and spoiled. Won't know true pain 'til toys and dreams and comic books start to give bitter taste in mouth. Will purge from hope and happiness, develop hard shell. Won't trust heroes anymore. Won't hesitate to call cops when Rorschach's bleeding on his fire escape. Never the innocent or the stupid that become the heroes. Destined to become another faceless body to save from bad guys.