Revan told her everything.

He knew he could trust her absolutely, and she listened silently as he described, in thorough detail his dangerous travel from one galaxy to another via what many would call a revolutionary method of spaceflight, his one-man war against the True Sith, exploiting their weaknesses until he managed to topple them from within, and finally locating this planet, attracted to its brimming Force energies.

Once he had finished his tale, with what had happened up till now and his plans for the future, only then did he stop, waiting for the response.

Kreia smiled one of her rare smiles. "Excellent. You were always my finest pupil, Revan. There was nothing I could criticise of your war against the True Sith. And now I see you intend to been yet another conquest."

Revan returned that smile in a darker form. "Yes. To master the Force is one thing – to master men is something else."

"Indeed," Kreia mused, "although you will find that there are yet some similarities."

"Is this how you were able to retain your body?" Revan inquired. "Through mastery of both aspects of the Force?"

The former Sith Lord shook her head. "No. I died, as your old body did, but retained consciousness even though I was one with the Force. Within are a deity, Revan. To hear, to see, to feel everything, is both a blessing and a curse. The Force, as we originally theorised, is not a sentient. It is more like a beast, seeking balance between the warring sides of itself. It was only a matter of time before I tamed it, yet knew that to bend it to my very whim, to change fate and destiny...was abominable. Therefore, when I felt your presence return, I created another body for myself, depositing it in the Star Forge, waiting for you to call on it again. It is, after all, too powerful of a resource to simply discard."

"To grow attached to something is foolish," Revan scoffed. "But you are correct – use of the Star Forge was a backup plan, but only if the True Sith began to overwhelm me. Why did you not come as an apparition? You no longer have free use of the Force now."

"The feeling of disembodiment is unsettling, as is omnipresence – the consciousness was not made for being stretched everywhere at once, and it is calming to be in one place at a time again. And I sensed that you would need another master, to school incompetent minds while you set out on yet another military conquest."

Revan chuckled quietly. "And I suppose the thought of learning how to manipulate the Force in such a way has sparked your interest."

"Indeed. There are such 'magic' users in our own galaxy, but never have I heard of such adeptness at it."

"Yes, well, undeniably some spells are useful, but most are nothing more than parlour tricks. After absorbing portions of two such wizards, and handling it myself, it's not too difficult to replicate without a fancy stick."

"And even the presence of one complete soul and the shard of a soul has not dulled your personality," Kreia commented in a dry manner. "That ceases to surprise me however."

Revan snorted. "Two small souls cannot compete with the power of my own. However, they have their uses – Harry's soul is one of pure light, good and untainted. Riddle's, despite being only a shard, is pure black – it is true evil. Both help me to maintain my balance and hold on both the Light and Dark sides of the Force – to stand at the completion of both halves without swaying at the pureness of the power that flows through me."

"And even then it is difficult to maintain," Kreia noted. "The power is very chaotic."

"Indeed, but my control over it has increased due to such extensive usage." Revan turned around. "I need to return otherwise my lack of presence will be noticed. Are you coming with me?"

Kreia shook her head. "No, not yet. I need to further meditate on several matters, and plan my course of action."

Revan nodded. "Of course. I will return when the first batch of military assets are completed."

He left the old woman to her musings as she kneeled down, bowing her head in meditation. This planet was truly alive within the Force, and better yet, full of sheep – ready to be manipulated and led to the slaughter.


Simultaneous cries of "Expecto Patronum!" filled the Room of Requirement, but the most anyone could get (other than Revan's own elite, who could easily produce fully corporeal Patronuses) were partially-formed creatures. However Revan was pleased that virtually all of them could create at least mists.

"The Patronus charm is one that requires strong positive emotion to work," he explained afterwards. "It is not necessarily the memory, but the positive emotion. The memory is merely stimulus." Revan looked down at them from the raised stage, gently probing their minds. As he expected, most were loyal, bar a small number who despite their own misgivings, were too frightened to attempt anything – aside from one who he would use later.

The Force Master tucked his hands behind him. "Now I've taught you what you need, not just to defend yourself against Death Eaters, but also to severely wound and potentially overcome them. Defence Against the Dark Arts will be child's play after this, so I suppose you all got your practical study of it as well. Remember though that there is nothing wrong with retreating to fight another day. Don't get cocky, and if the odds are not in your favour, use the diversion spells! At least you'll fight another day."

He caught Hermione's glance, who nodded in encouragement. Might as well give out a few more words of wisdom.

"Aside from the magic itself, many factors play a part in a fight. Remember that Death Eaters usually travel in groups, but from my knowledge, they are still disorganised, working separately from each other. If you can form yourself into a cohesive unit, with, say, several people working to fire quick spells to keep them busy while one or two focus on more offensive attacks, while another works defensively, conjuring things to block those Killing Curses with, then you have a great advantage. Be sure to speak to Fred and George also – they'd like to advertise their products now, as they've produced several things more...potent than their usual merchandise."

The matching smirks on the twins' faces could not get any bigger.

Revan gazed over them with something that resembled a hint of pride. "But in the end, although I've taught you as much useful things as I've could, the rest is up to you. As you may know, it is becoming more and more dangerous now for us to meet together like this – Umbridge will soon discover what we've been doing, and I don't want any of you to get into trouble. And to be frank, there is little more I can teach you. As I just said – the rest is up to you."

And with those challenging words, the students broke up their last meeting, although not necessarily the final one. Revan had promised them all, that if a crisis occurred at Hogwarts they would all be the first to know and they would be called via the charmed Galleons.

Only Revans' elite lingered afterwards, and the Room reconfigured itself into something more comfortable as they sat, and listened to their master.

Good mental shielding, a side-effect of so much extensive Force usage made attempting to scan their minds, even surface thoughts, a waste of time. Despite this, Revan was skilled at reading people – and knew that all of them were eager to put their skills into use, for those personal reasons he had used and nurtured to get them here in the first place.

Neville and Cho, the avengers. Dean and Susan, the honourable, loyal and just. Hermione and Luna, ever-eager to learn, with Luna being indebted to him for changing her life. And Ginny, who was similar to all the rest in reason but also wanted to step out of the shadow of her brothers.

"We have trained carefully, and now it is time to put our skills to the test," Revan stated calmly. "And an adequate test it is – against Voldemort and his Inner Circle."

Several months ago that prospect would have frightened all of them, but the spike in enthusiasm was obvious. They were ready and out for blood.

"Voldemort has been attempting to send me visions, but I've been blocking them out and feeding them into a Pensieve for viewing. He wishes me to go to the Department of Mysteries, to get him a prophecy orb – an important prophecy of some sort. Ultimately however protecting the prophecy is not your objective, as I have exchanged it for a fake. Your objective is very simple, and I think a pleasant beginning to the history of the Elite apprentices..." he smirked, leaning forward. "Kill as many Death Eaters as you can."


After leaving them with Ministry blueprints, thoroughly outlining their entry points and methods of exit, as well as the best places to fight, the group silently dispersed, avoiding any contact with possible...nuisances. Increased security in the hallways was troublesome for a normal student, but for a Force adept they were easily avoided.

Returning to the Gryffindor Common Room, Revan found that many of them were still up, panicked about the upcoming OWLs. He himself had no qualms about it however – the knowledge absorbed from Tom Riddle's memories via his unintentional horcrux would plenty suffice, and if worse came to worse he could simply scan the supervisor's mind for the answers.

"Oi Harry, over here!" Ron called out, waving him over. He was seated over a chess set. "It's time for a rematch!"

Revan smirked. "Ready to lose again, Ron?"

"Don't you worry," Ron answered with a smirk of his own. "I've been practising."
However despite this, he was still no match for a master of tactics. Every move was swiftly counteracted, every hasty strategy predicted and blocked off. Although Revan was well aware that this was jeopardising his identity, he was not losing, especially at a game of strategy, to a teenager! It may have been petty but to intentionally use bad tactics, especially so blatantly, was not in his character.

Ron groaned in frustration as Revan took out his king. "How the bloody hell did you get so good?!"

"Oh, I guess I've done a bit of practise on other things," Revan said offhandedly. "You know there are other strategy games better than chess."

That seemingly 'offhand' comment perked Ron's interest. "Really?"

"Yep, but I can't really tell you," he whispered conspiratorially, leaning forward. "It's a secret. No one can know about it. Not your family, Hermione, the teachers, Dumbledore, anyone..."

Ron was eager at the prospect of a secret between him and Harry. "I swear I won't tell anyone!" he promised. Revan didn't need to use the Force to detect he was truthful.

He withdrew something from his pocket, handing it over to Ron who looked at it curiously. As their arms came in contact Revan used the Force to shroud his memory and knowledge of this. "It's called a datapad, it's a very, very new muggle invention," he explained. "I found it in a private shop who wants it to remain quiet, because he figured out to get it to work with magic – but only this work, nothing else. You can fiddle around with it and see what's on it."

Once Revan had helped Ron to get to grips with using it, he left to go to bed, satisfied his work was complete. That datapad was no innocent datapad – it had some military simulators programmed into it, ones his best commanders used to train and continued to use afterwards to stay sharp. If Ron was as gifted as strategist as Revan thought, then there was no harm in starting him off early.

Returning to the dorms, Revan smirked as he looked out the window. Everything was proceeding as he had foreseen...


The next day as Revan was having breakfast, he was approached by Umbridge.

"Mr. Potter, you are required in the Headmaster's office," she said in her sickly-sweet voice.

Hermione frowned, and Ron simply continued to eat.

"Very well," Revan said, putting on his 'Harry Potter' pretence. He sent a message via the Force to Hermione to tell her to be ready before following her up to the office.

In the office, as he had expected, the Headmaster was there, as were the Minister and several Aurors.

Revan frowned. "What's this all about, sir?"

Fudge looked triumphant. "Harry Potter, you are under arrest!"

'Harry' looked aghast. "What?! Why?"

"For attempting to mount an insurgency against the Ministry of Magic!" Fudge stated proudly, raising the parchment with the list of Defence Club members. "And also explaining the ridiculous rumours raised about You-Know-Who! It is obvious you meant to create civil unrest, paving the circumstances for a hostile takeover! But no mere schoolboy can outwit the Minister of Magic!"

The sheer ludicrousness of his story was enough to make Revan burst into laughter. Fudge and Umbridge looked outraged, the Aurors looked sheepishly embarrassed and Dumbledore had not lost his pale face. "Oh yes, really, Fudge," Revan mocked. "Do you really think the press would buy that after your little propaganda scheme was found out? The boy-who-lived has delusions of grandeur! Plans to rebel and take over Wizarding Britain! Oh, certainly, that would make for a grand trial! And how, pray tell, do you plan to convict me by simply having an illegal club?"
Fudge was fuming with rage – his face was literally red. "I'll hear no more of this from a dissident! It is clear that even Azkaban is too good for you! Harry Potter, you will be immediately sentenced to a Dementor's Kiss!"

Dumbledore wisely hid his emotions, but it was obvious how he felt about it as he suddenly drew up to his full height and an aura of power surrounded him. "Minister Fudge, this has gone on far enough! You propose to execute the boy-who-lived without a trial? This time you have gone over the line!"

Fudge and his cronies cowered underneath the full fury of Dumbledore, but Revan was not quite done yet. He manipulated the Force and used it to instil a bit of confidence back into them.

This seemed to work as Fudge drew back up to face the Headmaster. "NO Dumbledore! I'll not have any of your nonsense any longer! It is clear that the boy has deluded you as well! Now Aurors, take him away, and afterwards, we will hold and detain the co-conspirators!"

One of them made to grab Revan's arm, but he swiftly shook him off. "What makes you think I'll go quietly?" he asked silkily.

The Aurors exchanged glances while Fudge merely laughed. "Do you honestly think you could fight off several fully-trained Aurors?"

"I killed Voldemort..." they all winced, "...when I was one. I'm fifteen. That means I'm fifteen times stronger than when I killed the darkest wizard the world has ever known. Do you really think Aurors scare me?"

At this, some of the young Aurors looked rather unnerved and began fidgeting uneasily although the senior ones were unperturbed. "Come with us, Mr. Potter."

"Headmaster," Harry stated calmly. "The place I'm going to is very Grim." He raised his wand above him, but used the Force to blind and deafen them. Quickly he made his way down to alert the others – although it wasn't surprising what they were planning to do for him, the depths of Fudge's paranoia was obvious when he announced he was going to apprehend all those he had trained. He needed to get them out, and fast.

Before Hermione could shoot off a question, Revan cut her off. "Not now, Hermione." He used the Force to amplify his voice. "All those who have participated in our little extracurricular activity, I want you to begin packing at once – that is, aside from the traitor." Revan already knew who it was. She hadn't turned up to breakfast, since that little contract Hermione rigged up would make it obvious. Marietta Edgecombe, as he had predicted. Her mind was an open book. "And make it as quick as possible!"

But before any of them could move, Fudge and his cronies had already come down, wands out. "Harry Potter!" The Minister barked. "Cease and desist at ONCE!"

His voice was still amplified. "Oh, so you can falsely accuse me of conspiracy and sentence me to a Dementor's Kiss without a trial?!" At this many people gasped in shock, looking at Fudge in horror. Because of Fudge's recent smear on his reputation, it was unlikely anything he said would make them believe him.

Revan subtly began coercing Fudge's mind. "It's for the good of the wizards everywhere!" he roared, confirming it to the students, in his anger. "You and your allies are to hand over your wands and come peacefully!"

"Like hell we will!" Revan shouted very convincingly, raising his wand. He fired off several shield charms – but unlike other shield charms, these ones offered physical protection also. He used them to contain them, and many teachers gasped collectively at the astonishing feat. "Come on! Get to your dorms and start packing!"

At this, the Defence Club members began to move. Because the charms caged them in so tightly, they could not move their wands to try and break out of them. None of the teachers made a move to stop him, too outraged at what the Minister was trying to pull.

Several minutes later, they came running back down – Revan's acting was excellent, so excellent he made himself appear strained. There was even sweat coming down his forehead. Once they all came back down towing their luggage he released it, panting and huffing from what looked like exhaustion.

"He's down!" Fudge shouted. "Stun him!" But he gave off a yelp as several red lights zipped past him.

It was Professor McGonagall, followed by several others including Professor Flitwick and Professor Sprout. "Mr. Potter, get yourself and the students out of here," she ordered sternly. "We will hold them off."

So they were on his side. Good. Revan nodded hastily in thanks before the group of them bolted.

Making it outside, some of the Gryffindor boys had also packed his things and handed it over. Taking it thankfully, Revan rolled up his sleeve, revealing a metal bracer, before hitting a button, sending out a homing signal.

A moment later, there was a great whooshing sound from above them as a large shuttle came down – there was a hiss as the entry ramp opened.

"Wicked..." Fred and George breathed simultaneously.

"Trust me," Revan said as he walked up. Hesitantly, the rest of them followed.


The shuttle docked in orbit with a warship that had only just been recently produced, the first command spacecraft of Revan's navy. Similar to the ships of his original Sith fleet, it was sleek and silvery, but unlike them, possessed a more jagged, angular appearance and the silver was a darker shade.

Revan stepped out of the docking hatch first. The first to enter and directly follow him were his Elite, familiar with the technology – although they were just as amazed as everyone else, to actually see this in person.

He waited for them to calm down before adopting his 'Harry' persona. "I'm sorry about what happened before guys. But as you heard before, Fudge was desperate – desperate enough to throw all of us into Azkaban, or worse. I've brought us to a place where we'll be safe."

"Where are we?" Zacharias Smith asked.

"First thing's first: we're not on Earth." After allowing them to process this, which they did with collective shock, he continued. "Rather, we're orbiting above it in a space warship, which is big enough to house all of us. Its stealth capabilities mean we're undetectable by anyone. I'm guessing you're all wondering about all this. But before that, I'm sure you're all reeling from all this information. Because of that, you guys can wander around here freely. If you return here at lunchtime, I promise everything will be explained. Oh yeah, and if a door's lock, it's locked for a good reason."

As they dispersed, Revan used the Force to indicate his Elite to stay behind. Once they were out of earshot he began. "This warship isn't planned out like the ones you've studied. On the third level there's a section that's dedicated exclusively to you and us. Follow me."

Because the third level was under lockdown, no one else would be there – they took the lift up there. Revan typed in the code, and led them down the corridor to the sector.

"The code to this sector is 3455," Revan informed them before opening it, and revealing an armoury and training area. Only unlike the ship's regular armoury, there were several containers, housing suits for each of the Elites, with their names inscribed onto the panel below it.

"Bloody hell," Dean Thomas breathed before going up to his own, inspecting it. "Is this for us?"

Revan nodded. "The containers are vacuum-sealed so they'll never degrade. Each of these suits has been custom designed to your measurements and offer maximum mobility without compromising defense. The material is light but strong enough to offer you a good degree of protection from physical blows and energy weapons – and that also includes spells, although I wouldn't recommend trying it against the Unforgivables."

"What about this?" Hermione asked, pulling off the mask and putting her face into it. There was a thin dark slit across it – when she slid it on, there was a beep as the dark slit glowed a dim red. "Whoa..."

"The mask has scanners and a full display," Revan explained. "It'll detect different types of energy including magic, give information on trajectory paths and has targeting and night and infrared capabilities. There are other things it can do also, but you'll just have to figure that out yourself."

Revan was proud of the designs he had given them. While of course not matching the capabilities of his own armour or mask, it would do quite well. He gestured toward the rest of the area. "As you can see there are grenades and other similar devices, a training ring which is equipped with sparring droids and training lightsabers. And across in the other room is a small library with some holocrons – which you will need. This is important."

At this, his Elite gathered back around him, listening intently.

Revan smirked. "There are workbenches with parts in there – parts such as power cells, focusing lenses, and emitter matrixes. There are also crystals of many different varieties in there."

Hermione gasped. "To build our own lightsaber..."

"Exactly. I suggest you begin soon. Time is running out – Voldemort will soon attack the Department of Mysteries, and I am not lending you any spares."


Soon afterwards, during lunchtime the students returned, obviously amazed and impressed by what they say. There was a archive for general information on his galaxy, and virtually all the students visited it, even the less studious ones – although the more interactive displays could have something to do with that.

Wrapping the Force around him, Revan stepped in front of them all, before unveiling the cloak, revealing himself in full armour.

At this there was collective astonishment.

"Greetings," Revan stated. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Revan, and you all know me through my little message sent through the Daily Prophet. As you have seen for yourself, you inhabit a corrupt world. Politicians scheme and scrabble for power and money, based on personal greed and lust. Is this a place which you would like to spend the rest of your lives in? Is this a legacy you want to leave behind for your children?"

"No," several of them whispered quietly.

"I thought not. As you might already know, I am not of this world. Rather, where I am from, there are many worlds, all united to form a peaceful and sole Galactic Republic. This Republic has stood for many millennia. Although it has had fair shares of corruption, due to people such as I it has thankfully prevailed through them. Yes, worlds. Every single world had already united under one Government before joining the Galactic Republic."

He paused to allow this to sink in. "That is why I have come here – to make your world the same offer. But I was shocked, as your world was not united as all of ours were! Because of this, I have resolved to help reform it and make it a better place for its citizens. And to target one special threat also: Voldemort."

Revan stepped forward intently. "I came into contact with one of yours, Harry Potter, some time ago, and he has my full support. I have trained him to be how he is now. I now make you an offer – join Harry and me, and help us to stop Voldemort! You will be all trained well, by the best on offer, in safety and secrecy. Do not worry, you can get in contact with your family and friends soon enough, and for the more studious, you can continue your magical education. This offer, of course, is free and entirely up to you. If you refuse, you can step down, and return to Earth. But this is a one-time offer only. Choose wisely."

Naturally everyone chose to join.