Meaghan's parents had dropped her off in Portwart early September eighth. Most parents usually waited with their children until the bus came, but hers left right away. She didn't really care though; they wouldn't have to pretend that they would miss her. She tried not to feel envious of the other students.

It was a relief when the bus finally came. It looked like a Grey Hound bus, but instead of a dog, it had the school's symbol on it, a Canadian maple leaf behind a beaver holding a wand. There were already some students on the bus laughing and talking. Those at Meaghan's bus stop had to wait for the driver to put their trunks in the luggage compartment.

When she was finally able to get on the bus, one of the older students stopped her from going to the back.

"Sorry, first graders always sit at the front," a boy with long red hair said.

He looked down at her white robes before pointing to some of the seats at the front. Meaghan found a seat behind two boys and sat down. She had brought a book with her to read during the ride. She figured since they were taking a bus, it would take a while to get to Ontario from Alberta. She opened the book and began to read.

There were a few more stops before the bus was full. The bus was full of students, but an extra seat always seemed to come out of no where so no one was left standing. The inside seemed roomier than it did from the outside.

When they picked up the final students, the bus driver turned to everyone.

"The older students will know this, but in case you forgot, do not stand up at any time from now until we get to the school… unless of course you want to be injured!" He called.

Meaghan looked up in surprise. There was a girl in the seat beside her by that point, but neither girl seemed to want to converse. They were headed for a tunnel under a bridge. It looked as if the ride under the bridge would be a short one; however, once the bus was in the tunnel, it seemed to expand. Not only that but they started to speed up, and very quickly.

The entire inside of the bus was dark by that point. Meaghan sincerely hoped that no one would get sick. Some of the older students were cheering, but other than that, it was very quiet. Then it seemed just as quick as the ride started, it stopped. They left the tunnel. The light was blinding, and many people complained about their eyes.

It didn't seem possible, but they were traveling down a side street in a community. There were nice houses all down the street. The bus turned down another street and stopped in front of a large white one story building. There were other buses there as well, similar to the one Meaghan was one. People between the ages of eleven to seventeen were standing on the spacious lawns. There was a large fountain in front of the building; it had benches surrounding it in half a circle.

Behind the building were four very large houses. They were all white with red shutters around the windows. Further away, there was what looked to be a Quidditch Pitch. There was also one very large green house that appeared to have four stories. There were also many gardens. There were some benches inside the gardens, but some on the outside as well.

There was a smaller building beside the green house. There was a sign in front of it which read: The Auditorium in sparkly letters. Several of the older students stood near it.

"All right, we're all here. Your luggage will remain in the bus. It will be taken to the houses separately," the bus driver told them.

He tipped his hat at Meaghan and then hurried off the bus. She followed the first graders out of the front of the bus.

"All first graders come here please! All first graders!" A girl with long black hair called.

She wore dark purple robes so Meaghan guessed that she was the fourth grade prefect. The large group of students wearing white robes all gathered in a group by the girl. They were all talking excitedly.

"All right, quiet down!" She said. "My name is Rachel Alexander. I am your fourth grade prefect. You will be sharing a house with me and the rest of the fourth graders. Our other prefect is Shane Klapp, but he isn't here at the moment. You are to come to us when you have a problem, or your Head teacher. You'll be introduced to her in a bit. For now, I am to show you where the dining hall is. I will also show you where your table is. Each grade sits at their own table. Follow me please."

Through the white clad first graders, Meaghan saw Matthew, the boy she had met at Layla's All Occasion's Robe's Shop. He gave her a small nod as they followed Rachel over to the white building. There were double glass doors, which were already open. They followed her into a large foyer.

Ahead of them there was another set of double doors, though these were wooden doors. Rachel led them straight through these doors. The room was larger than any Meaghan had ever seen. There were eight tables set vertically spaced out in the room. Seven of the tables had chairs on both sides. One had chairs that faced the entire room on one side.

There were windows on one side of the room, at the moment there was light filtering through the windows, but it was slowly fading. The bus ride must have been a lot longer than Meaghan had originally thought.

All the tables had table cloths on them. They were all different coloured; the one nearest to them had a dark blue table cloth on it with golden plates, and clear glass goblets. Rachel led them past all the tables to the first table with chairs on either side. This one had a white table cloth on it.

"This is your table here. You will always sit at it during meal times," Rachel told them.

She pointed to the table in front of them which was the only table where chairs were on one side. It had a table cloth that was white, but it had the school symbol on it. It was also on a platform, so it was raised above the rest of the tables.

"In case you didn't know, that is the teachers table. Believe me, they see everything, so don't try anything stupid."

Meaghan figured this was true. She didn't want to sit on the side of the table which would face all the students in the Dining Hall, so she sat down at the end in a chair that faced the teachers. Most of the tables were still empty, but they were all slowly filling up as the older students entered the room.

There was another door between the teacher's table and the first graders. It opened slowly, and a long line of teachers wearing black robes and black witches' hats filed into the room. They climbed up the steps of the platform and each took a seat at their table. Once they had each sat down, a woman entered the room from the door. She was wearing golden robes. She did not go onto the platform immediately; instead she stood in front of the table with her back to the teaching staff.

"Welcome students," she called.

There had been a buzz of conversation around them at first, but it died down very quietly.

"Welcome first graders to The Canadian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Welcome back to the old students to another year. Before we begin to eat, I would like to introduce our teachers to the first graders, as well as the student council, the prefects and the Head Boy and Girl. My name is Mortisha LeVon, but you will refer to me as Professor LeVon. Our Deputy Headmaster is Professor Steven Cook, he is also the Potion's Master, the Transfiguration teacher is Professor Mary Latulip, and she is also the Head of the first graders…"

Meaghan felt bored as she went through each of the teaching staff. Each time she called out a name, a professor would stand up and give an acknowledging wave. When Professor LeVon finished introducing the teachers, all the students applauded, though Meaghan and the first graders didn't clap right away.

A group of students filed up to the front of the room next. There were two prefects from the fourth grade to the seventh grade, as well as a Head Boy and Girl and the student council. They put on an amusing skit about a first grader's first day at school.

"Now first grader's, each grade always has a representative on the student council. This includes your grade as well. We would like input from each grade about the activities we do through out the school year. That is what the student council is for; we arrange different fun activities throughout the year for everyone! So, in a month we will ask you to choose someone to be your rep as well. This student must have good marks first of all, so no slacking off if you want to be part of the council, and they must not be afraid to speak up. They will come to our weekly meetings. It will be this person that you will give your ideas to for activities."

Everyone began to applaud again, and then all the students but the Head Boy, Samuel Mortin and Head Girl, Olivia Greene sat back down at their tables. The Head Boy raised his hands to get everyone's attention again.

"Now, there has been a confusion in the past regarding the student council, the prefects, and us-" he pointed to himself and Olivia "the student council does not have authority over the students. They just run our activities. The prefects oversee their houses, along with issuing out detentions to students who deserve it. So first graders, just so you know ahead of time, your student rep cannot put you into detention!"

The Head Boy spoke a little longer about some of the rules, before they sat back down again. Professor LeVon had stood in the background during all of this, but she now moved forward. Meaghan's stomach let out a small growl. She hoped that it would all be over soon.

"Each grade has a point system. You can earn points for your grade, but you can also lose points. So far, the grade cup has gone to seventh graders for four years in a row-" the seventh graders cheered even though they weren't responsible for the previous wins "first graders haven't won the cup in many years. Perhaps this year will be the year you will."

"We also have a Quidditch competition every year. This is organized by the student council; they will let you know when you can sign up. Only twenty-eight students are accepted each year. These students are divided into four teams and they compete through-out the school year.

"And finally, first and fourth graders will share House A, second and fifth graders share House B, third and sixth graders share House C and the seventh graders-" there was another cheer "live in House D. That is all. Enjoy your meal!"

As soon as Professor LeVon said her final statement, the plates in front of them filled with food. The first graders gasped excitedly. Meaghan began to fill her plate up slowly. There were many delicious foods in front of her. A chubby girl in front of her was filling her plate quickly.

"Hello," the girl said when she noticed Meaghan watching her. "My name is Tara, Tara Barns."

"Meaghan Wicks," she answered. "You look hungry."

"Well, everything was hectic this morning. I didn't get much to eat and then that bus ride took forever. I didn't think it would since I live in Ontario, but it did. My parents aren't really used to me being a witch you see. It was kind of a surprise for all of us. We had to get up really early to get to the bus stop in the town."

"Did you feel nauseous through the tunnel?" Meaghan asked her as she took a bite of her potatoes.

"Tunnel?" Tara asked.

"Yes, didn't you go through a tunnel where the bus went through really fast?"

"That tunnel is only for people who don't live in Ontario," someone answered.

Meaghan looked up to see Matthew grinning at her. She hadn't noticed that he was sitting hear her.

"The bus in Ontario just stops at a certain spot in each town that has a witch or wizard in it, Muggle or not. We don't have to all meet in a magical town," he explained. "The other provinces, like wherever you're from do. Then your bus travels into a transport tunnel which brings you straight to *Veneficus Urbs."

"How come you're so lucky?" Meaghan grumbled.

She also wondered how he knew all this and she didn't. True she had never asked her older sister or parents about it, but still. She figured she would have picked it up at some point.

"Because Veneficus Urbs is in Ontario. It would take a lot longer if you did the same in another Province," Matthew answered.

"How do you all know all of this?" Tara asked the question for her.

"My parents," Matthew answered.

"You know, we were just saying-" a boy with brown hair said, "the Muggleborns really shouldn't be here."

"And why not," Tara asked obviously upset.

Meaghan knew right away why. The boy's family likely supported the war that was happening in the United Kingdom. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was no longer admitting Muggleborns. There were certain families who believed that the other schools should follow in its example.

"Because you are filth, and you're going to get our school attacked. I wouldn't put it past You-Know-Who to attack schools in other countries for letting in people like you in. They say he plans to take over the whole world someday."

"No, I don't know who, why don't you say?" Tara asked.

"No one says the name," Matthew said quickly. "Not even around here. His reign of terror makes everyone afraidto say his name."

"We don't have to worry about him coming here," Meaghan scoffed. "Not yet at least, he has to make sure he has the entire United Kingdom under his power first. He won't be coming to Canada any time soon. He likely will stay on his own side of the world."

Tara still looked relatively confused. Meaghan figured that whoever had explained the wizarding world to her hadn't bothered to mention Lord Voldemort.

"My dad gives it five years tops before he has the whole entire world under his control. Everyone already fears him in every country, even the ones that aren't near him," the boy said. "Dad even wanted to move out to London England to support him, but my mother didn't want to. She is scared of what will happen. My dad thinks he probably has spies in every country though."

"Wait a minute…" Tara said slowly. "On the news they always talk about bad accidents that happen out there. People are dying and no one can figure out what is happening. Some people believe it might even be terrorists behind it."

"Yes, You-Know-Who is behind it all," Matthew said.

"No I don't know who," Tara answered in an irritated voice.

Meaghan poured herself someone pumpkin juice into her clear glass goblet as people began to explain Voldemort to Tara. A boy with black hair was also listening in. He looked familiar for some reason. Perhaps he had been one of the boys on the bus with her.

"And a baby survived him? Well he can't be all that terrible if a baby could defeat him… but then how did he come back?" Tara asked.

Matthew explained to her everything about Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. The people around them seemed to be listening in on the conversation. She hoped no one would find out that her parents supported what he did. She didn't want to be associated with the boy whose father thought the man was great. She just didn't believe that killing innocent children was a good thing, regardless of that their blood was.

The sky outside was darkening. However, there seemed to be light coming from somewhere in the room, because the room grew brighter. The food was finally replaced with desserts, and then the feast over.

Rachel came over to them yawning.

"Well, follow me first years," she said. "Professor Latulip will meet us there. She will tell you where your dorms are."

Meaghan got up quickly. She stayed with Tara and Matthew as the first graders all left together in a group. They had to wait for the other grades to leave as well. Some of the third grader boys were pushing and shoving each other around. Olivia Greene ran over to yell at them.

"Stop fooling around, unless you want to lose points for your grade this early on," she said.

Once her back was turned, one of the boys gave her a rude gesture with his hand, but they headed for the doors. Rachel was muttering under her breath about immaturity. They finally left the Dining Hall and headed straight for the exit, the doors were still wide open.

Outside, the prefects were shooing students to their houses. Several people had stopped to talk in groups along the way. Rachel led the first graders to the first house. There were a few minutes before everyone entered through the front door. The inside of the house had one large open space where couches, armchairs and tables were spread out. In the middle of the room was a staircase. Two wings jutted off at the top.

"Fourth Graders, please all go straight to your dorms, you know where they are!"

Professor Latulip had followed them inside. She was an elderly lady who wore her grey curly hair short. Several of the older students were lounging around the room, but at the teacher's orders, they all headed up the stairs. At the top, the girls went right, and the boys turned left.

"All right first graders, as Professor LeVon told you, I will be your Head for the next seven years. I will keep track of your grades. I also keep track of your punishments. I will be handing out your timetable tomorrow morning. Now, you will live in this house for the next six years. For the next three years, you will share this house with the students who are now in their fourth grade. However, they will move out after their sixth year to House D. You will then be in the fourth grade, and you'll share this house with the new students," she told them.

She pulled out a piece of parchment from her robes pocket.

"The dorm rooms are in alphabetical order. Now let's see, since there are twenty girls, five rooms are available for you. There are four beds per room; your luggage has already been brought up to your rooms. Now in room A-"

Meaghan was put into room E. She followed three girls up the stairs and they turned right. Just like with the bus, the house appeared to have more space on the inside then on the outside. Rachel was waiting for them at the top of the stairs; the last four girls were just entering their dormitory.

"I've shown the rest of the girls where the bathroom is, now there are only ten shower stalls and we have over forty girls. So we have to go by a schedule in the mornings if you wish to wash before class. Showers shouldn't take more than ten minutes though, and we have plenty of mirrors for everyone. As for tomorrow, the girls in the fourth grade have agreed to get up an hour earlier, but believe me; they won't want to do that every day. So tomorrow, we'll work out a schedule. Breakfast is at eight, classes begin at nine. You're alarm clocks are set for seven but we can change that after a schedule is set. In the end, you'll agree on a time with all your dorm mates when you want to shower."

Rachel pushed open the door she was standing in front of; she led them to the middle of the room. They were led into a very large (and very pink!) bathroom. On the right side there were shower stalls, on the left side were toilet stalls. There were more toilet stalls than there were showers. Ahead of them and behind them were sinks with mirrors above them. There was also one large cupboard.

"So this is our bathroom," Rachel said. "Please keep it clean, that cupboard has towels in it. The dirty towels go in here-" and she walked over to a chute beside the cupboard "just drop them and they'll go down into the laundry."

Rachel led them back out of the room and down the hall to a room with a large letter E painted in white on the door.

"That's your dorm. You'll want to go to sleep right away. Good dreams girls," she said.

She turned and headed down the hallway to another door which she disappeared into. One of the girls was grumbling about the bathroom because there were no tubs. Meaghan was kind of angry about this too, but she didn't say anything about it.

Their dorm was a fair size; the beds were spaced out evenly. Meaghan found her blue trunk in front of one of the beds. The walls were all white in the room, and the beds had pink comforters on them. Without speaking to the others, she opened her trunk and ruffled through it for her pajamas. When she changed, she climbed into her bed. It was even more comfortable than her one at home.

As soon as they were all in bed, the lights turned off even though no one had shut them off. Just like in the Dining Hall, they couldn't see where the source of the light came from. Meaghan snuggled into her pillow. She was ecstatic for the next day to begin.


*Veneficus Urbs means Magical Town in Latin.

A/N: It took a long time to write this chapter. I had to keep making references to the first chapter to make sure every thing was right. Each chapter will be written from each of the other kids point of views. Next chapter will be written through Trent's point of view. About the houses, the students share A, B and C. D is reserved just for the Seventh Graders.

If you skip the first chapter, some of your questions may be answered in there. If they aren't feel free to ask. I'll either answer you, or I'll work them into the story to answer them. I could even use one of the characters to ask the question.

About Voldemort, I think people in other countries would be scared even if he hasn't taken them over yet. The idea of him is still terrifying, so that's why they call him You-Know-Who. This story will explore their fears of him taking over Canada someday. They also all admire Harry too even though they'll never ever meet him.

If I could draw, I would show you the school symbol, but unfortunately I'm not an artist.

School Uniforms:

First Graders: White

Second Graders: Tan

Third Graders: Yellow

Fourth Graders: Dark Purple

Fifth Graders: Red

Sixth Graders: Emerald Green

Seventh Graders: Royal Blue