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It was a bright and sunny day in Saiunkoku, while the Emperor Senka was still reigning. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, the birds were peacefully flying at the light blue sky. Everything was peaceful or perhaps, not.

" Onee-chan! Onee-chan!" cried a young girl with blue hair, "Onee-chan!" she kept on calling until she spotted two boys.

"Excuse me, have you seen my Onee-chan?" she asked, as she went near the two boys. The keigo was noticed by the older boy, but the younger boy cowered.

"Aniki." Cried the younger boy who cuddled nearer to the older boy. He had bad memories with other people and there was but a few number of people whom he could trust.

"Young girl, are you okay? You seem to be lost." the older boy asked, a bit warily simply to establish for his younger brother not to get scared, yet he hoped that he didn't scare the young girl too much.

"Relax! Relax! I won't do any harm!" the young girl said as she made a peace sign and smiled.

"Then, who are you?" the two boys asked with questioning faces.

"Hidari's name is Hidari." she replied as she perked her eyes a bit, "How about you?"

"Seien. This is my younger brother, Ryuuki." The older brother replied.

"Oh. Is that so?" She paused for a moment before asking, "Have you seen my older sister then?"

"Who is your sister then, Hidari-chan?" Seien asked while raising an eyebrow.


"Eh? You mean," Seien paused as he swallowed and continued, "Senshi Himeko-hime?"

"Eh? Why, aniki? Do you know Hidari-chan's Onee-chan?" Ryuuki asked.

"Ah… in a way, yes. They're princesses in another country, which is Shinyen." Seien replied to his younger brother who widened his eyes.

"Tsk! Another one knows of my rank again." Hidari murmured in one side, while the two boys raised their eyebrows.

"HIDARI! HIDARI-CHAN! Hidari-chan!" another girl shouted as she appeared from the bushes,

"Onee-chan!" Hidari recognized as she went near a girl with gray hair.

"Hidari, there you are!" The girl said as she sighed in relief and when she saw the two princes.

"Ah! Seien-sama! Ryuuki-sama!" the girl recognized as she regained her earlier composure,

"Ah, Himeko-hime. Such a pleasure to see you again." Seien replied with a smile.

"Himeko-nee-chan and Seien-nii-chan knows each other?" Hidari asked.

"Apparently." The two replied while blushing.


"Yes. Yes. I hope that our countries' ties would never end." A man in his late 40's said, who was in front of Himeko,

"We might as well cross our families together. My second son seems to be in the same age group as your eldest." the other man replied who was in front of Seien.

"Yes. We might be having good grandchildren then. As I have heard, Seien-ouji is the most capable prince of Saiunkoku." said Himeko's father, rather.

"And with Himeko-hime as your cream of the crop." replied Emperor Senka as the two fathers laughed, unaware that their children were blushing at the said conversation.

End of Flashback

"ONEE-CHAN! ONEE-CHAN! Hidari is asking you if you like the cherry blossoms!" Hidari asked her sister, her cheeks pouting at the last part from impatience.

"Ah, yes. Yes. I like their pink petals." Himeko replied as she flashed a smile, making Seien blush.

"So, how old is Ryuuki-sama?" Himeko asked the younger prince,

"6!" Ryuuki replied after he counted with his fingers,

"Ah. Hidari is only 5." Himeko replied as she messed with Hidari's hair, "Onee-chan!" Hidari complained,

"So, you're going to be like my younger sister, right, Hidari-chan?" Ryuuki asked with a grin on his face. However, Hidari shook her head and replied to the dismay of the young boy.

"But, Ryuuki-nii isn't Hidari's older brother, since we are not related."

"Eh? But, you're right, actually." Ryuuki replied as he thought about it,

"Unless, if Himeko-nee-chan would marry one of your older brothers!" Hidari replied, "but, I prefer Seien-nii-san!" she added,


A harisen appeared on Himeko's hand as she hit Hidari on her head.


"Hidari-chan should not make fun of it!" Himeko scolded her sister as she was blushing.

"Himeko-hime, Hidari-hime was just joking, right, Hidari-hime?" Seien asked, trying to fix the complicated situation before him.

"Iee, Seien-nii." Hidari replied as Ryuuki chuckled nervously.