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A/N: Okay, so this story is done extremely in kayfabe. Everything is real life, wrestling personas, matches, backstage, all of it. I know Johnny Devine left TNA –tear-. But this takes place shortly after he became the X-Division traitor. This is short, but it's just the introduction. Devine finally gets some love. Even though I'd rather be reading it that writing it, it's all good. Please review. if no one reads this, I'm not going to bother.

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships


"Well King, we've all seen the recent reports on WWE[dot]com regarding the disappearance of our WWE Women's Champion, Helena Dolce as of yesterday morning. No one has seen or heard from her and she never checked out of her hotel room. If anyone knows anything, there is contact information at the website."

The television screen went black as roars of laughter thundered through the Orlando apartment. Team 3-D and Johnny Devine found the WWE's panic overly amusing. Their precious little women's champ was missing.

Oh, but the three delinquent wrestlers knew exactly where she was. In fact, it had been them who'd... kidnapped her in a sense. It had been all too easy. Devine baited her with some charming words and before the young woman had time to think, the Dudley brothers had her bound and gagged, which is how she stayed when they brought her here, locking her up in a windowless room.

Helena was exhausted, having been struggling with her bonds for the past... god, who knows how long! She had been so utterly stupid! TNA stars were never good news. Why she had even given Devine a second glance was beyond her.

And now she was here, corners of her mouth sore from the piece of cloth stretched between her lips and body too tired to even stay in an upright position.

The cold plating of her WWE Women's Championship belt pressed into her cheek, serving as a pillow as she lay on the floor uncomfortably, hands tied behind her back.

What they wanted from her, she didn't know. But whatever it was, the retaliation wasn't going to be good. Not at all. The WWE wasn't going to just sit by and let something like this happen. And there is no way the arrogant threesome in the other room was going to keep her imprisonment a secret for long.

The battle between the Trojans and the Achaeans over Helen would pale in comparison to this.

The WWE was about to declare war on TNA to get their queen back.

And there was absolutely no question about it; blood would be spilled.