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The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Impact Zone

Jim Cornette stood in the middle of the eight-sided ring, cameras pointing at the stressed out manager of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as he paced, Matt Morgan trying to calm him down. A microphone was clutched in the older man's hand and he finally stilled, looking towards the ramp and bringing the mic to his mouth.

"Now I know that everyone has heard about the disappearance of the WWE's Women's Champion, Helena. And—" He cut himself off, rubbing his red, sweating face. "And there have been rumors flyin' around, sightings back there in the TNA locker rooms. Team 3-D!"

The crowd booed at the mention of the heel faction's name. Cornette nodded in agreement with the crowd, this ridiculous situation too much for the already busy man to handle. "Team 3-D! Get out here right now so we can clear this matter up!" Cornette and the crowd waited, eager to see if what was happening would be revealed.

The tag team's theme music hit, and sure enough, both Brother Ray and Brother Devon made their way to the stage, Brother Ray already holding his own microphone. "What can we do for you Cornette?" Ray asked once the music faded and the jeers from the crowd were hushed.

"Brother Ray, you know damn well what I want! Where is she! You better not have that girl back there! You know how much trouble you can be in? How much trouble I can be in?"

Brother Ray laughed humorlessly. "Cornette, what makes you think if... if that slut was here, we'd be the ones who had her?" The grin on Brother Ray's face said that he was just playing with the manager though, and Jim Cornette realized this.

"Don't give me that bull! I've had half the locker room sayin' you've got somethin' to do with it! Now, where is she! I don't have time for this! I'm not playin' these games tonight!"

Jeers sounded once again as Johnny Devine swaggered out onto the stage, kendo stick in one hand, a rope in the other. Attached at the wrists by the rope was the WWE Women's Champion, trying her damndest to throw her body around and get out of her bonds, but withdrawing the struggle every time Devine reminded her there was a kendo stick in his hands. Her belt wasn't present, but there was no doubt about it.

Helena Dolce was in the Impact Zone. And it didn't seem as though she was enjoying herself.

"Oh? Is this what you were looking for?" Ray taunted Jim Cornette as the older man nearly had a conniption in the ring. This was just what he needed. Note the sarcasm.

"Let her go! Right now!" Cornette flared, but the three kidnappers just laughed in response.

"Or what Cornette? Are you going to come up here and let her go? I know Matt Morgan isn't. I know no one else in the locker room is going to either. We're all sick and tired of the WWE. We're just the ones who had the balls to do something about it." Jim Cornette looked at matt Morgan to see if this was true. Judging by the crossed arms and solid stare of the tall wrestler, it was.

And at that moment, Jim Cornette lost all control of Total nonstop Action Wrestling.

"We're fed up of being second best to them Cornette. So we're taking matters in to our own hands. For all you pathetic WWE 'superstars' watching there at home, take a good look at this. If you want her, come and get her!" Ray said into a camera, being sure to let the WWE know exactly what was up. For good measure, he grabbed the young woman's hair and pushed her face close to the camera as well, being sure everyone would see the terrified look in her pleading eyes and hear her sad little attempts at pleading, which were muffled by her cloth gag.

The music hit once again and Ray pushed Helena down to her knees carelessly, disappearing with his brother in tow, leaving Devine to handle the hostage.

Everything Brother Ray had just preached to Cornette had been absolutely true. The TNA stars were tired of being overlooked by those in the WWE. They were tired of being the second best company. They wanted the power. And that is why no one did a thing, made a move, when Devine dragged her to one of the locker rooms like a dog.

The superstars lined the walls, just watching, not even disturbed by the sight.

Awesome Kong grinned maliciously at the vision, seeing everything she hated in the WWE Women's Champion. She held on to her Knckouts belt tightly, knowing it meant more than that Women's Title could ever mean.

AJ Styles watched solemnly, not necessarily believing she deserved to be paraded in this degrading situation, but also agreeing to take this stand against the rival company with his fellow TNA superstars, be it friend or foe.

ODB welcomed the WWE Diva to the Impact Zone mockingly, swigging down her alcohol. The girl had no idea what she was in for.

The Motor City Machineguns admired the sculpted body of the Diva, envying Devine who apparently was going to be her 'caretaker'. Both Sabin and Shelley wouldn't be opposed to offering their services and keeping a close eye on the Women's Champ.

The Beautiful People taunted her tears, calling her names, not that an action like this was unusual for the two vain Knockouts. There was a paper bag with that whores name on it.

Christian Cage looked away, having known the girl on a personal level from the time he was in the WWE, but also knowing this was for the survival of the company, and needed to be done.

Though Devine was on his current hit list, Jay Lethal stood his ground, aligning himself with his company first and foremost. Personal battles could wait.

He knew it was wrong, and he didn't like seeing women treated this way, but Samoa Joe too stood his ground, knowing where his allegiance lay.

Kurt Angle nodded his head approvingly, knowing right away he was going to be the general leading this army in to battle against the enemy as long as that TNA heavyweight title was wrapped around his waist.

Petty rivalries amongst the locker rooms were going to be put aside. They were going to band together. A war for the ages was coming, and everyone knew it. One company would be left standing. And TNA was going to make sure it was them.