You Never Knew


Akitsuki Akira

I see you walking down the street,
With wind swept hair down to your feet.
The golden smiles that grace your face,
Between us, this infinite space.

Your simple little smile
Pushed aside my foes
It took away my troubles
And shunned out my woes

When I saw your kindness
You took away my tears
You banished all my misery
And took away my fears

You were always there for me
Always by my side
Even when I was depressed
And my happiness died

You didn't ignore it
Like everyone did
You stayed next to me
Through the good and the bad

You said we'll be friends forever
And that was enough for me
But now it's just distance
And this feeling keeps me from being free

Will you ever love me now,
Will you ever see
How much you really mean to me,
How much I really see?

Could we ever be together,
Our passions twined now and forever?
I love you more than you can know,
Your heart I've searched since long ago.

I told myself I didn't love you
I told myself not to care
I tried to tell you goodbye, forever
But I couldn't since you were always there

If I don't love you
Then why does it hurt so much
That you didn't respond
To my last goodbye touch?

You may not love me,
You may not see,
You may not care for me,
You may not agree,

Since you loved him from the start
I was just someone you could always part
I've wrote it so many times
Who knew it would end bad?

Although you are with someone else,
I want to have my say
Without invading your domain
Or scaring you away.

I respect the choice you made
And all that you decide,
But I would just like you to know
I want you by my side.

Because of you, my life had a reason
You broke these chains binding me for my treasons
Deception, anger, hate and loathing
You took all of these away without murmuring a thing

As this poem comes to an end,
I'll say this even if my heart will never mend
Yuuki, you never did knew
All this time, I loved you

Hope you guys like it! Oh, I'm planning to make another chapter, this time, a poem about Yuuki's POV.

Want it?