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Series: Children of the Red King/ Charlie Bone Series

Author: Jenny Nimmo

Pairings: mainly TancredEmma but a bit of CharlieOlivia and BillyOC

Disclaimer: If I owned COTRK, Charlie probably wouldn't exist and Tancred and Emma would be together already. I also wouldn't have a fanfiction account and wouldn't have wasted hours and hours day-dreaming the rest of this story. So don't take down my story, 'kay? :)

Chapter 41 – Captured

Dannielle sat on the edge of Charlie's bed, watching the two boys pack their things for the week at Bloors. The group knew about Dannielle's dilemma and had sworn not to reveal her location, but despite all their discussion, they could not decide what she would do.

She would not return to Bloors; that fact was known, but she could not stay in Charlie's house forever; that was also known.

Eventually, it was decided that Danni would stay the week at Charlie's and the next weekend, they would decide what she could do.

'Don't go out too much, okay?' Charlie warned for the umpteenth time. Dannielle sighed, rolled her eyes, nodded and then grinned.

'I know, Charlie, I know' she said, smiling sarcastically at him. Billy grinned as Charlie shifted uncomfortably.

'Charlie! The bus is coming!' Maisie's voice came up the stairs.

Panicking, Charlie threw in the last of his clothes and ran out of his room.

'Come on, Billy!' Charlie called, running down the stairs.

Hesitating a moment, Billy cast one last look at Dannielle, who watched him with even eyes, before following Charlie running down the road after the blue bus.

Dannielle watched them through the gap in the curtains from Charlie's room. When the bus turned the corner towards the large grey building on the horizon, she sighed. She descended the stairs hoping that she'd at least find an interesting book to read during the week.

After the slightly awkward dinner of mashed potatoes, beef and peas, the Bone family settled down to their usual evening activities. Maisie was watching her soap operas on the small television, Lyell Bone was reading the newspaper, Grandma Bone and Uncle Paton had returned to their rooms and Amy Bone had settled down to knitting beside Maisie, occasionally looking up at the young girl. Dannielle had settled herself down on a large armchair, reading a thick book she had borrowed from Uncle Paton about the Red King and his children.

It had only been an hour or so after dinner when there was a loud thumping on the door. Dannielle quietly moved herself upstairs into Maisie's room, as they had agreed, before Lyell Bone opened the door.

Before he could stop them, a large group of men stormed into the house, pushing him into the wall, the framed photograph falling to the ground, the glass smashing on the ground.

'What do you think you're doing?' Maisie cried, entering the kitchen, while Amy Bone rushed to her husband who was slowly raising himself to his feet.

'Where is the girl?' a man asked them gruffly, the rest of the men fanning out throughout the house.

'I believe you need to give us your reason for entering our house without our permission,' Lyell Bone replied, his eyes dark.

'What's going on here?' Grandma Bone's voice roared as she came out of her room.

Uncle Paton came out of his room too, his foul mood obvious as the light globes began to burst.

Instantly responding to the darkness with flashlights, the men were even more startled when those too burst and the darkness enveloped them.

The faint light from the street outside was not enough to see everything clearly, but it was not dark enough to hide Dannielle.

Dannielle had heard all the yelling and knew instantly that they were coming. She hid herself in the corner, beside the door, so when they entered, she could at least hide a little longer.

When the light bulbs began to burst she covered her ears and huddled in the corner.

Men entered a few seconds later, cautious after all the lights went out. Her blue eyes stared at the back of the first man's head, her mind controlling power sent forth towards his brain. Finding the centre of his movements, she made him turn around and begin attacking his comrades.

There were yells of surprise but as soon as her 'puppet' cried out that he had no control over his movements, with Danni cursing under her breath for not controlling his voice box, the other men stormed into the room and she was lifted onto one of their shoulders screaming.

'PUT ME DOWN' she screamed as she tried to mind control them, but one of them snapped a bracelet like thing on her wrist and a bolt of electricity shot throughout her body. That was when she realised that she was trapped. She couldn't fight it.

As they descended the stairs with her hanging there limply, she gave a grim smile to Maisie who had begun to grow fond of the girl.

'Thanks…. And sorry,' she said to them, before letting herself be taken away.

Charlie awoke in the middle of the night to hear the gates of the academy opening.

'Who on Earth?' he muttered, getting out of bed.

His friends Billy Raven, Gabriel Silk and Fidelio Gunn were already at the window. Dagbert sat awake in his bed, but did not move to the window. He knew who it was. The three turned to look at Charlie, their faces forlorn, making him even more curious as to who it was.

Once he looked out the window, however, he soon understood. The gates were opening for a large group of men, marching like a solemn parade with a young child in the centre. With Dannielle Moren in the centre.

'Danni…' Charlie whispered and the others nodded mutely beside him.

In the other dorm rooms, Tancred and Lysander watched grimly and Emma and Olivia stared at the young girl, a hopeless feeling seeping into their hearts. Dorcas watched, her face emotionless while Chemire watched with arms folded, but a small smirk appeared on her face. A rather sadistic grin grew on Joshua's face, while the twins gave a rare display of emotion – a evil light in their eyes. Manfred watched, with the candles flickering by his side, as Dannielle crossed the cobblestone courtyard.

All the endowed had, by a twist of fate, or co-incidence, woken to see Dannielle Moren be marched into Bloors – a trapped prisoner.

And there was nothing anyone could do for her.


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