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After Danni is captured, her parents, Letina and Jeretis/Referal come in and hit her, trying to get her to tell them things like the strengths and weaknesses of her friends (the other endowed). Charlie and everyone go through their school day suspicious of everything and try to find Danni at night, but to no luck (she's locked in a room in the west wing)

All of them (mostly on purpose) get themselves into detention and thus continue to search for Danni on Friday.

On Friday night, as the group are giving up and about to head to bed, the Dark Archer, with Rina and Jo, appear in the courtyard. Rina and Jo look scared when they recognise Gabriel, but the Dark Archer isn't paying attention. She marches up the West Wing with wind blowing out behind her (like Tancred when he's angry) and finds Letina and Referal standing over Danni, evidently having just hurt her.

She fights some of the guards that are there and then sends Letina and Referal away with her teleporting skills (ch-yeah, badass ;D) and then kneels down beside Danni who is bleeding on the floor. Everyone had been watching and are dumbfounded

The Dark Archer heals Danni and then collapses beside her. Rina looks after her and Jo helps Danni who is waking up.

Rina explains to Danni that the Dark Archer is much closer to her than she thinks. Rina takes The Dark Archer (whom she calls Jamie) and Cook comes to their aid (which the Bloors thoroughly disapprove of)

The Dark Archer rests in Cook's hidden room with Rina and Jo looking after her while Cook moves into her "official" room that she was meant to be staying in the entire time

Meanwhile Danni tells the others the events that occurred, from her capture to waking up beside the Dark Archer (which include staying in a little room in the west wing for most of the week, watching all them on the lawn).

The Dark Archer doesn't wake up for numerous days (making Rina and Jo worry extensively).

Meanwhile the others return home but Billy decides to remain at school for the weekend, to accompany Dannielle who no longer has a home to return to.

The two grow closer, talking to Blessed (whom Danni doesn't mind), doing work set by Manfred, and Danni getting scared at night and asking Billy if she could sleep in Charlie's bed, instead of alone in the girl's dorm. The two become very close friends, but on the Sunday night before everyone returns, fate comes in to play.

Billy wakes up in the middle of the night to see a strange light above Dannielle's head. Thinking that he's still dreaming and that it's just the moonlight playing a trick on his mind, he goes back to sleep.

The next day, when he wakes up, Dannielle is already gone, but Billy isn't surprised because Dannielle is an early riser. He finds her sitting underneath a tree and walks up to her as the buses begin to arrive.

He begins talking to her, but she does not respond and after some time she asks him what he's doing.

Billy appears puzzled and Dannielle uncharacteristically rolls her eyes and shakes her head at him. Charlie and the rest of the group then appear and ask the two how their weekend was.

Surprising everyone, Dannielle replies that she has no idea who any of them are or why they are talking to her and then storms off.

Hiroshi suddenly appears and explains that it is a curse and Dannielle's memory of them has disappeared. Dannielle has since been "collected" by the other endowed (Joshua Tilpin, the twins, Chemire) and Hiroshi aims numerous lightning bolts between Joshua and Dannielle (who are uncharacteristically walking together). The two are forced apart and Hiroshi gives the others a message.

They have one chance to get Dannielle back and that this is the last time that she can help them.

This would then be the end of JoM and the sequel (name STILL undecided) would begin.

Dannielle forgetting everyone wakes the Dark Archer from her long slumber with a jolt and she wakes with a fearful expression on her face. Rina and Jo are confused but despite being asleep, the Dark Archer (who I shall call Jamie from now on 'cause it's getting tiring to type her "title") seems to know all that has gone on.

Billy and Emma and the other endowed try to talk to Dannielle, but she seems confused as to who they are and where she's meant to be. She still has recollections of being endowed and of school work but she has no recollection of them, all the memories.

Dannielle returns to the other endowed, much to the disappointment of everyone. Jamie, in Cook's room, is struggling to sit up in bed and curses that she can't do anything to help Dannielle.

The day continues solemnly for Charlie and his friends, but Joshua Tilpin and the other "evil" endowed appear very happy.

In the King's Room, there is an uncomfortable silence when everyone enters the room. In the middle of the homework session, Jamie appears on the table of the King's room, startling everyone.

Dannielle, obviously, has no recollection of her. Jamie quietly states that Dannielle has forgotten everything and, reaching out to her hand, Jamie asks Danni if she trusts her.

Dannielle is unsure, but her inner instincts tells her that she does (there's something like even if the mind doesn't remember the body does and so on, so it's something along those lines).

Jamie smiles, rather tiredly, and takes Dannielle's hand. She teleports all the endowed inside the ruins where the Tree stands as the others look rather scared. Rina and Jo and Cook appear in one corner, bewildered until they see Jamie and understand. While one hand holds Danni's, her other hand holds a transparent substance that begins swirling in a sphere shape. Slowly, Jamie lets the swirling things enter Dannielle's mind.

Danni, obviously scared, tries to back away, but Jamie holds her there and explains that it's her lost memories. When all the "memories" enter Dannielle she collapses and Jamie catches her. Holding her close, she sheds tears as her body appears to be disappearing, but is actually in fact appearing to be "shedding" a layer or something of the like.

Where Jamie/the Dark Archer was, a young girl, approximately twelve or thirteen, appears. The Dark Archer's dark grey hair turns jet black and the crying eyes change from gold to bright green.

Rina tells the group to go inside where she will explain what has happened and the story of the two girls.

They go to Cook's official room (her hidden room is too small) where Rina tells the story of the two girls who are now both asleep.

Jamie and Dannielle are sisters who lived a happy life with their parents. Her mother was endowed with a power that had passed down through generations – an alternate personality, The Dark Archer – which was to be passed down to Jamie once she turned ten.

But when Jamie was eight, and Dannielle four, the family was involved in a car crash. The crash almost killed Danielle, left Jamie with a deep scar over her left eye and left them both orphans. Jamie carried Dannielle a long way to a nearby home (they were travelling in the country) before they were taken to a hospital on the outskirts of the city.

Once they were released from the hospital a month later, the family members that had been disappearing for the past year were all gone. There was no one to take the two girls in.

They went to an orphanage where they stayed for a couple of months before they were adopted by a couple who called themselves the Morens, Danni's current parents, but were originally named the Levis.

She explained that the Levis are renowned to be a cruel and torturous family, but not many knew who they really were.

Under the Morens/Levis, the two sisters weren't unhappy, they attended school, were fed and given presents, but they were not happy either – the family life they once had wasn't there with the Morens/Levis.

A year after arriving at the Morens/Levis' house, just before Jamie's tenth birthday, a man named Kayer came. He was endowed – with the power to curse.

He cursed Jamie to be trapped in a body she did not know, nor understand how to control – she changed into the Dark Archer, but had not yet been told about the Dark Archer by her mother before she died, and so did not understand who she had become.

Dannielle was cursed to forget. Anything she ever treasured, friends, family, memories, if she ever treasured something more than her own life, her own endowment, she was cursed to forget it at the next full moon.

Billy then tells everyone about seeing the glowing light he saw in the middle of the night, but did not know what it was. They all now understand why Dannielle did not know who they were.

Rina continues her story. Jamie was then locked in the basement where she was unable to help herself due to her powers being neutralised by bracelets that the Morens/Levis had been creating – they gave an electric shock every time the person tried to use their endowment power (it's the bracelet the men put on Dannielle when they took her out of Charlie's house)

Dannielle continued on with her life, unaware she had forgotten her beloved sister or the life she had led before.

After a long time in the dark (month or two?), the Dark Archer managed to escape (less security one night?). She then spends nearly three years searching for a way to reverse the curse on them both, and how to control her powers.

Lysander asks Rina how she knows all this and how she's involved.

Rina explains that she's a family friend who wanted to take them both in, but the two were already gone from the orphanage. She then applied to work for the Levis and watched it all happen – but was threatened into silence.

Everyone is silent and cast glances at the two girls who are asleep, Jamie holding onto Dannielle.

Jamie wakes up just as Rina finishes the story and raises wearily. Everyone realises that Jamie is much younger, smaller and more vulnerable than she seemed before, especially after they have heard her story.

Jamie, knowing that Rina had told them her story, makes an announcement. She believes that the curse was not completely reversed and wants to find the cure. Charlie then mentions his Uncle Paton who is studying the history of the Red King and Jamie asks to see him the next day.

a/n: this is where I have written up to.

As it has been almost two years since I last added to this, I've mostly forgotten what I planned, but I do remember having Chemire using a magic bracelet from Dorcas to charm Tancred into taking her to a school ball and Em making an agreement with the Bloors - to swap herself for her aunt and then I was going to move into the third 'book' where the gang try to find Em and get her back, but I can't remember what I intended to have there.

I'm really sorry everyone, but this is all JoM will ever reach. Please do check my profile page for my proper announcement for stopping~